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  1. I got stuck in the cobra roll on flashback in sfot... thank god i was in the middle
  2. Oh and dont forget the AWESOME HUSS topspin there, dertwister
  3. Well ... they CAN'T sell something they don't own .. like SFOT and SFOG. what do you mean..does arlington own some of sfot?
  4. so, what did shapiro think of sfot? it'll probably never be sold cause it is the original park...
  5. oh and i stuck my head in the mr freeze que, and it was very very creepy...all the music was on and it was doing that hahahahahahahaha creepy laugh when you wait in line...BTW, that awesome themeing in that que is what makes the ride that much better!!!
  6. looks like you had a good time at my home park,,,(sfot)... I hope mr freeze opens up too
  7. I don't think they'll tear it down, it's a great ride, it's in the top five rollercoasters in that great park!
  8. is this ride relocated, or is it a brand spankin new Schwarzkopf coaster?
  9. I went to SFoT and this dude told me it'll open up in about a week from the date to the left
  10. Revenge of the Mummy (USF) Titan (extra helix!!!!) Hulk Dueling Dragons Fire Batman MR Freeze Poltergeist Superman: Krypton Coaster Shockwave @SfOT SCHWARZKOPF MADNESS!!!!! Runaway Mountain
  11. what's with the B&M restraints torn off of the car on oblivion?
  12. Titan at SFoT pulls 3.5 POSITIVE gs on the "extra helix" that makes titan sooo much better than goliath at sfmm
  13. they dont know because some lazy person sighs and says they do not know, but i think they're just being lazy and not asking the manager, so why don't you call (817)530-6000 and ask them when it's going to reopen,, and that way i can prove it
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