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Sexual Orientation


What's your orientation?  

2,137 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your orientation?

    • I'm a guy who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys and girls
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I haven't figured out what I like yet...
    • Hobosexual (I'm a person who likes hobos)
    • Hoosexual (I'm a person who likes owls)

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^Bill, I wouldn't focus TOO much on that percentage! We can't forget our tiny margin of error (which could work against or for that percentage)!


I won't focus tooooo much on it, Teddy. But still that is a nice figure, n'est-ce pas?


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^ Look at it this way, Allison. There are 8 of you, in and around here somewhere who at least register in this poll, lol.


And somewhere else around here in TPR country, three women-loving-women, who aren't registering %-wise at all here on the Poll, are wandering, wandering... I do hope they find each other, and others of their.....ilk.


Ilk? Hmmm.

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I'm gay but every guy I meet hates rollercoasters and horror movies which sucks!


You need to get out more! I know far too many gay-coaster-horror enthusiasts.


Woah, I never realized that there are no women on here that identify as being lesbian. That makes me a SAD panda.


Well, there are 3 so far although they still are 0%. Maybe some of the bi girls can keep them company.

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^ Hey, its not my fault if they hate me, I am who I am! Just because I'm a really radical minded person, and pretty far out there, that doesn't mean I'm not a nice guy. Yet they don't seem to realize it. I've only got one close friend who's a girl, and I feel thats all I need. Forget it if they don't like me, its their loss!


--Cody W


(Sorry about that, just needed to express my point! I'm 100% positive I'm gay, and well, I love it, so um.. yeah.)

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I'm a homo, and I don't much enjoy the company of females. I mean, I can tolerate and get along with them, and they seem to just ADORE me; but I don't surround myself with them. I'm a homosexual not because I like the men-italia, but because I prefer the way the males mind works. Females operate on an entirely different mental level, and it confounds me. They're not simple creatures like men. I don't understand them at all. I'll go shopping with them, but once these whole "emotion" things get brought up, I'm going home to play some video games. This might also be why I don't get along with my gay-kin-folk, either.

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^ Um, I understand what you're getting at, I think, but I'm curious: At what point did you think "I prefer the way men think, so I guess I'll be sexually attracted to guys?"


And - no offense - but aren't your generalizations just a tad overbroad? Or do you really think that Einstein's mind worked at a "simpler" level than Jessica Simpson's? And - I'm paraphrasing here - are you basically saying "I prefer the company of straight guys because they're emotionally armored?"


Just curious...

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Haha, it wasn't any more of a decision than the whole "I don't much enjoy boobs, so I'm going to be gay", thing. I'm not a sexual person, and my brain doesn't base my level of attraction on anatomy. Which is weird when people tell me my boyfriends are hideous. Oh well.


Aaaand, I'm probably over-generalizing, but due to my experience, that's the way I see things. The males I've known have been easy to get along with, shared similar interests with me, and generally been more compatible with my personality. Most of the girls I know have been insecure, over-emotional, and don't really like to talk about video games, debate theory, Star Wars, and collecting action figures. Not that they don't exist, I just haven't met many.


And I guess I do prefer straight men because they're emotionally armored. I prefer them because [And once again, just in my experience,] they don't sweat the small things. They don't lose their heads if they get a run in their socks or someone didn't call them back. For the most part, they're more relaxed and laid back then women, and thus, assosciating with them is more conducive to me having a fun time when I'm around them.




You see. And no, I don't think Albert Einstein was simpler than Jessica Simpson. I wasn't over-generalizing thaaat much!



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