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  1. Whoa, nice tornado slide!! most of them you have to carry your own raft, and the dark part is a turnaround or a drop! But is it not as tall as all the other ones? I WISH OURS HAD A CONVAIDER BELT!!! Cool slide part!
  2. Titan at sfoT (the pic is titan!) But my favorite roar is the mr freeze sound!!!
  3. I like wood, it's just that I picked steel. I went on Texas Giant this past thursday, I say it's the best ride I've had on it. Sit ALONE in the front with your hands up, there's AWESOME airtime, and there are just a few moments of roughness, this year the operations are tons better on it, too. But the other wooden coaster (judge roy scream) is smooth cause the track was re(something). I picked steel cause here's my list... Mr. Freeze Titan Poltergeist Incredible Hulk Superman: Krypton Coaster Dueling Dragons Fire (IMMELMANS!!!!!) Revenge of the Mummy Florida Shockwave the awesome Schwarzkopf!!! Dueling Dragons Ice(was a bit rougher than fire!) Batman: The Ride Texas Giant (only been on three woodies Rattler, Texas Giant, And Judge Roy scream) (I don't have money to ride anything else in the country!)
  4. Awesome TR. I went yesterday 7/27/06 and didn't get many pics, but I'm gonna go on sunday and post a TR.
  5. Awesome, so then Mr. Freeze may be running one train, I hope it's open when I go tomorrow, 7/27/06
  6. What do you think is the best themed que you've been in...here's mine 1. Revenge of the Mummy Florida 2. Dueling Dragons 3. Mr Freeze (SFoT) 4. Spider-Man 5. Space Mountain
  7. It's kinda funny, but I just LOVE intamin firsties Main Reasons is because all you have to hold on to is slippery restrains, and that it feels like it's going to break down!
  8. How long( in hours and miles) is it from New York City to Six Flags Great Adventure, I'm planning to go in May next year!
  9. Looks like you had an awesome time at Cedar Point, err whatever park you went to! I want to go to cedar point soooo bad!
  10. I've been to three sf parks, SFoT, SFFT, SFDL, SFAW 1. SFoT 2. SFFT 3. SFAW SFDL
  11. So does SFMM and SFoT "technically" have two Giovanola rides?
  12. I agree, I especially like wildcatter better than superman: tower of power because it doesn't feel controlled, and you get that omg im gonna die when you are in the lift thinking you're gonna fall back, and another thing is that the curve catches your stomach and that feels really cool!
  13. I know that there is Wildcatter/Texas Cliffhanger/G-Force (which happens to be my favorite flat in that park) at SFoT, Stuntman's Freefall at Gadv Demon Drop at Cedar Point, SBNO Freefall at SFMM, and there's one in georgia, if anyone knows anymore, defunct ones, please post them!
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