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  1. Went this morning to find out Vdara opened up at 12pm today! This place really has a great atmosphere, and can't wait to see it operating at full force! Doesn't seem good. I really wonder how many "Incident Reports" have been filled out... Looked like some staff training was going on today at Mandarin. Peek-a-boo. NOTED Mandarin is opening up sometime this month... That black wall across are waterfalls, but no water today. Veer towers wont open up for a while, but still a trip to look at from the bottom! "So this horse walks into a bar, right...." Artys shot, CHECK Yeah, no love for you this month. We will get back to you later, Ms. Vdara. Why you dont say! Only a year and a half later The future entrance to The Harmon? City Center has random sculptures and artwork, it's really cool. The Canoe artwork is freakin' huge! Crystals and The Harmon meet. A new road has opened up, back there is Vdara (now opened) Crystals is lookin good! Opening on Thursday! The walkways are pretty awesome. You can really feel them move if you stand still for a few moments. Pan out. Viva Elvis starts previews for media in the next few weeks. Hope its better than Believe... The Cosmopolitan is really just a bunch of wires and steel frames inside right now. Walking out of Planet Hollywood, many think this is part of City Center...but its not.
  2. But I guess I see (some of the) City Center delays as avoidable. How many workers have died now doing this project? Mandarin and its 24th or 32nd story lobby. Looks awesome inside! Yes, those are water falls in the background! Very cool!
  3. I heard from a construction worker that it was Mandarin on the 16th and Aria on the 6th. Some more pictures. Sorry for the bad quality. I dont have a cable/card reader to get pictures onto my computer, so uploading to Facebook is all I got right now! Planet Hollywood Westgate walls have come down and looks great! Also, the construction on Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd has finished. I sure hope this makes it easier on the traffic jam that use to be there. A peek inside Crystals. Not sure what that big wooden thing is...looks kind of like an old record player. LEDs light up the escalators, stairs, and walkways. It gives off a nice soft light!
  4. Don't have to much time to post all the pics, but yesterday was the first day the new mega resort in Las Vegas had opened up its sidewalks for the public! To some, this may seem...minor, but really since this project was suppose to open up in May 2008 - it's a big thing! Over a year and a half delayed, guests can now finally walk up to the buildings and see the atmosphere that will soon become City Center. Everything was beautiful! Definitely the best 'strip location' in front of a hotel. It was all metal and LED lights. At night, it made a very formal yet modern atmosphere. The only problem I see was that the ground crews were not working yet, so the bridges and sidewalks were becoming quite trashed very quickly. I will head back soon to get some better pictures as well as interior pictures! Crystals (Mall) opens Dec. 3rd. Aria (Hotel/Resort/Casino) opens Dec. 1st or 10th. Vdara ('') opens Dec. 8th. Mandrine ('') opens Dec. 16th. More later! Newly opened walkways! Awesome! More pics soon!
  5. As a fan of waterparks, this looks totally kick ass! The whole cake and then some. With mild/family attractions to the thrill seekers slides, could be the next Kalahari of China! Now only if the US could move forward with Las Vegas Wet...
  6. That is strange... were most of the closed rides major attractions? You would think someone would walk outside and remove the signage for those rides. The rides said available, but weren't able to queue up for were Deja Vu, Batman, Riddlers (was down 3/4 day), a log flume, and the rapids. Okay, understandable about the rated R movies, but what about the television series? Doesn't Six Flags and NBC have some type of partnership too?
  7. ^ The calendar still has the FLL competition from the 15th. The rides posted outside the processing office were 10+ rides. Yet, when we got our Q-Bot, there were only 5 rides we could queue up for. The rest came up as, "???", "CLOSED", or "FULL". Alright man, but these kids were wearing, "North Phoenix Middle School Key Club". Maybe reps?
  8. ^ Yeah, this was my b-day present. I didn't know anything about actually going until a few miles away. Even still, the calendar doesn't have anything about KeyClub Kid Fest. Weither off season or not, it was that we spend $70 to get on 5 rides, when we were easily told it was 10+. $7 per ride. Man, that system has really got to be a cash cow for any park. Middle school, not high school
  9. I went to Magic Mountain on Saturday, the 14th. Probably the worst experience I've had at the park. Got there at 11am - find out its Key Club day. If you ejoy 70 buses of middle school kids wearing bunny ears and shouting, "I FEEL GOOD, OH I FEEL GOOD" while spinning around slapping their butts - you would of really loved it. Happened about ever 10 steps. EDIT: Something I forgot, the bathrooms. It was great to see the bathrooms were getting redone, but the bathrooms by the entrace: closed. In Bugs Bunny World: Closed. Man, if you had to pee, you really gotta have a strong bladder! And the ones we did find open were just disgusting. TP across a few stalls, water across the counters and behind toilets, gross. With the kids, it pretty much forced us to get a flash pass. This helped us get onto 4 rides. When in line we talked with a family that came all the way from Phoenix for the day and only got on 2 rides - because they didn't have one. After showing them how it worked, I believe they actually went and got one. Flash pass processing was probably the more enjoyable experience of the day. The employees working there were friendly, smiling, asking how our day was. It's just a disappointment when you spend $70 on a pass and see only 1/2 the rides on the board are closed. Out of our selection of 5 rides to choose from, we started with Scream. Same here as my last visit. There were 10+ employees in the station, but only 4 were doing something. Is this like the break room? Decided to hit up Ninja next. Flashpassed it, so it was a walk on. There we ran into several key club kids who jumped over the fence right out of Ninja's exit and decided it was cool to try and pull out as much bamboo as possible. Thankfully, I said something, and they all jumped back over. This is where I was wondering - because that is a pretty steep slope right down into the log flume, if something happened, whose responsibility would it be? On Ninja, I saw a ride op that has always been friendly every time I visit. I doubt he recognizes me, but is always willing to talk. He is a fairly heavier set man, 40’s, and just really nice all around. Then over to Terminator. Got our ‘ride pass’, but do these really work? While in line the TV’s were great. It really helped the time go by fast – except for all the country music videos. It was great to see Six Flags really promoting everything including food. Yet, while I was standing in line, I was thinking it would be really awesome for them to play the Terminator movie and to have commercial breaks or the scrolling banners on bottom promoting things too. I believe this would set the mood more towards the ride. Here a few effects were working; the cameras in the queue and the mist. But the ride was running great. The music was loud and clear….up until the first drop. After that it seemed muted out. I’ve never seen all 3 pre-shows, so it was nice to finally see it all. Here is actually similar to the Scream situation – but now all the management (whoever wears ties and has the prongs). About 5 people or so in the station, each talking to different employees. While in line for Terminator, we queued up for Tatsu. Today was the first visit I’ve see the duel stations working – and the crew wad kicking butt! Trains were flying out of the station (pun intended). After, went to Riddler’s. After about 10 mins in line, broke down. But no one behind us could actually hear the announcement because the music was so blaring loud. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like B&M Stand Ups. Not that they aren’t fun, but it’s just a nightmare with loading and maintenance. It was getting late, so decided a ride on Colossus. It was the longest line I’ve ever seen for it! Good 45+ min wait. Flashpassed and was on in 5. But didn’t actually get off the ride til 25 mins later. Ops here were just talking with each other, on cell phones, really not paying attention at all. My partner, who knows NOTHING about operations or amusement parks, even noticed. Thankfully, that didn’t happen on the tram back to the car. Overall, it was just not a good day. I felt like the employees decided it was alright to just slack off because it wasn’t summer anymore. I believe that is where work places can hurt the most for profits. With a previous job of mine, summer was our big seller – but in the winter, no one cared, and I believe the patrons noticed enough not to come back until another summer. However, the park was looking great. It was a lot cleaner than previous trips and notice it HAS changed within two years, but still has a long way to go.
  10. Please let us know if the effects are working. We were there on Sunday and the fire didn't work and you could barely hear the audio. --Robb I was there on Saturday, the 14th, and just about everything was working. The only thing not working were the cameras in the queue and the mist. They even had all 3 preshow rooms doing the full 'movie'.
  11. I like these new ones better. The old colors didn't match up right, and looked awkward. These are much more subtle in the color difference.
  12. Is there a version of AHG that works with Mac? Also, is there a way to line up free nodes exactly on supports? Instead of it being sligtly off if the support is bent? Bottom right, and upper right.
  13. Reading through Barnes and Noble and Boarders the past few weeks, I discovered a section of books dedicated to different TV shows and the philosophy behind them. Ex: Seen Here Not only would this be a great book idea to have rollercoasters and philosophy, but why not start it here? Personally, I see that us enthusiasts have usually had something since childhood that has gotten us attached to coasters. For me, I was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and Hot Wheels. Making tracks down the stairs, into loops, etc. Some others I've talked to were big into skiing and snowboarding and loved that rush of falling and fast turns. So what got you started? Was it in your early childhood? Teen years? And how?
  14. ^ Anyone with blue hair. Can someone tell me when my laundry will be done?
  15. Has anyone mentioned Walygator? http://www.walygatorparc.com/2010.html 6 inversions 3 trains Inverted a twin brother at Cedar Point and pictures of other B&M inverted coasters... Raptor! Translation from Bablefish:
  16. That might be because your on a Mac. Im on a mac and the video won't work for me either.
  17. Dayum. How many projects do you have going on now?!?! Anyways, I can't really comment on it...since I dont know anything about it. But seeing how your scenery building has improved along with more CFR, CTR, etc. it should be great!
  18. Listening but it's really hard to hear you Robb. Sounds like you're on speaker phone or their phone system sucks.
  19. I've been wondering the same thing. However, Im sure it runs fine if not like normal. But remember RCT3 for Mac is only to Soaked. Wild is not compatible.
  20. For $10 a ride you'd think they would be making more than enough! Especially for an all day $22 pass. For a 0:45 second ride, that's .45c a second. So if someone asked, for a back-to-back launch, its doubtful it would happen.
  21. Here are a few, no specific order. Modern Family Fringe Cougar Town Glee Flash Forward
  22. After a few times of visiting Sahara and taking a few spins on Speed - every time I go the interval between launches changes. One time if was 15 minutes. Another was 5. And again within the same day 10 mins to 20 mins. What have you heard? This seems ridiculous that a ride would stay down for 20 minute periods (especially on a busy day). What about other Premier launched rides? Italian Job is right after another, Flight of Fear was pretty quick, and so was Jokers Jinx. Why would Speed be so different? I doubt the second launch would make to much of a difference.
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