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  1. Wow. There were some great pictures in there! What brand of camera do you have?
  2. One time, I was at in line for The Texas Giant at SFoT, and we were at the bottom of the stairs where the employee was assigned to control the station occupancy. Well, a boy asks the employee how fast The Texas Giant(a 150 foot wood coaster) goes in comparison to Titan(which is our 250ft steel coaster), the employee says: "Dis(Texas Giant) ride goes eighdy, and the otha one go foty fiive." Then the kid says, WOW (this) (150 ft wood coaster) is faster than THE(which i hate, it is called simply, TITAN) titan (which goes almost 90 miles an hour!!!!).
  3. I just e-mailed SF about how stupid all of these new ride additions are, and I'll tell you how they respond.
  4. Maybe if Shapiro would actually read some of these forums, he would know what to do a little better. But, he doesn't.
  5. ^ You're right, I just, I just wish it was another theme, that's all, like tony hawk's spinning mine or something.
  6. You said it better than I ever could, that's exactly what I was looking for to say!
  7. I think now, that we're getting a clone, SHAPIRO SUCKS, Cedar Fair wins, mainly because they don't have nearly as many clones except their boomerangs!
  8. I think that our park doesn't get the love that it deserves as it is the original park. Heck, maybe that's why we have Annie/Amy screaming at everyone that rides Runaway Mountain.
  9. I'm gonna write in every 2008 thread for six flags, that they're getting a THBS.
  10. I agree, but all that matters if we get all the illegals in Dallas to go because it's something NEW!!!! well it's not new, it's just new steel.
  11. I would have liked a B&M, but thanks to morons they can't do that because they dug a 2 billion dollar hole.
  12. THIS SUCKS! I wait seven years to get something I've already rode at another park!!! ALL WE HAVE IS CLONES! Besides Giant and shockwave, GEESE I wanted something unique, something like Tatsu, but, who gives a crap we're all hicks who don't know that the same 2 rollercoasters are five hours away! At least we FINALLY get a new stadium. BTW, only a Dallasite will understand some of the stuff I typed, so don't ban me SoCals. EDIT: It'll also take up space that we won't have to finally build a bigger coaster.
  13. SFoT has AWESOME music in the Mexico/Spain area!
  14. uhh, someone might want to delete the thread: sexy jessica alba...soon
  15. Since my last post I have seen Transformers, Harry Potter, and (at the dollar movies) Are We Done Yet? Transformers: 9.5/10, It was very entertaining! Harry Potter: as far as entertainment goes 10/10, but Warner Bros. 2 and a half hour time limit made it less faithful than ot should have been to the book, so BOOK Faith: 6/10... Are We Done Yet? 5/10...
  16. Great trip report, my favorite picture is the Raptor loop with the fountain in front.
  17. I definately have seen improvement, and God almighty do I want SF to be out of debt. Every time I've gone this season has been a great experience, but, SFoT has never really fallen down like SFMM and SFGAdv. When I went back in 2002 it was almost the same experience, just, not as clean.
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