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  1. Morey's has listed their Sky Coaster from Surfside Pier and their Wisdom Tornado for sale on IRM rides. https://m.facebook.com/pages/IRM-Rides/159151417432031
  2. What do you mean by that? Making Great Escape officially Six Flags Great Escape. Even though it's not officially flagged I have noticed an increase in the use of "Six Flags Great Escape" in media ads and different souveneirs.
  3. Hopefully that's the case. I had emailed Morey's last year (August) after my trip about the new coaster and the response I got was from Dino Fazio, Morey's Director of Operations. He said: "The wooden coaster we are planning is still in the planning stages. Unfortunately, the investment level is so great that we have not yet been able to finalize construction start and opening dates. I would not expect to see the ride built and operational until 2016 at the earliest. The most important thing that can happen to help us move forward is for it to stop raining. "
  4. ^^could be Darien Lake, Great Escape, among a few others.
  5. A lot of times it's to reduce the stress of the train on the chain. That's what the infamous B&M pre-drops were for- until they found a way to make it work.
  6. That was my mistake- $250,000 for the annual costs with Lake Compounce's model- they have the 32 seat version. For Skyhawk at Cedar Point the price tag number floating around was $6 million for the ride itself for the 40 seat version- Lake Compounce's version ended up being $3 million with installation costs.
  7. As nice as a Screamin' Swing would be, the costs are outrageous. You're going to pay over a million for the ride itself, and $500,000 a year in maintenance costs on top of that. Hence why a lot of them are uocharge. But on the flip side, I've ridden the 4 person per arm version at Morey's Piers and it was an incredible ride experience.
  8. Everything in the waterpark is original to the park.
  9. Yes Nightmare was scrapped. Some of the adult flats were relocated from Gaslight Village, Wood's other park just up the street. And to answer your question about the rides relocated, no not every ride is relocated, not hardly, but many are.
  10. Six Flags wouldn't close TGE unless they really had to. The park is the company's "ATM". The park draws 800,000-900,000 anually (Per town board meetings- TGE also reported attendance at a little over 1 million in the early 2000's during their board meetings for new rides). Like stated before, there is no competition for the park unless you count Darien Lake but that's also hours away. Also like stated above, it doesn't take huge investments to keep people coming back and SFI knows that. The park is also in a tourist destination that draws a ton of people. The tourists with big vacation pockets play a huge role at TGE. I'd be willing to bet they'd close a bigger park before TGE. Similar to the sell off a few years ago- note TGE was never on that list. Comet is a draw in itself.
  11. I don't think that will happen. I saw all the sites a few days ago and some of them hadn't even been started. What do I know though, they could've done them quick.
  12. Nope hes right. The coaster will be almost identical, if not identical to Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Just wait and see.
  13. Maybe you should read a little better because no where in my post did I say Six Flags owns it. Didn't know I needed a link to something from my own head.
  14. All this talk about erecting the coaster in storage is great but we don't even know if Darien Lake has rights to the coaster. Six Flags could very well have put it in their sale clause to PARC in 2007 to store it there until they find a new home for it or scrap it- or Six Flags could be paying Darien Lake to keep it there.
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