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  1. I am just wondering how long it took someone to actually notice that the train was stopped. The station is quite a ways away from the turn around. Crews should be watching, but things happen. In the second video, it looks like none of the guests have harnesses on. Is that even safe?
  2. Just drove down Sahara yesterday and there wasn't much to see. I know the Stratosphere owns some land just north of the tower, and that's probably where a majority of construction equipment may be kept. I'll try and find out more from my boss soon.
  3. This week the staff of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada have been told that construction on the newest ride for Stratosphere will begin this month. This new 'ride' will join the few across the globe with ones in New Zealand and in Asia. It is the 'sky jump' type ride with a free fall experience off the edge of the building before slowly landing on the target at the base of the tower. Staff has not been given an opening date for the new attraction yet. Check out the New Zealand Sky Jump here: http://www.skyjump.co.nz/ TPR Jumps!
  4. Opps, I did it again...in my pants. Circus in my pants. Toxic in my pants. If you seek Amy...in my pants.
  5. The reason why I ask is with my last coaster I build, I thought I had a lot of room with track spacing, but when supports came everything was to close and compact to do some supports.
  6. Same way you would upload a picture here. Use the "ADD PHOTO, VIDEO OR OTHER ATTACHMENT" are to select your track file.
  7. Might just have to take a trip up I-15 North now!
  8. So Real. As an aspiring NoLimits designer, I guess I still have problems getting all my ducks in a row building a coaster. When you build a coaster, do you already have the track layout built, THEN do supports? Or do you do part of the track, then catch up on supports, so you are building 'pieces' of the track at a time?
  9. Agreed. But I will have to wait and see on the download.
  10. This would also have to lead up to maintenance. Mechanics would have to check that system everyday - make sure the tire is inflated, not worn down, oiled up, etc. Which means permanently having a lift at the base (ugly appearance) and Im sure the park needs the lift else where. Then the connections with the wire to the main computers - if that is even possible with that ride system. It would just be easiest to increase speed. If that were to happen, the park would have to contact engineers, redo stress tests, and probably other random weird things to make sure it was safe. Which probably would happen in a month at least. Once in four seasons isn't bad. Nothing will happen I bet.
  11. I think if the other site or for this one wants more participants, they are going to have to rewrite the rules. It is a lot easier for contestants to read bullets and small notes while building their coaster rather than search through paragraphs. Going 45mph in a small space? Quite a challenge...
  12. Haha, only if that were an option! I may not be able to make it, so besides that.
  13. Alright, now with two major lines in the park (X2 and Terminator) which should people be going to first? All I have heard before Terminator opened was "RUN to X2!" and now there is another to run for. Where to first?
  14. For anyone not wanting to waist their time, the lift is slow, start the video at 2:30. They must be doing block testing. Great to see! To bad they can't get to the train on the MCBR without a catwalk haha.
  15. Just got my Play Pass today! The only problem I think I would face with this event is lodging. If I were to leave Vegas at 4:00am, I'd get there around 8:30am. But then leaving after night ERT and with the drive home, I would be up for over 24 hours! With getting a hotel room, has anyone checked into a nearby hotel when 18? I know some hotels vary from 18+ check in to 21+ check in. For example, all the MGM Grand hotels here 21+ check in... Still, $70 for one night is pushing it - a lot.
  16. I am also wondering what the cap off is too. I am going to wait for some more details to come out with the flyer before I commit. Hope it won't hurt my chances of getting a spot!
  17. X5 uses it's fire to scare the machines away. Duh. Hopefully I will try and make it out the 25th or 26th. I'd really not want to put up with weekend crowds =/
  18. Welcome to what lifeguards do when the park is empty. We always were trying to find new and fun ways to go down the slides. On a kickboard, headfirst on stomach, on a lifeguard tube, two at a time, etc. We were a pretty risky staff! The favorite was always headfirst on a kickboard because you would 'skip' across and down the run out all the way til the end. On a kickboard. Yes, the right way.
  19. Does GCI also test with different wheels like Intamin? Remember in the Discovery Channel special of building Tatsu, the train was making the circuit to fast, so they had to put a higher-friction wheel on until it made it back to the station at the right time. This could be happening with Terminator too, that could be why it is appearing to fly through. Im sure it will still be a very fast paced ride though =] Another worry is the hours of testing before the ride can open. Going off of the two documentaries I've seen (on Kingda Ka and Tatsu) along with some park employees who do winter season testing - a ride has to have so many hours consecutively without problem before a ride can open. That's also after the state inspection and Im sure some other fun law type deals. Not saying it isn't possible, but I could see it cutting very close. Hopefully will make it out first week of June.
  20. How much do you think a website like CoasterSims would cost? It would have to be a pretty little penny for how much space they have used up with the thousands upon thousands of track, uploads, forums, and so much else.
  21. In the past few weeks I have moved states and switched operating systems! Now I am living in Las Vegas and the internet here sucks, so without a lot of net time, I have developed a coaster I randomly named Spider. Why? No idea. It doesn't have to deal with flying (that's the type of coaster) or a stingray (inspiration). Plus, I don't think I have seen ANY Vekoma Stingray type coasters on TPR, so here is to popping the cheery. I know it's not perfect, but I am not expecting it to be. I don't use any tools including AHG or Swiss. I do believe that tools take away from creators natural talent (as Jarmor has said). This is all pure hand built, and it will stay that way. There are a few pumps, but it is still a work in process. Supports haven't gone up yet...simply because doing supports in NL on a mac is a pain in the @$$...and Im not quite sure how to even find the footers. Should also probably mention this is a work in progress. Hopefully as time goes on, I can come back to it and improve it. This is also my first full-on NL coaster. Ride Features: - 90* Lift - 90* Drop - Overbanked horseshoe turn - 2 immlemans (lie-to-fly) - Vertical loop - Corkscrew *NOTE* - After the first time through, the trains will not stop on the lift again. There is no way to avoid that through the first cycle. - Does not pass tunnel test, but that's fine because it's a flying coaster. Movement is limited so rides would not be effected. - G's go into yellow with the lie-to-fly or vise-versa. Have fun! Spider.nltrack Have fun! Layout 90* Drop
  22. This: http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p2606 Pictures don't do the ride justice.
  23. I guess this was more of a contest to see if you could do it, not to proclaim who is better than another. But we could do a poll as well.
  24. Time is almost up guys! These are looking great so far! A poll will start this week open to the community for judging.
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