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Best B&M Standup

Best B&M Standup  

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  1. 1. Best B&M Standup

    • Iron Wolf
    • Vortex (PGA)
    • Vortex (Carowinds)
    • Mantis
    • Chang
    • Riddlers Revenge
    • GA Scorcher

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How can Vortex (CGA) have any votes? It's seriously one of the worst coasters in CA. What I like about Arrow coasters is that with a little bracing, you can avoid most of the headbanging. Vortex, on the other hand has no escape because of the gigantic, crappily made restraints that box you in! Now that my rant's over, Riddler's is the best of the few that I've been on. It's smooth, fast, and has single rider: What more could you ask for?



ven with the newer restraints Vortex at carowinds was horrid so chaging them on CGA's version won't help.

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B&M Standups would probably be my favorite coaster type. Of the four I've ridden (Chang, Mantis, Scorcher, Iron Wolf) I'd go with Iron Wolf for the intensity, followed by Scorcher. You really can't go wrong with any of them IMO, it just seems like the smaller ones pack more intensity into their layouts. For this reason, along with the fact that they're from a different (better) era of B&M's history, I'm really intrigued by the two Paramount Vortex coasters (Vortices?).

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I just realized I've ridden all of the B&M stand-ups except for Chang Lantern and Iron Apocolypse.


Riddler is defintely the best of the bunch but Scorcher really surprised me as to how smooth and compact it is. I loved it and for a ride that twists and turns all over I didn't experience any headbanging.


Mantis is okay but I like it more when the brake is turned off on the first drop (I call that '96 mode). The ending is a little brutal with the headbanging.

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Having been on Mantis, Iron Wolf, Chang, and Vortex (Carowinds), I would go with Mantis. While Chang is very very similar to Mantis with an added corkscrew, Mantis' forceful figure-eight finale I much prefer to Chang's boring meandering about. Also, I would vote Vortex over Iron Wolf.

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I've been on Mantis, Vortex (Carowinds), Iron Wolf, Green Lantern, and Georgia Scorcher. Of the five, I'd probably rank them:


1. Georgia Scorcher

2. Mantis

3. Green Lantern

4. Iron Wolf

5. Vortex


Georgia Scorcher was just an awesome ride that was the perfect length, twisted and turned all over the place, and was actually pretty smooth. All of the other standups that I've listed were just very intense rides that really hurt my legs, whereas Georgia Scorcher was pretty enjoyable all around- not too forceful, just right. The only complaint I have is that their crew is RIDICULOUSLY slow. Like almost as slow as Manta's crew.

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^Green Lantern is the stand-up that hurt my legs the most. It was basically on par with a good Batman in that regard (but so worth it). As for headbanging, while it is similar to Iron Wolf, I think Vortex (CGA) was much more painful. I'm not even sure if I bothered trying to ride Iron Wolf defensively or if it just wasn't especially rough to begin with.

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Riddler is currently tied as #1 coaster (the other is Apollo) but is my favorite coaster in California and my only standup, but even if I rode another one I can't possibly imagine it being better than Riddler. Riddler has a nice forceful layout, massive interactive(HUGE points for the lift going through the loop) inversions, and ejector airtime coming off of the MCBR. It essentially fits everything in my criteria in terms of speed and airtime. I also tend to enjoy big coasters... not that a coaster has to be big to be good... but Riddler is and I tend to enjoy that quite a bit as enjoying standup "gimmick" as it really is quite a unique experience.

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The only stand-up I rode is Vortex (CGA) and that is far from the best. From reviews, I picked Riddler's Revenge since everyone talks about how amazing the ride is. I'm going to SFMM to see it this summer, so I will really see if it lives up to its name.

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I used to be a fan of stand-up coasters, but for whatever reasons, they don't seem to age well. Riddler's Revenge is still enjoyable, and its huge-ness is probably a factor. But Iron Wolf killed me this past summer.


Georgia Scorcher was GREAT the last time I rode it, but that was many years ago. I'll be hitting it this August and I hope it hasn't gone evil like most of the others.

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I chose Chang because that's the only stand-up that I have rode, but I think it's too rough. Depending on what row you choose the ride is either fun (First 3 rows) or slightly rough (Last 2 rows). The inclined loop is a killer on your legs though.


Next year I'll be going on Iron Wolf when it's moved to 6 Flags America.

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