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  1. Also, images that are '.png' take a LOT of time to load. Image as a BMP: 2.25 Mb Image as a PNG: 1.29 Mb Image as a GIF: 455kb Image as a JPG: 205kb A lot more people will see this park if you convert images to .jpg. If you can from now on, go in '.jpg' or something similar - this way people on dial-up won't be waiting for 5 minutes for a few pictures. Other than that, looks good. I suggest adding some more color to your buildings. They do look very traditional, but a bit of color wont hurt. Some more bushes/shrubs would look awesome toward the walkways! With taking pictures, I have always found it best to turn up all of the LOD ratios (I can't remember what they're called!) and use the 'Freelook' option. Then take pictures from a guests point of view, rather than a birds.
  2. I think a showing of Drop Dead Gorgeous would be in store before Mall of America =D
  3. Im about one or two pay checks off from putting a deposit down for MidAmerica! Any add-ons for MidAmerica or the shorter trips?
  4. I wonder if parks have finally started acknowledging that thing like cable snaps do happen. And if so, they would have a cable on the site that could be installed ASAP. Cedar Point, having two rides with cables should have at least one on hand... Also what kind of warranty Intamin offers for parks. If I were to spend a couple million bucks on a ride, I would want a warranty!!!
  5. A brand new $350 futon for $25 is why I use craigslist. I think it depends on your location. For example, here in Las Vegas, there is a TON of cool random stuff. Where I did live, back in Colorado, there wasn't a wide enough variety - that's when eBay came in handy.
  6. Coaster Sims, Coaster Crazy, NLDC, what's next? The game gets discontinued!?!
  7. Im a sucker for them too! Here are a few more from Denver.
  8. Hmmm. Im still on the path that it must be a wheel of some sort. With the holes in the wheel either mean it's extremely light weight or it is used for sorting coins. With coin sorting out of the way, I am headed more towards a slot machine wheel. So a slot machine wheel.
  9. Why don't we wait til we get a confirmed answer?
  10. These were added in my portfolio for school. I have tons more.
  11. I have a ton, but some of the few are: - Lisa Lampanelli - Gabriel Iglesias ( <--- Got to be an all time fav.) - Jeff Dunham - Ellen Degeneres - Demetri Martin - Nick Swardson - And many many more.
  12. The only way Elitches would be seen in the movie if a shot was taken from northern across I-25 towards a certain way. You would think that the observation town is right up with the skyline, but it really isn't. If you ever drive into Denver you will notice that the observation tower seems to be far away from the other buildings. Still. Horrid movie.
  13. Im guessing this "big" thing will be either a corkscrew coaster or a schwarz coaster. 1976 was the year the first looping coaster opened, so I am going for something like that. Check it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Roller_coasters_that_opened_in_1976 But a spiral lift coaster, like Whizzer, would be awesome!
  14. I have an idea in my head of what I want the coaster to do, so I want to see if it will fit or not. Something similar happened to the tight fit contest, I had my idea, built it, but it wouldn't work. If not, I would be signed up for no reason. Putting more work on yourself, but that's fine with me. If people were to start early....so what? I guess I don't see the point with people having different lifestyles with work, family, etc. and having more time would be beneficial for a good coaster.
  15. Anyone who went on the TPR Asia trip care to share a review?
  16. It would be nice to be able to have the template before the contest starts.
  17. Exactly DiSab. Especially when dining halls are all you can eat! Hahaha. Another thing is if there would be something like an emergency fund? Just incase something happens like a car accident, medical this-or-that, baby being born, etc. Working it out, I have about $600 in expenses every month with an income of about the same! Stupid costly major city insurance.
  18. For me and being financially secure to afford these trips, I feel like I have to make a decision between being healthy and being able to go. It would be great to go on a healthy system, but when you try and eat organic or nutritional it is more expensive for food! When buying groceries, organic or more nutritional value is anywhere between 25c to $2.00 more! Im guessing Robb might have noticed this when he had weight problems. Where is the line drawn?
  19. I use to be a lifeguard at an indoor waterpark for three years. Here is my take: Swimsuits are swimsuits. As long as you have a suit and it isn't underwear, jeans, athletic shorts, everything should be fine. We had patrons in speedos every now and then, not often, but we never had any complaints about the patrons. Another thing to look at is the type of guest 'reward' system Six Flags uses. I do remember for Six Flags Elitch Gardens 'gay day' (which is no longer promoted due to this) parents would come into guest services and yell at the poor people working in there that the gays are 'altering' their childrens minds and promoting inappropriate sexual behavior. After a minute or two, the complainers would get free passes for another day. If Hurricane Harbor were to do this, they would be losing more money to complaining guests than to have one person unhappy. Just to look at it from another angle... A patron or staff may have thought it was underwear or something. Also, you're in Texas.
  20. yeah, well that's the funny thing, There was no rope at all, you could only go down the deep end if you were on a big rubber ring, god knows what would happen if you fell off near one of the grates! only the occasional whistle from a lifeguard if you got too close. Now that may be a legal issue. I know in the state of Colorado to have a pool open you MUST have a buoy rope separating the shallow end from the deep end if it is at X number of feet (6 I believe). I do believe this may vary state to state, and with the locations (apartment complexes, hotel pools, etc.) One of my earliest memories of a lifeguard saving a kid was at a small water park called Crystal Rapids in Loveland, CO. With only a wave pool, three slides, and a kids play area it wasn't a ton. But a guard went down toward the wave pool drains to grab a kid. Scary stuff. You can do a few more google searching and find a handful of deaths related to drains.
  21. Yes. You can be seriously hurt with that type of system. I believe some deaths have been reported. Especially if the pool does NOT have other drains/filters to get water from all over the pool. With these type of systems and the high 'suckage' of water can make a person 'stick' to the grate and can be very hard for a lifeguard to save if there is not an emergency stop. Older systems only have one or two emergency stop buttons - some could be away from the guard stands or pump room. For example, our emergency stop buttons for our waterslides were about 30ft away from the runouts. Just keep your distance and don't cross the ropes and you'll be fine. EDIT: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/302384/6yearold_girl_survives_being_disemboweled_pg2.html Thankful this kid survived.
  22. Looks awesome! Now just come build one down here in Vegas! There aren't any water parks here at all besides a slide at a community pool. It's torture in the summer! Also, are the plans for the ProBowl going in? I have always dreamed about one day being able to work with a waterslide company and open my own waterpark! I'd love to find a way to get my foot in the door...
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