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Walibi Belgium Discussion Thread

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Hah .. my first thought when I saw this was that a ski-resort chair lift had a baby with a single rail coaster ...


Then on one of the links in the original post: "It was designed and developed by Doppelmayr, the international market leader in the construction of lifts and mountain railways.". I grew-up riding Dopp chair-lifts, they're awesome!



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To answer a few questions:


no official opening date has been set, it should be between first of july and mid july based on the press release.

The station and vertical lift will ocupy the space where tornado once stood so proudly.

While this does seem like a nice addition, I just don't get it. The drop looks good, but it's only 45 degrees, so I am wondering if there will be any airtime anywhere in the ride.

The new owners are positioning themselves towards families, which in my opinion is a lost cause.

With bobbejaanland and bellewaerde being family parks and plopsland being THE park for children below 12 (and there's loads there for the rest of us too by the way), I think they should profile themselves more towards thrill seekers.


I will go and check out the ride, but it just isn't what i was hoping for. A maurer spinning like Spinball Whizzer, or and x-car coaster or something along those lines would have required the same budget, but have been alot more appealing to thrill seekers.

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Wow! the construction is getting on, when i went there last week they had only attached the track at the lower parts of the ride, now they're already doing the helixes, cool! Maybe i'll take some pics if i get to go there this month. I'm looking forward to riding this summer, looks like a fun coaster!

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This ride looks awesome. Hopefully they can pull through and get it open by the second week of June.


It really reminds me of a suspended alpine coaster, which just makes me want to ride it even more!


I'd be most grateful to anyone who can score more pictures!



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new pictures


This is how the trains will look like.


Very tall lift-tower in the back...


They are not really testing since the track isn't complete yet, but this should give a good impression of how tall and big this ride is!

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