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  1. If that's true, we don't need it, but it's nice to get a coaster. Maybe they'll put new trains on it?
  2. It's my dream B&M flyer over the pond! Or the tallest and fastest roller coaster ever.
  3. I'd rather have a new trash can. This is the worst thing Six Flags has ever done. Why couldn't it be a trash can instead!
  4. There was an Instagram post hinting at something that was later taken down. We'll get something.
  5. So glad I didn't go this year! Happy to line up for this! So what's the fourth Cedar Fair coaster? Yet to be announced?
  6. I have an opportunity to visit by the end of the year, and I heard that Kumba is going down for maintenance. Is there any period left this year when all 3 B&Ms as well as Cheetah Hunt will be open?
  7. That's awesome! I wonder why they decided to spend so frivolously on a theming element?
  8. OK, I post on this site to discuss theme parks and roller coasters. I am thankful for the life I have and the ability to enjoy Six Flags over Texas, and yes, I do think it's a good park, just not great. It should be ok to talk about your disappointments as well as praises on this site. I tried to incite a discussion on how we feel about the park's recent additions, as well as the rest of the Six Flags parks, because I want to understand better why things are the way they are. There are some objective reasons, although I admit, mostly subjective emotional ones on why I posted a rant initially. If I'm honest, I wish we didn't have a lackluster hyper and that we saved for one more great coaster instead of the new Gotham area, which is a concrete jungle, by the way. It's not beautiful, it's just new. The parts of the park that are beautiful are the Texas, France, Mexico, and Old South sections, of which I am very thankful for, because it's a rarity in the chain apparently. I won't go on complaining any longer. Thanks.
  9. That was my perspective in my original rant. The ones that make sense to me are MM and GAdv in that the former is competing with seemingly millions of entertainment options and the latter is in the country's most populated area by far. My rant was based basically comparing SFGAm, SFoG, SFFT, and SFoT in which SFoT gets the least of those four lately. Let me just be clear in my dream for this park has been for years to have a B&M flyer around the pond next to Judge Roy Scream. I'm just bitter that it looks like Six Flags may never again spend $20+ million on a single ride anywhere, especially since we've had years of Cedar Fair installing these amazing coasters. I edited this post multiple times, sorry.
  10. Yeah I guess it's time for me to move to Sandusky. I'm so tired of being disappointed by Six Flags! Haha
  11. Yeah, we can be frustrated together! It's just that the difference here, objectively, is that SFoT serves a 7 million plus metro area population, which is more than Atlanta for example, which has 4 B&Ms, possibly an upcoming RMC, one of the best Schwarzkopfs, and a Gerstlauer Eurofighter.
  12. Not really, unless the trains would benefit from a a little push-off boost (seen on Twisted Colossus), if they were to e-stop in the MCBR. The layout has so far followed the path of the original Mean Streak pretty faithfully, except it's much more action-packed and exaggerated. Ok awesome. I couldn't tell which direction some of the track is going haha
  13. Does the flat section scream 'LAUNCH' to anyone else? Can't make heads or tails of the layout other than it being massively long.
  14. SFOT has received the full array of the "big ticket " SF rides. They have a RMC, 4D Free Spin, Justice League, Skyscreamer, Discovery, and the only park to get an Endeavour. I'm on board with the notion of something small, hence an off year. I honestly am very disappointed with the last 6 years of installations because I had always hoped that the whole removal quest of Goodtimes Square would result in another massive, beautiful coaster, especially including the land of the old shopping center. Not a permanent installation of a traveling carnival. And because of Joker, now we have to wait at least ANOTHER five years for anything that *Six Flags co* thinks is a big ticket attraction. I don't understand why the original Six Flags park with great attendance and earnings barely ever gets a good coaster. The park is pretty much a half day park, and the only reason why it's ever considered a full day is because it's almost ALWAYS mobbed. There are only 3 roller coasters in the park that would be considered great and unique by the coaster community, obviously NTAG, Mr. Freeze, Shockwave. The rest are passable. And don't even get me started on the upkeep of the park lately. I'll say a few things about it, like the broken Runaway Mountain waterfall, Mr. Freeze animatronic just given up on, never turning the Danny Elfman music on in either Freeze or Batman, Boomtown and Gotham city smelling like a seafood dumpster, closed Titan restrooms, closed Texas arcade, Yosemite Sam falling apart, daily breaking of yet another effect in Justice League, on an on. Oh. And no more good Pink Things to ice the crap cake. I'm sorry for the rant, but it's time.
  15. Here's a viral video worth watching: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Starflyers/Skyscreamers are a cheaply made ride. They are same essentially as the standard 50fy swinging chair ride, they just are taller. They are not a solidly built/design ride like a Windseeker. The light arrays on Windseekers are also far better. Funtime Starflyers are about 1/2 the cost of a Mondial Windseeker and it's obvious why in comparing the craftsmanship, design, etc.. of the rides. Hopefully the craftsmanship is fine considering the luxury of not falling to your death in any given ride cycle.
  17. I absolutely love this ride. Great couple moments of airtime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. At the park currently in line for Giant. The operations on this crowded Good Friday have been absolutely stellar! Mr. Feeeze especially! That team was sending out a train immediately when the other one was out of the way. However, WHY OH WHY can't NTAG run three train operations! I don't think I've ever seen it running three trains in the past few seasons. It's always a long wait.
  19. I'd like to see B&M build a 500-ft Fury-like hyper, and then after the same ride gets below 200ft it's basically a floorless with their best inversions still including ejector air. In my dreams.
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