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Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

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^ Its actually been talked about since 2008! If there is one thing Morey's excels at its cramming as many rides into the space they have available. Their SLC has custom supports so that it could be built right into/over their waterpark. (not my photo)



They most definitely could make space for that woodie. They have an entire 4th pier they use for storage and maintenance. They could really use a new coaster. I'll be ecstatic if it happens, but I'm not holding my breath.

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I'm pretty sure it was initially supposed to be a 2010 addition, and then that got pushed back to 2013, and then they just stopped talking about it. I'd love to see an RMC but I doubt they would go in that direction. Morey's tends to go for rides that have more of a family/boardwalk feel to them - the Ghost Ship was a proper replacement for Draculas Castle, the KONG flyers fit into that, a classic woodie fits and is exactly what they could use right now. The post made on the Moreys' FB page by Jack Morey himself (screenshot on previous page) hopefully points toward something, but then again they are kinda like the boy who cried wolf at this point.

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I was back down in Wildwood this weekend and we made it up to the piers two times on Saturday - once in the afternoon for some rides, arcade action, day drinking and Macks pizza of course, and then again at night after a delicious seafood dinner, for night rides and boardwalk junk store browsing, and more awesome boardwalk food. Lines weren't as bad compared to last weekend and we had a great time. In fact all weekend was great. I love Wildwood. I took a handful of photos.


Ride totals for the day


Great White 3xs

Screaming Swing 4xs

KONG flyers 1xs (got kicked off for snapping. doh!)


Yeah I know. Same old same old.


Great White was running really well today, especially our rides at night. I guess you can rent these balls and climb inside and roll around on the beach. Seemed busier at night.


The Boardwalk Mall is always fun to get out of the heat. Some weird stores and has a great arcade in the basement.


We stopped at Capt'n Jacks Boardwalk Grill. I've always wanted to stop in here. We wound up not eating but instead having a liquid lunch. This is lemonade with blueberry infused vodka. Yum.


And more lemonade (this time topped with a Twisted Tea, as you can see)


Nor'easter was busy today, but I didn't ride. I didn't feel like going through an airport security checkpoint just to ride an SLC.


It was nice & windy, perfect for Flyers.


On the left, having fun...


right before they sternly reprimanded me over the PA system, and shut down the ride :(


We had some incredible night rides on this bad bwoy. Til next time!

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The gulls tend to congregate over the Great Whites spotlights @ night. So not only are night rides more intense because she's warmed up from running all day but also because of the looming fear you might get shitted on.

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^ Aw man, I didn't realize you would've been down. I was in Wildwood Saturday/Sunday morning and went to Morey's Piers for the first time. I only had two hours, so it was a race to get all six of the credits. We had enough time to grab a ride on Kong to close the night out. A fun night, wish I had more time to spend there but I was with others who wanted to do some shopping / dining in Cape May beforehand.


Overall I really enjoyed it! I'm such a sucker for a great boardwalk, and Morey's blows all of the other NJ ones out of the water for me. Two main notes:


- Great White was the major surprise of the trip. I was expecting a mediocre ride but was really caught offguard with some of the airtime and laterals. Significantly better than I had anticipated!

- The new restraints on the Great Nor'easter really help almost make an SLC enjoyable. Almost. I still left with some back pains from the rattling.

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^ Ahh what a bummer.


My trip was spontaneous. The missus was down all week last week for vacation @ her moms place in the Villas, and I was tossing it back and forth whether or not I was going to go. I woke up Saturday early as hell with leftover tickets from last weekend burning a hole in my pocket and said 'screw it' jumped on an express bus and met up with her, and after catching up with my folks we went right up to the boards in the afternoon. Came back, ate dinner at the dive bar on the corner of my parents block, and went back again to the boards til after midnight.


Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself tho! I can never get enough of Morey's and Wildwood in general.


The Great White kicks so much ass, so much better at night and it really makes a difference with a full train. Our afternoon ride was half empty and while it was fun, it crawled. I always sit in the back for good airtime on the drop out of the station and that yank over the drop. The bunnyhills are nice for air too but that turn right before them is brutal! Jackhammer express! I really think that the best airtime on anything on all three piers is the Screaming Swing. I'm addicted and the ops know me now LOL.

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Cool photos. Judging by them (I have never been there) it seems like they would have enough space to build that woodie they have been talking about for the past 5 years or even an RMC.


Screamscape hasn't updated anything about it since 2014. Safe to say that it's probably not leaving the drawing board. Hope I am wrong though.

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Glad to see this pop up to the top of the board. I'm in Wildwood this weekend for the big beach ultimate frisbee tournament again. Really wish I could buy a cheaper unlimited rides pass just for the Great White, did everything else last year but that ride is a major highlight and so re-rideable. Besides Kohr brothers, pizza, and the beach, we have a free day on Monday, anything in south jersey that is worth seeing?

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^ The new Kong flyers are awesome, I'm a big fan. If you haven't had a Beaver Tail they now have a new stand at the front of Adventure Pier. I just tried them and they were good. Idaho Potatoes for fries (at Schllenger, across from Mariners, between Khor Bros & Chickies) are the best on the boards. Yes, better than Curley's. If you dig arcades Gateway 26 is the best. Huge, tons of old school games, tons of cranes (my fave) and most for only a quarter, unlike everywhere else on the boardwalk. If you want to get off the island not far is the Cape May Zoo which is awesome. Otherwise I'm drawing a blank. If you get pizza get Macks.

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I thought this was pretty cool and worth posting here.


Harlem Globetrotters stars Sweet J Ekworomadu and Bull Bullard visited Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ, to attempt a trick shot from the top of the heart-pounding AtmosFEAR ride. Elevated 150-feet from the boardwalk, Sweet J hit the astonishing shot with nothing but net, becoming the first member of the world-famous basketball team to make a basketball hoop from an amusement ride. Sweet J is the 12th female member in Globetrotters history since the team was founded in 1926. The Globetrotters will be at the Wildwoods Convention Center in the summer of 2015 from July 29 - Aug. 1.



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I wonder if it has anything to do with the girl falling out of the Giant Wheel a couple years ago. They used to allow single riders on that, but since the incident they don't.

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With the Pope coming to Philly this weekend people are acting like its the apocalypse and everyone I know in Philly is heading down to Wildwood. Since Morey's is only open one more weekend, I decided to get a jump start and head down to my folks over the weekend to get some last rides of the year. Got in late Friday night so didn't head up to the boardwalk til Saturday afternoon after getting a load on @ brunch. I was riding alone as my folks decided to relax on the beach.


I decided to try to ride as much as I could and use up any remaining tickets I had left on my Wild Card since I won't be down again before the piers close (I think I had close to 100 tix when I checked it). Headed to Adventure Pier first and hopped on the Screaming Swing for two consecutive rides. Ops let me reride (not for free - they took my card and swiped it again) since no one ever rides this amazing flat and there was no wait. Of course I bribed them to run the cycle longer but as always they laughed and explained maintenance would have to come and do that.


Also jumped on the Great White for a back seat ride on the blue train and it was very sluggish and bumpy. Still fun. Headed off down the boards to grab my final slice of Macks Pizza for the year, excellent as always. Do not sleep on Macks if you are in Wildwood. Just the best. Wandered further down to Surfside pier, hopped on the Kong flyers, got a little snapping going and didn't get kicked off like last time lol. Decided to take a ride on Atmosfear, their Larson drop tower. Its the only ride on the piers that intimidates me but its so ridiculous and fun. Rode with a little girl next to me who was scared out of her mind. About 3/4 up the tower she nervously asks me "Have you ridden this before?" to which I happily replied "Yep!" She then asked "is it gonna just drop or does it stop" and before I could finish saying "It just drops!" we were already on our way down. She let out a big "WOW!" when we hit the brakes.


All summer I've been wanting to hop on the Flitzer and the line is always one of the longest since its a coaster all the really young kids can ride, but today the line was about 5 minutes, so I jumped in. The entire queue were 7-10 year olds, and then big old me. Such a great little junior coaster and always a nostalgic ride. I left Surfside and slowly walked back to Adventure to get another ride on the Great White and Screaming Swing. Only running blue train on TGW so I hopped in and braced myself but it felt a bit smoother on that ride. I headed back to my folks to meet up with them for dinner (Five Guys and more drinks, yo).


After dinner my folks decided to hang at the house but I had a few tickets left and there would be fireworks on the beach at 9pm so I walked back up and got in two more rides on the Screaming Swing (the ops were like "Oh, he's back...") and two more laps on the Great White. TGW was now running both trains so I waited an extra cycle for the red train and had a great ride. I'd heard Kohr Bros had some pumpkin custard but of course they were out so I snagged a peanut butter + chocolate twist on a waffle cone and slowly strolled back to my folks place to end a nice day.


Side note: last weekend I bought an El Toro t-shirt at Great Adv so I wore it while out on Saturday and had at least 10 people throughout the day and night say something to me about it. One of the game employees even yelled it to me across the boardwalk on the microphone. "HEY ELLL TOOOOROOO!!!!!" lolol so f*cking funny.


No photos, had no camera with me this weekend but just wanted to share my last weekend of the season at one of my favorite places on earth. All in all not a bad day of solo riding.


Great White 4x

Screaming Swing 5x

Kong 1x

Flitzer 1x

Atmosfear 1x

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Having a moment of silence or some sh*t over here for the Great White. Hang in there, buddy.



Photo credit: Watch The Tram Car Please dot com


Kinda hard to see, but that the first and 3rd turnarounds - the two closest to the ocean, there behind the Wildwood Convention Center. The ocean has come up to and in some spots come passed the boardwalk, which basically means the entire coaster (and most definitely the tunnel right out the of the station) are completely flooded. For those unfamiliar, the majority of the ride was built not on the pier, but right on the beach.


To give you an idea of how far up the water is (if you are not familiar with Wildwood).


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We're getting hit by a Nor'easter right now, its actually a different weather pattern than Joaquin. But what we are getting now is hitting the shore points pretty hard - Ocean City in particular is almost completely under water, and the back bay in Wildwood, which is normally a block away from my parents home, is currently in their back yard.

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We're getting hit by a Nor'easter right now, its actually a different weather pattern than Joaquin.

I wonder if it hurts as much to be outside right now in the storm or to ride the vekoma slc?

Maybe the Nor'easter will damage the nor'easter (and hopefully nothing else) and we will just HAVE to get a B&M invert replacement



Nice trip reports by the way. Thanks for sharing!

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Gotta love that Moreys does this even when they are closed for the season. My mom took this the other night and sent it over to me. They will usually do something Christmas related (Santa, a Xmas tree) in December.


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