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Theme Park Review's 3rd Annual Coaster Video Contest!

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I just downloaded all 2006 entries and I was impressed with quite a few of them, out of the 5 I had 3 best one narrowed down to 2 and must say Pauls video is good.

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I enjoyed all of them, but my clear favorite is the Parque one. Oh my goodness I LOVED the flicking of the drop car and the random line jumping footage. Major props to the Silverwood one too, my 2nd favorite from the group 8)

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I thought all 5 videos were ok, but some are alot better than others

Wow! What amazing, insightful commentary! You should post your comments more often!!!


I also was impressed with the little "Intamin flicking" part of Paul's video. Would like to know how he actually did that. I know that during the 'judging' session we all discussed what he thought he might have used (after effects, motion tool in Premiere, extracting the car as a layer in photoshop, etc) but just wondering if it was something even more simple!


Great work everyone!



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if i was judging this contest i would vote on the fourth one to get 5 stars and rank it a 10 plus plus


this is how i feel bout the fourth video if was a judge i loved it i watche it five times and still love it there were more coasters in it than the others and it was fun to see alot of varity in it and differnt parts of the world too

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I also liked the intamin flick as well, great editing that was thumbs up to that, I have seen some good editing but that takes the biscuit. I was also surprised with conner he has also done a good video, well done to all 5. I will have to post a pov one day but I can only use my digital camera but hey everything counts and well done to them 5

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I am going to pick my fave out of each five posted, from each week's set of vids.


Then, when I have five faves picked from the 25 (in total), I'll pick my Top Three from those, if that's how it's gonna ago again this round. It'll make it easier to choose, etc.


Altho... I leave on the 30th for the UK, so I am hopeing Robb will post the last five on the Sunday of that last week? Then, I can put my fave three in on Monday (29th) juuust before I take off to UKLand.



Good job to everybody, so far here! All five vids are great in their own way, incl.music trax added, editting, cuts and blends.... excellent work peeps.


Looking forward to the other twenty, heh heh.


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I just finished watching the other four videos...wow! All of them were exceptionally good! My favorites at the moment are Parque De Attactiones and Silverwood.


Looking forward to the next batch of entries!

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My top two out of the first group are Julian Johnson and Paul Ruiz.


After reviewing both, I have decided that my #1 pick from this group is going to be Paul Ruiz.

Both those vids in my opinion where creative, had great shot mixture of people,rides and fun along with great editing.


Paul ruiz came out #1 for me due to a few factors.


The beginning used a few special transitions that looked and worked very well.

At first I was afraid that the vid would be too heavy on special transitions, but was relieved to find, they were only used at the beginning.

Good choice, and use, to open the vid.


The next stand out feature was the use of some staged effects such as jumping out the way of the frisbee, Boxing and the biggest surprise was the drop tower flick.

I was expecting to see the drop ride fall through the circle made by the fingers, but was surprised and laughed so hard when it was flicked off. Awesome


Great mix and use of rides, food, people and shows.


Then there is the line jumping segment.


Overall this video is totally packed with great footage and creative editing .



Out of the first group, Paul Ruiz is the clear winner!

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I'll make this easy and rate them 1-5, 1 best etc....

1.Parque De Attactiones..Great footage, catchy song, and overall great syncing. All the extra energy(random fun stuff etc) always adds an extra point in my book. Also, did I spy some sort of pan-around-the-neck? Auto points for anything steel band related

2. Silverwood-some slight syncing issues at the beggining, but otherwise solid. Ofcourse including those often overlooked monsters like Tremor gives you bonus points Also, nice music choice. Only thing that could poccibly bring you down would be lack of 'fun', but footage makes up for it...

3. Dont look down '05- Only reason Im marking you down is because I dont like the music. This is a finely put together video, with plenty of footage from tons of parks, and some 'fun' moments aswell. Only reason your 3 as apposed to 2 is that I really like that Silverwood vid...Reguardless, its a great example of good editting/syncing...

4. Slagharen...Good footage and syncing, but lack of energy. I know its a small/unknown park, but still...

5.Magic Springs- Age doesnt effect artistic talents IMO. At my animation club, our effie (7th grader/newb/what have you) is one of our best computer artists right now, and probably one of our most productive members. I wish I coulve given you a better spot, but your skill still needs some improvement compared to the others I saw today...

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^ I agree with you on my Silverwood video. It was honestly a last minute decision to put it together so I would have more than one video to submit and I didn't get it as dialed as I would have liked. Also, as you said, it was lacking in the "fun" department.


I just got home from work and got to watch the other four and I'm just glad I made the cut. I absolutely LOVE all of Julian's videos and feel that his is the best of the first 5. I have Dontlookdown.org saved in my favorites. All his videos are great. I think I liked Vertigo a little better but this one was lights out on the editing. Great job!

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5.Magic Springs- Age doesnt effect artistic talents IMO. At my animation club, our effie (7th grader/newb/what have you) is one of our best computer artists right now, and probably one of our most productive members. I wish I coulve given you a better spot, but your skill still needs some improvement compared to the others I saw today...


I agree, theres still alot of room for me to improve, and my video seems sub-par compared to the rest of 'em, but I'll keep working on it. Thanks for the honest criticism!

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I agree, theres still alot of room for me to improve, and my video seems sub-par compared to the rest of 'em, but I'll keep working on it. Thanks for the honest criticism!


Just remember, you did make the top 25 out of 100. Yeah, some may be better but you did pretty good.

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I've finished watching the first group of videos, and have immediately concluded that julian johnsons's vid stands out from the pack! Although i will admit that everyone did a great job, and im sure spent a good amount of time and effort to produce their vids, but there's always one that just sinks in your head over the others.


My reasons follow:


Great cinematography (angles, pan shots, locations, order, transitions)


Soundtrack fit well with the vibe and energy screened; nice synch w/ the beats


Clips of excitement amongst the group of friends (you get a personal feeling that you were there sharing the goodtimes)


It brought real PERSONALITY to the rides, not just the typical recording of the coasters in cycle (the stutter replay)


not once did i feel that there was a run on or flat section in the video


good job to the group though. but there's more yet to be seen.


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So far of these first five, I'm totally diggin' Julian's video. Not a big fan of the music, but as a complete package it went well, and the video really gets away from focusing on one park or coaster. Two of the three I sent were park-specific, but I really prefer videos like this one that showcase a wider range of stuff. I also really liked the reversing effect...I'm a big fan of MXC, and that effect reminded me of that show.


Pete "nervously waiting to see if I made the cut" FourWinds

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With 25, I can probably do some in-depth reviews for each of them. I hope one of my vids makes the final cut, but in the mean time, I will offer comments and PERSONAL rankings with each new quintet.


A congratulations to all five of our first finalists before I begin, however. All tremendous videos.


Dennis "Park Junkie" Kolodzeizik's Slagharen Video Contest Entry

The thing that sticks out in my mind the most here are the hilarious facial expressions. I'm pretty sure that's what I might look like on coasters when I'm goofing around!


The video editing, music synching, and cinematography are all very solid. I really enjoyed the way you transitioned from shot to shot. The dissolves are very artfully done and fit with the music perfectly, and though simple, make a tremendous difference.


Extra points for boobies.


Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Parque De Attactiones Video Contest Entry

Now this was pretty cool! Early special effects trick of the year goes to Paul for his Intamin Drop Tower cart flick. The music synching and editing superb, just as the others are, and the transitions are perfectly chosen.

What's really impressive here is the cinematography. VERY crisp shots, incorporating a variety of different types of pans, zooms, and movements, and very unique camera angles all add up to a very exciting video.


On-ride POV's are enviously liquid-smooth, and just the scene selections are sophisticated enough to make me think that this was professionally done for a TV show.


I enjoyed the occassional use of the four-corners view interspersed with the regular views, and of course, the comedy was a huge plus. Constant line jumping, ride interaction (literally), and the song itself were all highly entertaining. Also, you filtered in raw audio perfectly, accenting your clips where appropriate. While "silent" music videos aren't bad, music vids with a balanced and appropriate amount of background noise are even better (and require more skill), and you've pulled it off brilliantly.


And for the record, it looks like you actually animated the tower effects thing manually. You filmed it with the tower as it, without the cart. Then you added the cart in via After Effects or something using the motion and scale tools. You can do something like that in Flash, actually. Or at least the concept is the same. That's my guess anyway.


Justin Saxe's Silverwood Video Contest Entry

Haha, as the video started, I was wondering whether you had actually chosen "Sing Sing Sing" as your music, or whether it was just a song that borrowed from the famous drum intro. Indeed, it is the famous swing hit, and such a great choice too!


In terms of sheer music synch and editing, this was extremely solid. Most people use pop or rock music, but you swung this thang. Again, as with the other entries, the technical level is extremely high, clearly establishing the higher class that this year's finalists seem to occupy. I was also very impressed with the smooth and clear shots from your camera. Very good leveling work there. You could have added a bit of raw audio in there, but given the music choice, I'll more than forgive you.


Julian Johnson's "Don't Look Down 2005" Video Contest Entry

From a pure music synch perspective, this video is absolutely perfect. It matches the beat flawlessless and is consistent in its rhythm. It goes bar for bar, sticking to the bar, playing straight down the line. You don't have four clips per measure, then two in the next identical one. And I really do love this.


Some may say the "DJ coaster scratching" maybe be too much, but I loved it. It's not really a difficult trick, just one that requires patience and a little bit of experience. However, it's done very elegantly here. And the music choice was extremely upbeat. A techno reggae ska mix? Awesome!


Julian, you had the advantage of having footage from a variety of places, and you certainly pressed it. At the same time, this means you had more things to choose from, which meant picking the best clips might be hard, but you certainly didn't make it look that way. This was definitely a keeper and an early favorite to claim the top prize.


Connor Thompson's Magic Springs Video Contest Entry

Though the weakest of this batch, this is by no means a bad video! And at 13, Connor, you've already made quite an impression! You've clearly improved over last year already, and this video was pretty cool. Music synching wasn't as crisp as the above videos, but it certainly didn't disrupt the flow either (I felt in some places last year, it did). The transitions are a bit rough, but where you faded in and out or went to white, the transitions were surprisingly well done. The "(ghey)" comment was definitely pretty funny, as were some of the on-train antics. I'd suggest getting a wide angle lens to soften out the on-ride POV's... or just don't take your poor camera onto an SLC! So there's always that you can improve upon, but hey, you're 13. I think you kick everyone else's butts when they were 13, at least in terms of video editing!





1(t). Paul Ruiz De Miquel - "Parque de Attactiones"

1(t). Julian Johnson - "Don't Look Down 2005"

3. Justin Saxe - "Silverwood"

4. Dennis 'Park Junkie' Kolodzeizik - "Slagharen"

5. Connor Thompson - "Magic Springs"

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