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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby Mike240SX » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:35 pm

Quick trip report from this last Sunday (July 3rd). Not going to mention everything I did, just the highlights:

Nor'Easter: Still good with the vest-style restraints, can't wait to see what the retracking will bring. :)

Cygnus X1 (aka Gravitron): The no-fun-police need to lighten up here. Let people get sideways and upside down if they can. :(

Musik Express: Thank you for not converting this to a programmed-speed control system, and to the operators who listen when I ask them to turn it up to 11. :)

New Go-Kart Course on Adventure Pier: Meh, not bad but I liked the old one better. And please update the cars with the newer ones used at the Go-Karts on Mariner's Pier. :?r

Great White:
The retracking has taken this from a "must skip" to a "must ride." It's like it was new again. :)

Ghost Ship: Gonna catch a lot of flak for this, but I seriously didn't see what the big deal was. Not a lot of actors, and the ones that were there I could see coming from a mile away. Got a bigger scare out of the one actor inside Dante's Inferno. I miss the mini-golf course. :cry:

Swim-Up Bar at Ocean Oasis Waterpark: Okay, maybe someone can explain what's with their "we're not allowed to deviate from the menu at all" policy is when it comes to making mixed drinks? I understanding having a limited selection of liquors due to space, but you should at least allow your bartenders to make what they can from the available supplies. Guest Services couldn't explain it either. :(

Not Morey's, but Flow House Bar at Splash Zone Waterpark: Keep awesome, staying open late, and having reasonable drink prices. Best place to drink on the boardwalk by far, and top 3 in the Wildwoods all together.
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:03 pm

^Nice review. I love that they usually still keep one person in Dante's. I haven't been on it forever. Was just talking to my uncle about how back in the day the facade was all crazy satanic pornographic imagery, when it was Dante's Inferno. Not sure when they updated that but what it used to look like does not fit into Morey's current family-friendly vibe. I was scared sh!tless of that ride when I was a kid, even to walk near it. LOL

I'm popping down this weekend. I realized today I haven't been on a coaster since Memorial Day weekend and that has to change ASAP. Wish it were some Toro but I cannot deal with that park this time of year. I see some Great White laps in my near future.

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby coneyislandchris » Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:59 am

boldikus wrote:I was scared sh!tless of that ride when I was a kid, even to walk near it. LOL

When I took my son down to Morey's last year, he really wanted to go on Dante. I'm like "you sure?!" -- "YES Daddy, I need to ride!". Okay... and we go through, and although it's not as terrifying as I remember from back in the 80's, it's still got more than enough scary and disgusting stuff in it. We get out and I ask him "do you want to ride again?"... "Nooooo, Daddy. No more rides..."

Shared childhood trauma for the (arguable) win. :|
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby I Like Theme Parks. » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:24 pm

I went to Surfside Pier and Adventure Pier today and had an awesome time. We didn't bother with Mariner's since there wasn't anything we were really desperate to ride there, and I go to Morey's Piers all year long. The park was off to a rough start earlier this year with attractions having maintenance issues and terrible staff, but everything went very well today. Cygnus X-1 was down for 20 minutes or so, but it opened quickly. The staff was really great and nice, and you could tell they were having fun. And the operations were pretty quick, and they were working very hard. They were also helpful. The boardwalk and piers were pretty crowded, but there were absolutely no lines. That may have been due to the great workers! So they are definitely not Six Flags-ish anymore. We didn't get food actually at Morey's, but we got the incredible orangeade. We were riding things from about 5-7, but I got on quite a few rides.

Zoom Phloom: I enjoyed this ride even more than the first time because it was pretty hot. It's a really scenic and unique log flume.
AtmosFEAR: Awesome as always! I went on a seat facing the ocean, and that was really exciting. It had different audio that I didn't notice before. It's still pretty cool.
Dante's Dungeon: I just rode this while Cygnus was down, since I've never been on it before. It was longer and better than I was expecting, and it's just a really fun so-bad-it's-good cheesy old-school dark ride. Nothing too special, but good.
Rock N' Roll: Tame, but pretty fun.
It: I wasn't too fat to fit on the ride, which is strange, since I'm pretty much the same weight as last time and I got on very easily with no problems, and it was an outside seat like last time. It's really a great ride with a long ride cycle!
Cygnus X-1: Obviously better at night with all the lights, but it's a good Gravitron and it isn't overly long.
Ultra-Smooth and Extra Fast Great White x 2 - Front row, 2nd-to-last row: My brother who doesn't like rides finally rode this and he loves it! The ride is so smooth and awesome. Again, it was totally fine before, but now it's REALLY something special! It's easily in the top 3 coasters in the state behind El Toro and Nitro. We really can't wait to get midnight ERT on it this August!

So yeah, this trip was so much better than the last one, and the staff was really excellent with very good operations. Morey's Piers is going very strong, and it's an awesome place to go in the summer, and everyone must go there for the Great White. It's such a classic!
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby Jcoaster » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:41 pm

Glad to hear how well Great White is running. I've always been a big fan of that ride.
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:53 am

I also managed to pop down this weekend as planned. Here's a short report low on the photos, most of which are from Instagram and not taken with a report in mind so they're not so good (sorry). I was up early (5am) Saturday to get the first Philly-to-Wildwood express bus, which hit zero traffic and allowed us to arrive on the island right on time, around 9:30am.

Wildwood or bust.

I walked the few blocks to my folks and we got caught up over coffee and bagels. My sister, bro-in-law Tom and my just-abut-3-years-old nephew were also down for the weekend so while my mom watched the baby, the rest of us took a 15 minute ride over to Cape May Brewery to fill up a crap ton of growlers we have between myself, my Dad, and Tom.

It might be noon in Cape May but its 5 o'clock somewhere.

You have to do the tour in order to get into the bar/sampling area but since my Dads a regular the gentleman just let us walk right through on our own where I snapped a few pictures of their operation.




Once in the bar we checked what they had on tap and had a few samples before decided to each get a flight. For those of you who don't know what that is, its 4 (or sometimes 5) half pints, each of a different brew. The flights here only cost $5 each, such a deal.

My tasting card

After you try some samples you fill out a card and they call you up when your flight is ready. Since we got there at noon opening there was a very little wait and our beers were up in a flash.

Flight time

I've had the Devil's Reach before (very good) but hadn't tried any of the others. I really liked the Beets By May and the Summer Catch. The Misty Dawn was a little bitter for my taste but I enjoyed the fruity notes it had.

Afternoon hangs in the yard.

My favorite thing they had on tap I've had before - the Cranberry Bog - so I got a 32oz growler to go. We also got various growlers filled with the Buscuits & Honey (bleh), Apple Bomb (the freaking BOMB, so good!), Coastal Evacuation (I'm just not a huge fan of double IPA's but this one was not too bad), Salty Lips (meh) and Sophisticated Lady (delicious). The Bog is pictured - isn't it pretty? Tastes like heaven. After returning from the brewery we hung out in my folks yard most of the afternoon enjoying some BBQ and brats, and I finished the entire growler.

When we walk up to the boards from my folks, this is our first sight coming up from the street. So welcoming.

It called for a chance of rain all day, and was overcast, so we kept checking the weather for an opening to take the little guy up the boardwalk and hit some rides. While my parents went up into North Wildwood for some barhopping, my sister, Tom and I loaded my nephew into the stroller and headed up around 6, of course stopped to marvel at the Great White, and made a stop at the unbeatable Macks Pizza (Tom and my sister are big fans of Macks rival Sams, so they waited til we got down that end of the boardwalk to get their grub on). No pictures of pizza, too busy scarfing it down to soak up all that Bog I'd been guzzling all afternoon.

The little guys first solo ride on the Wacky Whip (sunglasses and hands up LOL)

After pizza we popped onto Surfside pier for the little monster to go wild on the kiddie rides. He'll do just about anything we put him on, running from one ride to another, and begging to go on rides he's still way too small for. So far his only coasters are Road Runner Railway at Great Adv and Vapor Trail at Sesame Place. Last summer while at Morey's he was 35"s, just an inch shy of getting on the junior coasters like Flizter, Doo Wopper (wild mouse), etc but we measured him before we left the house and he's now 40 inches! So that meant one thing: I could take him on the Flitzer!


This was one of my first coasters and I still love it, and insisted I be the one to take him on. He was so happy to ride this, and while he still doesn't "get" queues (I just want to ride! I want car number 2!") he seemed to love every second and was absolutely beaming when we got off. At one point later we stopped at the back of the pier to hit the bathrooms under the Nor'easter and the little guy watched it cycle and started trying to climb out of the stroller telling us he was going to ride it. Not so soon, young jedi!

All four of us rode KONG (Larson flyers) which he is also newly tall enough for w/ an adult, and also loved. I let him control the rudder so it was a very mild ride with no snapping. Again, he loved it. I really love what Morey's did with this ride by elevating it over the boardwalk. So well done.

Hooooollllyyyy crap.

My sis took my nephew off to ride a few other things while Tom and I decided to hit up some big rides like Atmosfear (Larson drop tower), and after we were finally doing "IT", Morey's KMG Afterburner claw/frisbee style ride. The only frisbee I've done is Maxair @ CP and "IT" always seems to spin much more intensely than the larger models, and if you've been paying attention, I have a serious aversion to spinning rides so I've avoided this thing since they installed it, but have had a mild curiosity to ride it since Maxair last year. What's seriously f*cked about this ride is it only had a very, very small lapbar (no seatbelts either), without anything else to really hold onto. And while Tom and I are both bigger guys, and had to be stapled in pretty nicely, we both got some great airtime.

Lapbars only, guys.

When they first started the cycle is didn't spin much at all, feeling more like an S&S swing type ride just spinning slightly, when suddenly about halfway through I swear they cranked it up to 13 or something. Holy christ, that ride is insanely great and has gone from an "I don't ride that because it spins" to "I must ride that thing everytime I pass it". The spinning didn't bother me at all and having just the lapbar to restrain you gives great air and hangtime. Hands up all the way. Ride of the weekend for me.

Mariners @ night.

After we left Surfside, on the way back down toward my folks we stopped for some Kohr Bros custard as always, and then popped on Mariners Pier to hit up a few more kiddie rides with the youngin' (from his stroller, like a dictator, he insisted lol).

It was getting late and we were feeling occasional sprinkles of rain and with the kid in the stroller we headed home, stopping on Adventure Pier so Tom and I could hit up the Screaming Swing in a light mist, which was great as always, and where the ops embarrassingly recognized me from Memorial Day weekend LOL - I ride this thing too much!

The Great White had a nice little line but the kid was getting cranky out way past his bedtime, and with the on-and-off rain we called it a night. Regretting not riding TGW, but I got my Flitzer on, "IT" was a big highlight, and I'll be back down in a few weeks and can get my GW laps then. It was more about the kid and I'm glad we got him on some rides he wasn't tall enough for last year. We all had a great time. He has no fear and he's only 8 inches from riding El Toro! Something tells me when the time comes he's gonna hop right on with us. :b

Ops all around were great all night, seems they've sorted out any staffing issues they had earlier in the season. I love the ability to always go down to Wildwood, Morey's is underrated with some great rides. I love going up there at night - great atmosphere, lighting packages, food, just everything.

Sunday we got up to giant breakfast my Dad made and we had some of the Apple Bomb we got before I headed back to the Wildwood-to-Philly express since I had to be in work bright and early this morning. I leave you with this photo I took from my quiet, bus ride home Sunday afternoon.

Til next time...

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby coasterbill » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:16 pm

Nice report! The brewery looks awesome.

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Mon Jul 11, 2016 1:43 pm

^ Thanks! I had a hellish week last week and the weekend of eating, drinking and rides was just what I needed. Feel like a new man today. Now get yer asses down so I can show you and the missus around and we'll go have some shandys @ CMBC. :) Or at my parents corner dive bar. They have great orange crushes. ;)

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby coasterbill » Mon Jul 11, 2016 1:44 pm

You had me at Orange Crushes

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby viking86 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:18 pm

Great trip report! I totally approve of the amount of beer featured in trip reports on TPR lately! =)


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