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  1. Yeah, this show was OK, just that the guy was really annoying and always going: oh God oh God oh God, I wanted to shut him up!
  2. yaa...SFoT probably won't get anything until 2011, which is the 50th, because no one cares about SFoT...so I get to be bored with my season pass and never get anything thrilling except for Titan and Mr. Freeze (our Batman is rough). But when we do get a new coaster I want it to be a rocket or a flyer...
  3. my uncle lives in Houston!! I will have a chance to ride that beauty!
  4. If no one has posted this one yet: The Black Hole, Hurricane Harbor Arlington, TX
  5. OK, I have a really nice camera, and it messes up my SD cards, what do I do, it's really sad that I dont have enough space to do a Photo TR!
  6. You probably (as in a 99% chance) will have minimal lines when you go to SFoT. Usually, Tuesday-Thursday is the best day to go to SFoT, so, you won't have to need a Flash Pass...be sure to ride Mr. Freeze, and our Superman Tower of Power is an S&S combo tower, not an Intamin 2nd Gen, so no loss of limbs on that one.
  7. SWEET! So, is it that gynormous structure by Grapevine Mills that is by the Gaylord Texan?
  8. I've been to three SF parks: SFoT, SFGAdv, and SFFT, I think that's the order I put them in...SFoT still has it's roots, and it's the oldest SF park that there is. It seems to me you should respect it, because it started it all.
  9. no, they look like it, but they're made of different materials I think...
  10. ride near the back and you'll get amazing ejector air, but really forceful loops; ride in the front and you have less intense loops, but not as much airtime...yes, it is that good EDIT: Oh yeah, Shockwave's trains only have lapbars, so there is no
  11. Pink Things were $1, SF raised them to $2.00
  12. Wow, I've never experienced something like that before, not ever in public! BTW, I've never seen anyone line jump at my home park...
  13. that was a really good TR. SFGAm looks really nice...
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