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  1. Here is a minor review of The Cosmopolitan. We finally got into the parking lot at about 7:55, parked right at 8:00 for the opening. The underground garage was fairly easy to navigate. HUGE signs were available displaying how many spots were open on each level (including handicapped). Along with that, each parking spot had a green led above it when there wasn't a car, then it turned red when a car parked. This way was very nice to find an open spot from far away. The spray paintings in the garage were a really nice addition and way to remember where you parked. As a quick review, the hotel was put together very well. It was very very very crowded it which made it hard to navigate. There are 4 levels open to the public: Level 1 - Casino The casino had some awesome artwork and creativity spread out along the floor. The video pillars lead up to a ceiling of mirrors. This really opened up the space and was really cool to people watch. Like I said, there were so many people it was very hard to move and didn't explore the casino floor entirely. Level 1.5 - Chandelier Bar The Chandelier Bar was a bar...in a chandelier. Very interesting concept. It was placed in the middle of a very busy area so people on the 2nd level could view down into the bar. Didn't order any drinks, but Im sure it wasn't cheap. Level 2 - Meeting Rooms and Retail The second level is where the museum feel started coming out. There are so many interesting pieces of artwork here you can spend over an hour exploring into different areas with different art. The buffet is here as well - but wasn't sure if it were open... ALL of the retail shops were open. This was awesome. That is how a hotel should open, with all of their shops open! (READ THIS MGM!!!) Level 3 - Meeting Rooms and Restaurants Lots of lounges on this level towards the meeting rooms. Im pretty sure all the restaurants were open here too (READ THIS MGM!!!) and seating people. A smaller level, but a pool table was open for the public to use. This is a really cool fun addition for a hotel to add. Get off the escalator and play some pool. A FexEx/Kinkos business center was available for guests too. TONS of artwork here too! Level 4 - Meeting Rooms and The Boulevard Pool The Boulevard Pool was closed because of the Brandon Flowers concert - didn't get to see anything. Still, artwork everywhere with seating available everywhere. This level was even smaller. Overall - The Cosmopolitan I think is a great addition to the strip. After talking to a marketing exec, their audience is the curious, wealthy traveler who is ready for something new every trip. The Cosmo seems like more of a museum in a way of a hotel. Anyone can spend hours in the small plot of land looking at artwork, enjoying some high end food, and supporting Nevada's economy. Also - the elevators went to the 14th level (which I guess weren't open to the public...but the elevators took us there!) to where the Bamboo pool and Sahara spa was. Both looked AWESOME! We were asked to not take pictures, but I can say the pool parties next summer are gona be awesome. Keep watch for more!
  2. Am I missing something here? Why are people pointing out all the little faults of the track? The article I read said that the ride won't open until the 2011 season (May). This is a huge project and Im very sure that Six Flags or Rockey Mountain won't let the ride operate until everything is perfect. These guys are professionals and they know what they are doing and are very sure of where the track doesn't fit correctly. Testing a ride (I heard) is 50 hours of operation without a fault, say the projected opening date is memorial day - testing could not start til April. If Im missing something, please let me know.
  3. This robbery really got me thinking. I highly, highly bet those chips had RFID in them. Especially the higher denominational chips. So the chips would be worthless. The guy has to know that. So Im thinking the guy did it, just to say he pulled it off. Another thing is he went in through north valet at Bellagio. There is no parking in north valet and there isn't a table next to the door. Wouldn't there be a red flag when the guy didn't take off his helmet and had a gun in a holster? Bellagio security is reputably known for an extremely fast response time, seems like this just slipped through.
  4. Do you mean like having a box on the uploaded where you can paste a Forum URL of where you are discussing the track/park? Yeah, that would be a great idea. There seems to be a bug with the User search. I type in a name and it just gives a blank upload page (this only happens when you search from a ride page)
  5. Prehaps a comment system, or would this just be too much trouble to do? This would be the most effective way to weed out the quality ones over others, and would encourage people just as much as the rating systems would I think. I second the comment idea.
  6. But how will people know??? Some people will only download tracks with 5 stars. Where if I upload a great track, it could go weeks without being recognized and fall into the land of lost tracks. A dump of all unfinished/unwanted work would be really awesome to include.
  7. Don't worry...this is not something we would do. I think tracks/parks/files/etc SHOULD be required to get a rating. Look at the difference between NoLimits-Exchange.com and Coastersims.com. Coastersims REQUIRED you to rate (I think) 40% of all the tracks you downloaded. NoLimits-Exchange doesn't require you to rate at all. So there may be this awesome, awesome ride that will have 200+ downloads, and one person who rates it a 3 of 10 or vise-versa - having crappy tracks get 10 of 10. For example: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/2824/loop-mania Has one rating of 7.67. And 18 downloads. If even there could be at least 5 ratings, this would give the builder better feedback so he can improve or continue doing the same thing. I do believe there should be a requirement to rate of some sort with a minimum amount of text for a rating. (10 words or something) Im not saying to BAN someone if they don't rate rides, but suspend their downloading of files until then.
  8. There is only one thing I don't understand. Why did he patent these designs??? Wouldn't he rather work with a company then to have him SELL the track design to companies. Why would companies even now consider buying the design when they can simply modify it a little? To me, I think he should be marketing his ideas and designs to companies - not trying to sell them from his basement. Plus, the kid has to come from money. Having a booth at IAAPA, having at least two patents, and time to come up with this...
  9. You can see how much specific condos are going for here: http://www2.citycenter.com/luxury_las_vegas_condos/search/Default.aspx You are right, the prices have dropped. And I dont believe Cosmo has condos anymore. EDIT: No more condos for Cosmo. http://www.lvrj.com/business/cosmopolitan-of-las-vegas-sees-up-high-views-as-draw-90463999.html
  10. People living in Veer towers probably dont primarily live in Las Vegas. Residents probably come as a winter get-away, business meetings, or other stuff. Gotta remember City Center is owned 50/50 between MGM and a Dubai company. The people moving into Veer Towers or Mandarine are probably only there a few months out of the year. Which means they probably rent out their unit to the Ed Hardy wearing d-bags that are frequently visiting Vegas with their Daddy's money. EDIT: Just found this video on YouTube for the prices of Veer residences. Almost $900,000 for a furnished one bedroom! OUCH! And personally, I really do not like the layout of the one bedroom.
  11. This killed me. Funniest thing I have seen all day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGOOlcdpfLg
  12. Those might be the only 5 residents! Word around town is that they weren't able to close on very many units... Regarding the Harmon: they won't touch it until the lawsuits between MGM and Perini are settled. 2012 seems a bit optimistic. It will eventually be demolished (no engineer will dare put their stamp on it), but it will probably happen after 2012. There's a lot of money at stake for both companies. Great update. Can't wait to be back in a few weeks! Yeah, I think it won't happen til after 2012 too. Because you have seen The Harmon and Crystals, do you think an implosion is possible?
  13. Never underestimate Vegas though... Check out some awesome high-quality photos from inside the Cosmo here: http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-cosmo-20101205-photos,0,986438.photogallery Here's a quick update from over at Cosmo. Sorry about the crap-tacular photos. Didn't realize the camera was having problems til after I got home. Mandalay Bay from right outside my apartment complex. The streets really show off the hotels nicely. Billboard for the Marquee day/night club have been up everywhere. Jay-Z and Coldplay are opening up the club on new years eve. AND it will be broadcast on the marquee for people on the strip to view. I talked with a guest a few weeks ago. He was in town to bid on the Westgate sign. I think he bought a vowel. Cosmo through Planet Hollywood. Cosmo really sticks out no matter where you are at. Kind of hard to see, but residents are slowly moving into the beautiful Veer towers. I saw about 5 units with people/movers in them. City Center of Color? These fountains are by the same guys who did the Bellagio fountains, Fountains of Dubai, World of Color, and more. Pods was not open when Crystals opened last year. Was a major let down to see a beautiful new building open...but no shops open! OH! Those guys also did these too. They are WET Design, check them out. Last time I was at Crystals about 1/2 of these were working (same thing on opening night, not even working) Here is a peek inside The Harmon. Doesn't look like it's being used for to much right now. This is where you would enter on the second level. This is right under the high-rise part. It really is such a shame such a beautiful building has to go to waist. We will see what happens when deconstruction begins in 2012. On over to the Cosmo! The GIANT marquee really grabs the attention of guests on the strip. It's kinda hard to miss. Zoomed out. Here you can see the Boulevard pool and some funky looking cabans over on the left. The spa tower hides in the back. And unlucky me comes on a day where they are surfacing the pedestrian bridge and stairs. So this is as close as I could get for today. Can you see part of the enormous chandelier? I think it's part of the Chandelier Bar. Countdown nears.......what's that in the corner? DISCO, BABY! Here is the backside of the Harmon. It was very dark down here. Another view. Such a shame =[ Cabanas??? The rarely photographed back/valet area of The Harmon. Now this looks awesome! Im not even sure what this is. Cosmo is so strange and unique, it pulls you in. It's going to be something never seen before, and we can't wait! More awesome parking garage/valet area. Sorry for the blurryness! Valet and guest entrance. Self park is 5 stories underground! Had to add in an artsy shot. Looking back up Harmon ave. Robb and Elissa were NOT here. Harmon from the backside. This very white wall showed up in Vdara. Not sure what is going on. Maybe a coffee shop? When Vdara opened, a coffee cart was in this spot, but it was not open of course. (That's MGM for ya) Not sure what this was sitting outside of Bellagio. Maybe an O prop? While waiting for the tram, this chandelier caught my eye. I think it's really awesome how Cosmo is going so 180* from what a Vegas room is. The far west side of the spa tower. Another view of some residences at Veer Towers Another thing that's changed. When Aria first opened, there were about 10 parking spots per level. Now there's about 100!
  14. I doubt there would be an implosion. The Crystals mall is attached to The Harmon and within extreme close proximity to Cosmo and a busy street. AND it would not be until 2012. It may be something like this: Then again remember, Vegas is known for implosions. The last one was Nov. 11th at the Tropicana.
  15. Yeah, they closed last year at the same time too. Maybe it's a yearly thing?
  16. Go Raw Cafe is a really great place. Their coffee is awesome! If they were closer to my work, id go there everyday.
  17. Hmm, this is very interesting to see in a parking lot... http://hypebeast.com/2010/11/wallworks-the-cosmopolitan-of-las-vegas/ Cosmo is getting very interesting... Check the link for some parking lot artwork.
  18. So with the opening of the Cosmo in 22 days, I've been searching the internet for every little thing I can find inside of it! Here is a collection of images I have found from inside the Cosmo... CHECK THIS OUT: http://photo.ratevegas.com/Other/Cosmo-Casino-Preopen/14662217_byJQz#1091215108_2mxue There are 3 videos of an awesome wall display with lights. Poker Room: http://neuronimages.com/images/poker%20room4.png High Limits Poker Room: http://neuronimages.com/images/highlimit.png Check out their 60 second commercial. It's.....awkward. Also, their channel has video tours of some rooms. Very awesome!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REdE-YyVmdQ A few cool art machines will be around the resort. A very cool idea! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sIWJGq3n7c A few chefs checking out the pools The ceiling of a restaurant, still unsure of which one. Interior of another restaurant Same place, different angle. Awesome elevators with boobs maybe??? Chandelier bar A good view of the sign and you can also see some new, strange looking cabanas at the boulevard pool.
  19. Hey, I signed up for Groupon not to long ago, and have gotten some pretty cool deals! Has anyone used it here? What have you gotten for a good deal? I am a little worried that some of the restaurants featured may be the 'dive' restaurants. But really, Im loving "Groupon Says..."! Here was the one I got today... Groupon Says... Post your favorite "Groupon Says" too!
  20. All the reason you need right there.
  21. I can only speak for Phoenix- I really love the city. I lived there for 12 years. There are sporting events galor! You have Chase Stadium with the D-backs, United Airways arena for the Suns and lots of concerts. The arts there are also expanding with first fridays and some really neat local events. Nightlife is also a really cool. Flip a coin!
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