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  1. I didn't put giovanola because they ar out of the coaster business
  2. Hello, Well I was thinkin of a topic and this is it: What is your favorite manufacturer besides B&M & Intamin, Mine is Premier. So here is a few choices on the poll, if you have any others just post em!
  3. I would buy Six Flags, Inc and scrap all of them except for SFoT, put all the good rides from other parks in it and make it the best AND first Six Flags ever!
  4. Any new news? Like when the coasters (besides Chiller and Freeze at SFSL) are going to reopen!!!!!!
  5. I've been cut by a meat slicer(tip of finger), and i've had hot oil on me!(and i've been burned, but that was when i touched a candle at he age of 5!).
  6. OK, I've heard lots of rumors about SFoT's next coaster(i hope its a flyer!) but i looked at screamscape and wondered, if this is old than the new coaster must be replaced as the 10 new rides came in. I've also heard about there being some type of citywalk when the new cowboys stadium is built... than this six flags will probably be in the top 3! A flagship park!
  7. Did you guys take a break of themeparks or are you being lazy about updating ! Because it's been awhile since southport!
  8. do all LIMs get new trains, like how the lims are facing down, instead of the sticking out of the side, like Italian Job?
  9. i have to go with positive g's, especially on schwarzkopf coasters!
  10. yeah, I've only rode 3 S&S towers Superman: Tower of Power at SFoT Dr Doom's Fearfall Scream; SFFT the thing is that hardly anyone in this forum has rode superman: tower of power, it's the tallest and fastest and most airtime filled of them all, it does a double shot and a turbo drop on just one tower, and it has a cool hat to it, or whatever you put on the top of a tri-tower! SEE HOW COOL THIS IS! SEE HOW COOL THIS IS!
  11. I don't understand why Mr. Freezes have to be shutdown, it's kinda hard to valley (at least at SFoT), that was my favorite ride in the park! THIS BETTER BE FIXED SOON. BAHHHH!
  12. Hello, I just wanted to put up a post on what most people's favorite S&S tower that they have rode. My fav is Superman: Tower of Power combo ride at SFoT!
  13. S&S, because she said "SPACE SHOT" Oh, and will this be taller than superman: tower of power in texas?
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