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Politically Incorrect Coaster Names

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It seems that a lot of SLC's are appropriately named


Traumatizer (but it's being moved anyway)

Mind Eraser

Hangman (themed to a hanging?)

Lethal Weapon (murder?)


Gauntlet (is it your head running the gauntlet while getting hit from both sides?)

Top Gun

Vampire (it'll bash your brains in and suck your blood?)

Great Nor'Easter

Blue Tornado


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Rita Queen of Speed - drugs anyone?

Stealth - youre calling that thing quiet???

Rattlesnake - it doesnt rattle... i hope... if so... bugger.

Vampire - lovely name. completely freaks out any kids that think theyre gonna see the boogieman



all the others were taken...

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The Riddler's Revenge - The Riddler makes roller coasters... and exacts revenge on the general public?


Deja Vu - Should be more like "Rewind", seeing as you don't do the same thing twice... You do it backwards.


Superman: The Escape - Yeah, you may be escaping, but only to come all the way back 10 seconds later. What's the point?


Montezooma's Revenge - I've never seen anyone get off this ride with diarrhea...


Batman and Robin: The Chiller - Is this ride even cold?


Hurricane at SCBB - Feels more like an earthquake to me (you'd know if you've ridden it...)!

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Goliath - reminding Philistines everywhere of a major a$$ wupping they received.


Magnum XL-200: do magnums come in XL-200 size?


Anaconda: they do some really scary things to donkeys, among other animals.


Rita Queen of Speed: I second that one, is she the local dealer?


Dominator: does it have an accompanying S & M theme, are rider's refferred to as submissives.


Silver Bullet: offensive to werewolves everywhere.

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Oblivion - people come off that without being dead


Air - more like 'Loss of Air' (had to have a go at it)


Nemesis Inferno - i dont see any fire...


Rattlesnake - it may be painful, but it doesnt rattle


Runaway Mine Train - it doesnt run away because it comes back to the station


Dragons Fury - it may sound angry, but its not furious, and if it is, why?

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Here's some random ones.



'Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster' at USF.

Nuthouse coaster, I mean if people are allergic to nuts, that's a terrible insult to them! also if they are nuts then it's even worse


'Ravine Flyer 3' at Waldameer.

There's no/have been no Ravine Flyer 2, so why's this the 3rd then? also there's hardly no ravine around either, but hey there's hardly no dragons around Steel Dragon 2000, ok, except for some people's sidepersonalities, or should I say draconian halfs...


'Navel coaster' at Shibukawa Skyland, with trains themed to shoes?, most likely meaning that you (should) kick people in their navels/belly buttons?! Not very appropiate if you ask me.


'Panic Drive' at Nasu Highland Park.


Oh, and how could I forget the 'See Through Coaster' at Kamine Park

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Had to bring up an old topic.

-Colossus: it used to be the biggest woodie, but it isn't now, is it?

-Wicked: it's The Wizard of Oz all over again... (not that that's a bad thing)

-Journey to Atlantis: a one way ticket to the city, and scientists are still having trouble finding it?

-Black Mamba: largest venomous snake in Africa; not sounding too inviting, eh?

-Venom: who in their right mind would ride something poisonous?

-Roller Coaster: we know what it is, thanks.

-Boomerang: crikey, what a creative name .


I'll stop there.

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