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Yeah I don't know why, but I too am partial to the event at the Studios only. It just seemed to work so much better overthere.


As for the express passes, WELL WORTH IT ON ANY NIGHT!!!! It takes all the stress out of the event! You can take time to eat, take photos and video, don't have to show up early for any shows, etc. Plus when the crowds are light at first you don't use it, then get to do things multiple times!


Yeah... express passes is a must, even on weekdays. I got to do all houses within the passes early in the evening and then a second time with the passes (sometimes even a third time)

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Suess... Never did understand this one around Halloween...


Well, basically, that island is ignored. On purpose. So as not to damage the park's relationship with Audrey Geisel (Dr. Suess' widow).

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^or a peak night where we all buy express passes. I'll have school and there's no way I'll stay up until 12 or 2 and go to school the next day


That is a good idea though...maybe go when (if...) robb and elissa are in town.

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^Fright Fest? Shipwreck? Wonderful? No Comprende.


Oh, your just pissed because they took out all the scary Jewish monsters.


...Or they just suck.

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That's why they took them out. Cause they suck!


Who wants a crazy Mother chasing you around yelling "Why don't you ever call?" or,"When are you gonna get married?" "Your gonna give me a heart attack!" "She's Goya! Phtoy!"


Ohh, remember the Decks of Auschwitz on the Queen Mary? That was awesome, yet terrifying. The next year they replaced it with, The halls of WMA. Not as scary, but more annoying. The agents kept following you arround yelling, "My client won't do it unless he get script approval!"


Ahhh, where did all the good Jewish Monsters go?


Guy "There's allways the Gollums." Koepp

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Well...it still says universal orlando resort so it kinda isnt confirmed if its gonna be just in the studio or IOA...


Jarvis "booking he stuff RIGHT now!" Morant!

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I dont think I stopped thinking about it or telling my friends about it since I met up with the TPR crew last year. I still remember the whole day like it was yesterday, and I cant wait to do it again.


I need to know as soon as possible when TPR plans to do their trip (if they do a trip?) so that I can buy tickets and express passes. I might even go for the frequent fear pass this year, but im deffinatly gonna do the express pass. Last year, I forgot to get one but I begged the ticket guy and he sold me one of the reserved ones. This year, Im planning ahead. Might even go with you all to MNSSHP depending on my school schedule. Ill miss class for HHN, but id have to think twice about disney.


Aaron "looking forward to TPR trip details" Thrasher

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Orlando teaser site is up at HHN.com, and here's the list of mazes, straight from auditions:


Dungeon of Terror (HHN I, II, IV & V)


The People Under the Stairs (HHN II & III)


Psycho Path (HHN III & IV)




Scream House (HHN XII & XIII)


All-Night DrIvE-In (HHN XIII)


Psycho Scareapy (HHN XIII)


And a yet unnamed 8th house.


All blasts from the past, to celebrate HHN's "sweet sixteen." Not a new maze among them. Ehh...


There will be scarezones at the entrance, in New York, Hollywood and the KidZone (yes, the KidZone.)


No parade this year, but supposedly more than one show. Bill & Ted returns to it's original home, in the Fear Factor theater.

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^That's actually a bit disappointing. I'm wondering if maybe they're giving a bit more effort this year to getting it back at Universal Hollywood??

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At face value that really sounds like the lamest HHN line up. Kind of sounds like they are lowering themselves to Knott's Haunt level. I don't think they've really repeated a maze in the last few years I've been going so this is a bit of a let down. The only positive thing is that it's mazes from the early HHN's that I personally haven't seen, but I'd be kind of annoyed if I was a regular visitor.


Anyway, MNSSHP will hopefully kick ass this year!


--Robb "Actually liked MNSSHP better than HHN last year!" Alvey

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You know that MNNSHP will be good this year (....candy), it actually was the highlight for us from the Oct. trip. While I have not been to those early HHN's it is a bit disappointing that all the houses this year are going to be ones recycled from the past. I could understand them doing that for maybe its 20th anniversary (After a poll for favorite past houses), but why its sixteenth. Well, it still will be new to us, plus there is always Bill and Ted to look foward to.

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I have gone to 11 past Halloween Horror Nights. I have been going to HHN every year since 1994. With the exception of 2001 when I couldn't make it. You can say it is kind of a tradion. This time of year there are always reports of what the haunted houses are going to be called and what their theme is. Most of the time they bring up past names, but a lot of the time they are just place holder names. Granted, until they officially announce the names, then can we speculate if they are going to be just a copy of past year's houses. Even if there are a few past houses, I'm sure they will all be fun! I always have a good time at HHN and now also HOS. I think it all depends on the group your with. Even the lamest event can still be fun with the right group.


Hopefully Robb and Elissa, you guys will be back for a Oct. trip. I defintley would be up for meeting with everyone at HHN, HOS, MNSHP and more. You guys should defintley check out Halloscream on a offnight like Thursday or Sunday night. I think you will be surprised how much fun of an event it is.



--Eric J.

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I totally agree with everyone that says the Express Pass is worth it. The last few years I have gone on a Thursday night and we still got the Express Pass, it is the only way to see everything. So if there isn't a line early in the night, don't use your pass then, jut experience the attraction. Come back and ride/experience it again without a wait when there is a line.


A good example of when the pass is well worth it:


2 years ago when HHN was held at both IOA and USF I had a group of 8 with me. 3 of these people had never been to Universal Orlando at all. The only night we could all go was on the extremley busy Sat. night. So the Express Pass was a must. We arrived at the park at 6:00pm (they usually open up earlier than the posted start time). I wanted to make sure we did everything, all the rides and houses. With the Express Pass we did the following in order:


Point of Evil (Scare Zone)

The Hulk

The Disorientorium (Haunted House)

Dr. Doom's Fear Fall

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

The Flying Unicorn

Dueling Dragons (Fire)

Hellgate (Haunted House)

Fright Yard (Scare Zone)

Castle Vampyr (Haunted House)

Twister: Ride It Out!

Revenge Of The Mummy

Festival Of The Dead Parade

We eat at Louie's Italian Restaurant

Deadtropolis (Haunted House)

Horror Night Nightmares (Haunted House)

Shriek 4D

Midway of the Bizarre (Scare Zone)

Ghost Town (Haunted House)

Horror In Wax (Haunted House)

Field Of Screams (Scare Zone)

Cat In The Hat

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (2nd time)

Point Of Evil (Scare Zone)


We got done around `1:15am. And yes we were exhausted! But we got to see 99.9% of everything. The only thing we didn't have time for was Bill and Ted. But I was happy that I got to see Bill and Ted last year. So if you really want to see everything then the Express Pass is the only way to go. I talked to some co-workers that went that same night and they only did maybe one haunted house and 2 rides the whole night! The lines for everything were and an hour-2 hours long! So I hope this helps anyone deciding if they should or shouldn't buy an Express Pass. The only thing that sucks is that every year the price, (like everything else in life) keeps going up. But it is still worth it!


--Eric J

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What other areas do they use besides the sound stages in the middle? I remember the 2004 version using the Earthquake area for the Necropolis haunt. It seems like there were others but I can't remember exactly what areas they used.


Along with what Derek mentioned earlier, over the years they used the following areas when HHN was housed just at USF:


Haunted Houses have been located in:

The Boneyard (A tent haunted house)

All of the Soundstages

Behind the old Bates Motel / presently part of the Kidz Zone area.

Jaw's Queue

Behind Beetlejuice/Earthquake Queue

Muder She Wrote/Hercules/Xena Building

Inside the New York Backlot Sets


Scare Zones have been located in:

The Boneyard


The Central Park area by the water on the Animal Actors Stage side.

Kongfrontation Building

Amity area


Can anyone think of any other areas at USF?

So if they have it at USF I think there are a lot of possibilites.


--Eric J.

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This time of year there are always reports of what the haunted houses are going to be called and what their theme is. Most of the time they bring up past names, but a lot of the time they are just place holder names. Granted, until they officially announce the names, then can we speculate if they are going to be just a copy of past year's houses.


The info I posted is as official as it gets, as it came directly from HHN auditions held the other day. These houses will not be exactly the same as their predecessors, scene for scene, because that would be monotonous. But they are in fact an extension (or "sequel") of the previous houses, like you would find at Knott's or Busch. No placeholding.


As for the 8th mystery house, it has a working name of "54." No idea what it means.

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^ If they use the same theme then it will still be fun. Sequels to houses can sometime be better than the original. I liked Scream House Revisited a lot. They have used the same theme for houses in the past but made it totally unique. I love when they use Norman Bate's character. Psycho Path maze in 94' was so much fun (my first ever house). And I totally loved Psycho: Through The Mind Of Norman Bates in 99'. So if they reuse a theme or do a take off of a old house, I'm sure it will be cool.


--Eric J

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[As for the 8th mystery house, it has a working name of "54." No idea what it means.


Maybe it has to do with the old Studio 54 dance club of the late 70's and early 80's. They could probally do some type of a horror dance club like Hellgate Bar at IOA last year or the Vampire Dance Club Haunted House (can't remember the name) at HOS last year.


--Eric J

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I just checked out the official HHN web page. The Express Pass prices have gone up as expected. But Dammmnnnnn!


All Sundays, Thursdays, Monday the 30th & Tuesday the 31st, Express Passes cost $30.00. Except Thursday Oct. 12th which cost $50.00


All Fridays Express Passes cost $50.00


All Saturdays Express Passes cost $60.00!!!!!!!


Along with regular RIP VIP Tours at night, they also have a new daytime behind the scenes tour called Unmasking The Horror Tour for $35.00. Anyone know anything about this tour?


--Eric J.

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