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Sexual Orientation


What's your orientation?  

2,137 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your orientation?

    • I'm a guy who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys and girls
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I haven't figured out what I like yet...
    • Hobosexual (I'm a person who likes hobos)
    • Hoosexual (I'm a person who likes owls)

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Um...I was one of the first people to post in this thread EIGHT AND A HALF MONTHS AGO! But because I basically only visit the coaster forum, I had no idea this puppy was still alive. Like I said way back then, it's heartening to see the general air of civility that's been maintained. One thing (and I know it's kinda political, but it's been brought up many times here)...I'm of an age to remember when this thread could never, ever have taken place in the way and tone it does now. And part of that change..maybe most of it...is because of "activist," in-your-face queers. Maybe the time for that is past, now that we all live in It's-A-Small-World utopia. Still, that's no reason to diss activism; without it, there'd prolly be whites-only drinking fountains at SFOG. And gay sex would still be illegal there, too...


Rant over.


Oh...I'm gay (duh), but I have no problem with straight people as long as they don't act all masculinate or insist on flaunting their straightness by wearing non-rainbow wedding rings...

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You either like guys or women, you can't love yourself as that is not classed as anything.


Most people love themselves


Are you Straight or Gay..?


Ever tried Bi-?


I haven't, but some peeps I know claim it's a "real great deal," heh heh.


You can like both men and women, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

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^^ My reaction was to your first line there, with "either men or women" in it?


I was just pointing out that there are a good number of peeps out there who are attracted to both sexes. 23 of them here, as far as this poll shows, so far. Nothing more.


Wasn't trying to corner you, or trap you into admitting or defending anything of your own orientation. Hey - I'm in that 19% m'self, heh heh.


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