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  1. Well me talking to the security guard, Art, who was very friendly, he said crowds are unpredictable, but on weekends expect about and 1hour+ for just about everything. Get there at opening, go to Hulk, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Ripsaw Falls, chances are River Adventure wont be open yet so come back to it later, Dueling Dragons. Then just work your ways back the same way you came. here were the wait time for our visit; Hulk--walk on all day Dr. Doom--3min wait Spiderman--2min wait Ripsaw Falls--walk on all day Dueling Dragons--1train wait River Advneture--walk on all day Popeyes--walk on all day well dont expect that we were just lucky
  2. I lived in Arizona. Ok yea, yes, I always went to Castles n' Coasters (SHUT UP! You will make me cry ) anyways, my first coaster would have to be Patriot, when I was 8. But in Arizona, back when I was 8, Desert Storm(the F'ed up coaster) was F'ing huge, so I will call that my first big coaster. Well after my first time on Patriot, 3 visits later (or about 2 weeks) I was already on Desert Strom. My first ride wasnt a very good one. I didnt sit back all the way and was forced looking down at my feet during the loops. But amazingly I still have a pix of tht first ride...... April 7, 1998, OMG I look like a nerd.....im the one in orange sorry no scanner
  3. How do you pick the parks you will be visiting next?
  4. Damn, I was just watched it a few days ago, they got the supports and arm up really fast
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