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Which ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain Is the best

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Yes it most defiantly is. I remember about skipping it. But I rode it since it was a walk on and OMG! Easily on my top ten list.


I would have to say:


1.) X

2.) Goliath

3.) Ninja


Tatsu had a three hour wait while everything else were walk on's. So I tried getting the most credits possible.



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I missed X2 and Terminator

1) Goliath

2) Ninja

3) Scream

4) Riddler's Revenge

5) Tatsu

6) Superman: The Escape


I'm not a big fan of flying coasters, so no need to rip into me about not liking Tatsu that much. I liked it more than any other flyer I've been on though. I really liked ninja a lot.

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  • 6 months later...

When Tatsu first opened it became my favorite ride. But now between the rattle of it and X transforming into X2, I like X2 better.


So my list would be:

1) X2

2) Goliath

3) Tatsu

4) Deja Vu

5) Riddler's Revenge/Batman


I haven't been on Terminator yet though. Who knows it might crack the list.

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1.) X2

2.) Goliath

3.) Batman: The Ride

4.) Terminator Salvation: The Ride

5.) Tatsu

6.) Riddler's Revenge

7.) Deja Vu

8.) Scream!

9.) Viper

10.) Ninja

11.) Superman: The Escape

12.) Revolution

13.) Gold Rusher

14.) Colossus

15.) Canyon Blaster

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People will scoff, but Gold Rusher is by far the most fun roller coaster at SFMM. It isn't particularly thrilling or intense, but it's exciting and enjoyable.

1. Gold Rusher

2. Tatsu

3. Riddler's Revenge

4. Revolution

5. X2

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1. X2

2. Terminator Salvation: The Ride

3. Tatsu

4. The Riddler's Revenge

5. Batman

6. Scream

7. Ninja

8. Goliath

9. Viper

10. Revolution

11. Deja Vu

12. Goldrusher

13. Superman

14. Colossus


Then again, with the roughness of Colossus, no wonder it's placed so low.


Although Psyclone, if it were still around would be toward the top of the list and it was rougher than Colossus... then again, I also had a connection with that ride. It was the first large coaster I operated and I rode it well over two thousand times including a 45 ride marathon.




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