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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Toverland expansion 2013 ...... Magical Valley !!!


The expansion plans of Attractiepark Toverland are now unveiled. The plans that will be realized in 2012 and 2013 are given to the local authorities in order to obtain permissions. It concerns the construction of four new mechanical rides. Besides that, there will be room for a new restaurant, two smaller counters and a playground.


Looking at the drawings, it all seems like a pretty good expansion for Toverland. In this way, the park will become more and more an all-day destination. Although the theming of the new area is unknown for the moment, it looks like there it will be some sort of natural environment with rocks and small lakes. This might be just the most spectacular novelty in a Dutch amusement park that we can expect to become reality in the next couple of years. We will revisit Toverland as soon as construction is finished with very high expectations!


Spinning Coaster

The roller coaster will get the same lay-out as the version in the French Le Pal. The ride will be 492 meters long, 19.8 meters high and will feature a 20.4 meters first drop, which means that there will be a drench at the bottom of the drop. The maximum train velocity will be 19 m/s (68 km/h). The maximum drop angle is 57 degrees and by means of a horse shoe, the maximum banking will be 90 degrees. In terms of g-forces, the maximum acceleration will be 3.6 g.


The Spinning Coaster will be equipped with two trains, seating up to 16 persons each. Manufacturer Mack specified that the theoretical hourly capacity will be 790 persons per hour at a station time of 34 seconds. In order to realize this, a train has to be dispatched from the station every 73 seconds. The ride will feature a 35 degrees chain lift (velocity 2.1 m/s) and a vertical switch to the transfer track underneath the station, similar to the Pegasus in Europa-Park. The train will be slowed down by means of contactless magnetic brakes. Surprisingly good news is that the ride will be available for children of 1m and up.


Rapid River

The largest ride in the new thematic area will be a Rapid River of the German manufacturer Hafema. This ride will open together with all remaining novelties in 2013. Previous projects of Hafema are for instance El Rio in Bobbejaanland and River Quest in Phantasialand. This rafting river will be 450 meters long, featuring rapids and waterfalls. The ride will be equipped with 10 boats seating up to 9 passengers each (918 persons per hour) and this may be expanded in the future to 15 boats (1388 persons per hour).


In contrast to many Rapid Rivers by Intamin, the Hafema ones use a conveyor belt in the station instead of a rotating platform. In normal operation the belt will have a velocity of 0.25 m/s. Once in the canal, the boats will speed up to approximately 4.5 m/s (16 km/h). The ride will last 4 minutes plus a 2 minute transport time on the station lift. On both sides of the first tunnel, there will be three waterfalls of 3 meters high. At the end of the first tunnel there will be a 3 meters high water curtain that will be switched off in time by sensors. A second and third waterfall are to be realized in a turn later on in the track and also the station building will feature a waterfall.



Aside from the above mentioned main rides, the new area will also house a duck carrousel (8 ducks of 4 persons each, 640 pph), a Heege tower, a restaurant and two kiosks. Looking at the drawings, we notice that the waiting area of Vekoma’s Booster Bike will be changed such that the entrance will be in the new area. Moreover there seems to be space reserved for a water balloon play area. This new zone can be reached through a passage in the Magic Forest.


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This is awesome news! I'm glad Toverland is going more "outside the box" lately with the addition of Booster Bike, then Troy and now this awesomeness. I really enjoy River Quest at Phantasialand so I hope that the new rapids ride will deliver. When I visited Toverland I was surprised by it and how much fun I had there and how friendly the staff was. This is a great step for that theme park.


Jimmy "TROY" Bo

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...... and a mega-coaster for 2013 !!!

I believe it's a maybe for 2015 ( this ride would be a total investment of 20 million euro including theming)


A spinning for 2012 and a new area for 2013 (with raft ride) is a nice update for this park.

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^Vekoma's been making some really great, quality coasters for Disney (Everest, Big Grizzly) and Universal (Battlestar Galactica) lately. I wouldn't count them out of the market now that they've got their new track and train systems.

Ah, I forgot about Battlestar. I'm pretty sure my assumption was based on my recent ride on Ninja @ SFStl...


Anyways this park keeps looking better and better every year. I can see this place becoming a big thrill destination in the next 5 or so years with the way they keep expanding.

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More pictures:


The opening is moved ahead. The new coaster will open in September rather than October.



New billboard next to the Boosterbike.

Hi-res: http://i.imgur.com/C0eJS.jpg

schematic map: http://i.imgur.com/6KXPQ.jpg



Back to the rollercoaster. Most of the supports have been put on, and lots of track has been placed.



Station details.



River rapid trench.



Framework of the new restaurant.



Lots of work is being done here, some of the walls are already finished.



This is how it's going to look like eventually.



A look at the station of the rapid.



Sideview of the station, and lots of colored posts.



Concept of the river rapid. It looks the station will be fully enclosed.



The play-castle that was taken from one of the indoor areas will probably be placed inside the new area, next to the duck-ride and mini-tower.



And it looks like the station of the Boosterbike is getting a makeover as well.

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