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Has anyone noticed these awesome Haunted House 3-D Model things?They look amazing.





Also what happend to the Director's Chair on the website?


You got me excited, i thought it would be like an actual 3d model of the inside ofthe haunted house, not just the exterior as a box

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This was my first HHN ever. I intended to go last year, but our plans got screwed up. My mom is a veteren and except for the last two years, did everything at every single Halloween Horror Nights (being an employee and Dead Bride scareactor for several years helped too). I got a Frequent Fear pass and was able to make nine of eleven nights.


Screamhouse: The first house I did. There were some problems several times because my mom got something in her shoe, or the person in front of her sped up, or a scareactor got in her face (she gave several reasons for one run-through, and forgot the old ones, so I can't even tell which is true). The scareactor by the stairs reminded me of my mom's co-worker, Kenneth, who is an ultra-geek. I loved the music they had playing in there. Classic Victorian style. All of the scareactors were amazing. On Halloween, we had the house to ourselves. On our way to the greenhouse, I felt something hot on my neck. Turning, I saw that a Caretaker had followed us through two rooms. My mom freaked. All-in-all, almost perfectly done. My only complaint is that sometimes it got a little cramped, and I had to leap over a chair at one point because the line got squeezed at the beginning.



All Nite Die-In: By far the best house. The Director is the best icon there is. I prefered the first time I went in the house, because the Scream kitchen was perfectly lit, so you could see more detail. It was even a bit scarier, because you could pick out Ghostface from your surroundings easier. Later nights, the lighting was lowered, so it was pretty hard to see the scareactors. The Ring was awesome, and my mom ran into the big Cenobite in Hellraiser several times. We love scary movies, so this was heaven for us.



Psychoscarepy: We only did this house once. The scareactors made this house awesome. They were perfect at portraying crazy asylum inmates. The lavatory scene was disgusting, with the smell and the exploding toilet that got me full in the face. I keep hearing people complain that they never saw Jack. He was the very last guy, and one of the loudest, so I don't know if these people are blind or morons or what!



Psychopath: It's sad that something with such great source material can bungle it so badly. Psycho was an awesome film, and Norman Bates is an awesome serial killer. At first, it was good. The scareactors playing Norman were great at interacting with the guests. When we got into the mind of Norman Bates part, things got a bit different. I had trouble telling what part of his psyche each scene represented. Hair hanging from the ceiling? Glowing eyeballs on the wall, with people blending in with them? I just don't get it. The scareactors portraying Norma Bates weren't too good either, as you could see through the black masks, and they were all very ugly guys. On the first go-through, there was a girl screaming literally non-stop through the whole house, and her mother, who was not only walking very slowly with a cane, but was also wearing all-black. People were complaining and asking my mom to move faster, and they all hastily apologized upon seeing what caused the holdup.



Run: I wish they had used the maze theme from before. The death scenes were all awesome. The electric chair prop was the best I've seen; it really did look like a real guy in there. Second-best was the lawnmower to the face. What was hilarious was that I saw the woman having her spine torn out. I did the house at the end of the night, and saw that she and her torturer with a power drill had switched positions, so now her killer was being killed. There were two back-ups. One was behind me when some moron kid tried to hold a conversation with said spineless man. I don't know what happened with the other. It was too far ahead for me to see, but something caused the whole line to stop for about twenty seconds.



Dungeon of Terror: Not as bad as some people have said. I liked the props and detail at the beginning, when it was a wax museum-type attraction, though scareactors were lacking. The woman strapped to the board around the end didn't do too good, though. She just sat there, looking around. The chainsaw dude at the end also took a break to talk with a cop.



People Under the Stairs: BAD BAD BAD! The light was a cool idea, but the house was well-lit enough in some areas, and it did little to help, so it was just a bad idea. The few scareactors that I saw did poorly. Most of them just hid in the shadows and hold a flashlight under their face. While one of them did such a good job hiding that I nearly ran into him, he did nothing but stand there. Most of the rooms looked exactly the same. I think they focused too much on the light gimmick.



Bill & Ted: The best show out of all of them. Around the last couple nights, Disney sent a cease-and-desist order to Universal. Apparently, they tried to have Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, and Davy Jones removed, but they were too popular. Well, they lowered their time on-stage, made David Hasslehoff fight Juggernaut instead, and here's the kicker: They forced Universal to make Jack less like the real version. So they got their wish. In spades. Jack came out for his swordfight in a skirt, said that "AA is for quitters" after arriving on stage, and he even took a piss by the spotlight just before the dance number. Never piss off Universal. They also did an excellent job casting, as everybody looked, sounded, and acted just like the real version.



I'll review the scarezones and lagoon show later. My fingers hurt.

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Finally got around to my review of the rest of the event.


Harvest of the Souls: Not too bad. The scareactors were pretty good at standing still, but the costumes were very obviously fake, and sometimes you could even see their real faces. The fog was a bit heavy in some parts, but in most there was none. It reminded me of going to school before daylight savings was up (I had to leave before the sun was even up).



Deadtropolis: This may be a bit biased because I LOVE zombies, but this was my personal favorite. The scareactors almost never broke character, but I saw one do a normal human-like pose for a picture. The makeup was good, and I loved the little alley on the side, which was like a mini-house. Very nice, chaotic atmopshere.



Blood Masquerade: I don't know how some of the costumes were supposed to be like vampires. The scareactors made good use of the walls and bungee prop. I loved the music pumped through. It was honestly the best music in a scarezone. I don't get how vampires would make those jaguar-like roars, though.



Horror Comes Home: For those not "in the know," this is the area at the front of the park. I loved the concept of having scareactors from past years. The costumes were right on target. It really made liberal use of fog, but not much lighting.



The Chainsaw Drill Team: I am not obsessed enough to be one of those guys who followed them all over the park, but I will follow them if I see them and not hurrying to a house or show. The big guy with the long hair and beard was my favorite. He had a real knack for being able to locate the perfect targets, despite facing the other direction. One really seemed to love his work, because he couldn't stop smiling. Around the last day, they added a new guy. He added a nice "psycho" element to the outfit by standing in front of people, waving his saw around, and screaming like a banshee.



The Director's Cut: I'm a guy who loves horror movies. I watch them whenever I see them. I love Scream, I love Psycho, I love them all. This was awesome for me. By the third time I had seen it, I had all the scenes and dialogue in my head, to the point that I was quoting the Director whenever I heard him speak. Marilyn Manson playing "Sweet Dreams" at the beginning was cool too.


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And speaking of Marilyn Manson, does anyone know where I could listen to Sweet Dreams for free? Napster set a play limit for tracks so I have to wait weeks to listen to the song again, and I don't want to pay.
PM me.
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