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  1. Word of the day: Snobsis (sweedish for inbetween the legs). I hope I spelled it right.
  2. 95/100, strange how I got the same score as I did on the last quiz.
  3. I'm meeting up with Austin and David next year, hope they are not molesters .
  4. Going with the crowd, can my avator be somewhat a Christmas theme. I know, its a coaster, but can someone please do it.
  5. OMFG! How is that even possible ! Why does the station go with the train . I wish I had NL 1.6 and NL all together so I can help, but I can't, sorry. i just had to post due to the funny glitch !
  6. Ok, so I got another name: Chloe Heide Alvey or Heide Chloe Alvey.
  7. ^LOL, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR CALLING ME A GANGSTER (jk)! I also cut my gangster hair last weekend so now people will stop saying I'm as old as Jeff Johnson .
  8. Seriously, you have too many launched coasters! You need more lift hill coasters! The only launched B&M is Hulk, so I don't think this is realistic. Other than that, you are doing a great job with your park! I love Supernova and Black Hole Express.
  9. ^^ There is no ride called J3! You might mean J2, but there is no J3!
  10. I am thankful for Thanksgiving, so we can be thankful .
  11. ^^^ AUSTIN! STOP LYING! THAT'S NO YOU! Seriously, That can't be you. Now I think that you a molester person! Oh well, here's a picture of me: From the day before my birthday, that was actually better than my birthday.
  12. ^LOL! Nice Sarcasm! I pretended I was very weak so that I could not get a suspension! LOL.
  13. My dream park would be a mid sized park in Ireland. Location: Just outside Cork, Ireland Roller Coasters: B&M invert. 100ft tall with 4 inversions. The inversions would be a loop, zero G roll, and interlocking corkscrews. Premier family launched coaster, similar to Italian Job 70ft Out and Back Woodie. Vekoma Roller Skater Major Flat rides: Intanim Gyro Drop, 200ft tall. Huss Top Spin Huss Frisbee Enterprise Family Flats: Careosul Bumper Cars Troika Round Up Paratrooper Zamperla Ocean Trip Zamperla Over The Rainbow Kiddie Flats: Brought Red Baron from WS Bought Ballon escape from WS Frog Hopper Kiddie Whip Kiddie round rides. More! Water rides: River Rapids Log Flume Water Slide.
  14. Yes happy birthday Mike! Hope you enjoy your birthday turkey!
  15. ^How do you know? I would suspect it to be going to only either PKI or MIA. Also, PGA had Stealth (now Borg) so that wouldn't work. Anyways, sad to see it go now. It looked like the best ride in the park so I'm shocked that they are removing it. Heck, it looks like that Geauga Lake will become a waer park soon, or the next Wonderland Sydney. The park was having its golden age during its IMO Six Flags years. Six Flags actually took good care of the park and now its just a park that's removing rides.
  16. I learned that if you get beaten up for calling a geek a geek, you get 5 detensions. Yes, I pretended to be a sissy and cried, yes, the geek is retarted, no, I'm not a sissy.
  17. ^Ok, I was wondering why people called Viper a Shockwave Clone 900th post!
  18. Is it just me, or are Viper and Shockwave not clones. The turn inbetween the loops on Viper is longer than the one of Shockwave. Is GASM a clone of either Shockwave or Viper?
  19. I had a dreamlast that I was in Australia's Wonderland. I was on the Bush Beast (which actualy felt like it had good airtime) when buldozers came. I saw themfrom the left and they were tering down the ride once we were in the fancurve. I Shouted"OMFG, We're goingto burn in hell!" That when iwoke up.
  20. 10,056 times (and counting)! How many boobs do you have?
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