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  1. I hear another company is putting in shirts too... Found this glorious shirt from another coaster site! WATCH OUT PRINCE D! COMPETITION!
  2. $19.99 per person for a 45 minute tour? Seriously, that sounds awesome. Busch Gardens made it sound like you get to choose which coaster you get to tour, is that correct? I can't get over how cheap this is compared to the $299/person for a VIP tour at Magic Mountain: http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/tickets/VIPTours.aspx Yeah you get some better parking and snacks. Can anyone compare-contrast them?
  3. Not Vegas! A few expensive rides here. Speed $10/ride, NYNY $14/ride, Desperado $8/ride. Stratosphere $40-$100/day 4.5 hours to SFMM, Disneyland, Knotts, and USH If not in Cali, it's about 8 hours to Lagoon in Salt Lake City.
  4. I think the pretzels alone are a good enough reason to get back to Busch Gardens!
  5. Just think, one gust of wind when your hand are climbing and see ya. I've never been afraid of heights, but watching this makes me dizzy!
  6. Saw this on Yahoo! articles and thought I'd share. I love my job, but these guys are just freakin' crazy!!! Put me on any rollercoaster, thrill ride, or whatever, but I don't think I could EVER do this! Check it out! http://video.yahoo.com/network/101149635?v=8244494&l=5144241 These guys have a camera mounted on their helmets showing how they climb the 1,768ft transmission tower. This is taller than the empire state building and Sears Tower! Definitly an adrenaline pumping job, especially when there is a storm rolling in! Let me know what you think! BTW: Watch it now before it gets removed!!! Reason --> http://www.theonlineengineer.org/TheOLEBLOG/
  7. Im seriously thinking about calling out 'sick' on Sunday morning. Driving out to Knotts Berry Farm at 4AM for both events, then driving back at 1AM to make work again at 6AM. Possible, right?
  8. Waitin on some more financial aid to come in before I send in a Tokyo deposit. How many people have sent one in?
  9. I loved this ride when we were given the chance to experience it on the 2007 TPR MidWest Trip. After being on hundreds of coasters, thrill rides, water parks, and other rides, THIS has to be the absolute scariest thing I have ever done. Ever. Nothing has made my heart drop like a SCAD tower. I think a lot of it had to do with the psychological experience the operators gave (I hope) acting like they were both brand new to the ride; saying things like "Where does this cable go?" and "What does this do?" or "Are you sure about that one?" Now it makes me second guess it. I loved it though and would do it again in a heartbeat!
  10. What are some of the crazy diets or ways to lose weight you have tried? I hear a popular one is doing Bikram Yoga. I tried bikram yoga once and loved it! It was very challenging, but after the whole process of dying and planning out your funeral during class, felt amazing after words. I can't wait to go back again! - Smart for Life has the cookie diet which I've heard a lot of people have lost weight on. - There's a fruit diet, where you eat fruit every 2 hours with water. Lets hear yours!
  11. The real show has MORE than 1,200 fountains.That's just fountains too. Not including the lasers, fire, screens, and other random stuff they use. Bellagio has more than 1,200 as well. If you go www.wetdesign.com their opening fountain is pretty small - maybe try that? It would look great in a park!
  12. Maybe try with something a bit smaller scale...like the Bellagio fountains....another WET fountain. Work your way up to WoC
  13. Has anyone tried RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 with the new magic mouse from mac? Its hard enough to try and view things with just the mousepad on the new macbook pros - so I was wondering if an investment in a magic mouse would be worth while. I haven't seen anything online about it, and if you know, let me know! Thanks!
  14. Although it wasn't the best trackwork, it was an awesome layout. Personally, Im not that big of a fan of B&M Inverts (except Montu if even), but this layout I really enjoyed. The ride was paced very well with a lot of action and thrilling elements. Look forward to seeing some more of your stuff!
  15. A lot of NoLimits sites have this. It's called something like the "dump" thread. You post a screen shot and the download and you're welcome to finish the project or do anything you like with it. My parks 'close' for different reasons: - School/Work - Computer problems (lagging, crashes, etc) - Lack of intrest in the community, which triggers no intrest for me. Personally, I feel like its a part of the people posting and replying to parks that makes it go on longer. If no one responds or says anything - whats the point for a creator to keep going on? I did like 5 'years' at a park without one reply, after that, it seems over.
  16. Hell yeah I'd do it! For $677, I'll do it in public if they want!?!?!
  17. Why don't you sell the park? Like you did with SeaWorld Hawaii?
  18. I loved it! Personally, the only thing I would change on the woodie is the second 90 degree turn. I would just switch the banking in that 'S' area - minor banking then to the 90
  19. Personally, Im not really a fan of the dark coasters - especially when they spin. It's great in person, but I hate it in NL ha. I do like the concept. How do you find time in your day to do all this!? Simple track work might take me up to a week or a lot more!
  20. Wow! Just saw the latest episode. GREAT! This really makes me want season two, NOW! BTW, anyone addicted to that song Rachel sang, "Don't Rain on My Parade". Youtube it, it's great.
  21. Okay, you really need to stop uploading pics at .png's. They are extremely slow to load. Less people will be looking at your pictures if it takes more than a minute for each one to load. Please, .jpg's are your friend. Other than that the park looks alright, not bad for a first timer!
  22. I was there as well. The fireworks were great! And it was pretty nice to seem most of the restaurants open and taking guests. But of course the pool wasn't open (are the guests even allowed to use it?). I wasn't un-impressed, but when noticing all the little details, things didn't flow to well. Is anyone else afraid to walk under one of the hanging poles by east entrance? I hope none of them fall!
  23. Id much rather see his time spent working on themeing and making the park better than waist time filming and editing a video for a small little ride.
  24. Maybe it's just me, but that looks like a mechanical nightmare.
  25. I've been seeing more and more of people getting into podcasts and broadcasting programs, so which ones do you like? Personally, Im a HUGE fan of JohnJay and Rich (www.johnjayandrich.com). You have JohnJay, the momma's boy who is a dad, and Rich, a Catholic that use to do cartoon voices, with Kyle, the median to all the crazy. Seriously, these guys are crazy! Who do you like?
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