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  1. They won't need to worry about room because, unless a drastic shift in corporate's ideology, there won't be another big coaster at SFoT for a long, long time, possibly ever, IMO.
  2. Historically, SFoT for Spring Break is an absolute crowd nightmare. I haven't been during that time for the last few years, but maybe consider flash passes.
  3. I'm excited to see how they update Gotham with the new old-shopping-center space. I think it'll be really nice and unified now with the old Goodtimes Square.
  4. I can't wait to see what they do with that shopping center space they've had for so long. It's been sitting there vacant for years now!
  5. Well at least they're saving money...Batman and Freeze were never closed for Fright Fest before, at least as I remember. As for help, Make sure to check out Runaway Mountain, Shockwave, Texas Giant, Runaway Mine Train and Titan for sure! When you enter the park, go to the right first because that tends to be the more crowded side, and besides, the left side of the park is beautiful at night!
  6. I agree. Text is hard to interpret. Please don't assume the worst, as which I'm doing from you, too, and I'm sorry. I do understand that Robb is busy, and I'm very VERY grateful for this amazing web site that the Alveys operate. Especially since they let teenagers like me on the forums... EDIT: I've been banned before and I'm probably on that track again...I regret those last posts. Hey, at least my grammar and spelling isn't bad, right!
  7. You better be careful! This is considered to be complaining by many TPR members. No questions allowed! (sarcasm)
  8. Previous text deleted...you won! Anyway, this continues to be an awesome TR! Loved the El Asseradero photos!
  9. Thanks guys! That's all I needed to know...and more! Wasn't complaining, there's a difference between wondering and complaining.
  10. There's also these: Charles Trippy does Busch Gardens Africa: Charles Trippy at Universal Studios Florida: Charles Trippy at SFMM: And there's also some more random ones where they go, I think out of all of them they go to Busch Gardens Africa 3 times, and Universal 4 times. So, enjoy! Oh and BTW, i find day 22 to be the most entertaining.
  11. I love SFoG. Especially for their Gotham City. Best. Themed. Batman. Great TR
  12. More pics! Tower Section Overview Hope Ya'll enjoyed my TR! Enjoy yourselves next week. Fun Landscaping... Clean sheets yeah Panda ok. SHOCKWAVE. yep What's that? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Uhh I love this structure. Caddo Lake Barge. STOP Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Fame. Uhh... General park photo You've never EVER seen any photo like this before! Station The computer's black now? So, just snapping random photos, huh? Queue is not as nice as Georgia's but still nice. Batman Purdy Guess. Cool? Classic Mr. Freeze is a terrorist. Don't, please, don't! DUEL LOADING STATION AWESOMENESS! Don't get crushed by the theming. Again. They ruined it. CLOSE UP! HEY LOOK? Train! I did this theming with a couple cans of spray paint ORANGE CHOCOLATE?! I love theming. I want to have my own theming in my house, cuddle up with it, and then fall asleep in it. Disturbing? Don't smoke or you'll have a flavor explosion! The whole ride is themed around an ice cream factory with the splattered flavors on the steel corrugated wall. When you first get into this factory, you MUST! Just the other side of the Snowy's Cones facade. This ride is themed well. Closer. Up the spike...the moment of peace! TOP HAT! Amazing inversion! Whoa! Mr. Freeze? Already? Goodtimes Square Johnny Rockets The Crazy Legs IN ACTION! Texas Section coasters More Tower... Gotham City Overview Goodbye! Log Flume Rapids Wow! P.S.
  13. Hello! I went to Six Flags today because it's about 20 minutes away from me and I was bored. Let me just say it was a great day. There was a light crowd, and wonderful staff. It was HOT! Man, the reported high temperature for the day was 103 degrees. It was a nice trip. Most rides were walk-ons, all the rides were open, including Texas Giant, and I got a PINK THING! So good! I took many photos. Hope ya'll enjoy! Yay! Market of the plaza, with novelty Tees such as... Bathrooms, Lockers, and Strollers, OH MY! Entry plaza. Complete with pentagon fountain, The Six Flags, and a carousel. This expensive and fancy sign tells you that no weapons are allowed...However, a moose explaining this would be much better IMO. HERE WE ARE! Get ready to park! (and pay $15). Oh yeah, there's gonna be a lot of shots of the towers: Oil Derrick Observation and Superman. Titan in the background, trees, and entrance. Goose? Duck? Will someone let me know? More of what you just saw. There's gonna be a lot of foilage in this TR. I absolutely LOVE Judge Roy Scream's setting. It's on a narrow strip of land next to a clean pond with DUCKS! Flashback. The boomerang. OK. The shopping center in the foreground was bought by the park YEARS ago. This is something that gets to me, but supposedly, maybe, someday the park will expand onto this land. Meh. Icky field. WOO! Superman Tower, and Mr. Freeze in the distance! Almost there! Fountains! Titan Judge Roy Scream OK. There are now two stadiums in Arlington. The one closest is The Ballpark in Arlington where the Rangers play, and the one in the back with the white roof is Cowboys Stadium. Brand spankin' new. Judge loading platform and empty station Some of the skyline Flags Tribute to Bill Cobb You must TAKE THE TUNNEL to get to Judge. Fun ride Majestic Theater Very photogenic ride, the Chute Out Cloud Bouncer I love this park. ^ Oil Rig Thumbs up to Six Flags for having everything in here working. The music, the movement, the lighting, everything! Now to Ace Hotel Hot brake run. Let's get on. Loading platform with great crew Good day today! Some track Station Runaway Mine Train is always fun. Here we go! In case you get lost Six Flags really likes their ads. I kept seeing this Jumbo Tron of sorts show movie trailers. GAMES THBS loading platform NERD SHOT No more 3D? Boo! jeez, this is a fast chain. Almost there. I love Mr. Freeze rad Messin' with the color accent feature. This is just OK. Works best with red. Spin spin. My first ride of the day. THBS. Longest wait of the day, about 40 minutes. At least it has decent theming. ... Yeah...no thanks! Did not ride this. Did not feel the need to be soggy! New sign. newly remodeled food court. France section. Home of nothing. Mmmm Looney Tunes USA. I'm grateful that it's the only kiddie area of the park! kiddie truck ride thing Looney Tunes Texas Giant. Just a day in the park. The observation tower can be seen from everywhere! Texas Giant waiting to be ridden. (background) USA Texas State Flag Confederacy? and Mexico Spain France Spain (sorry about the water) France The Republic Texas as of now. There are six flags outside the carousel. Four of the six has a little history on each pole. Judge, again. Chute Shoot Gotham... Crazy Legs. Here I go on the ride with cables. The Light! What's wrong? NOTED! So photogenic! Enjoy Off they go Scary! Up the lift Off they go. More brake run Judge
  14. I am going to SFoT tomorrow. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=51633
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