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Christmas eve!


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Merry Christmas Soren!


To address your remarks about the celebrations here in the US, people do both. Some families celebrate on Christmas Eve, some Christmas Day. However, Santa comes while you are sleeping and your presents are waiting for you in the morning (or in our case, 3:15 a.m.!!!!) when you wake up.


It's only 1 p.m. here in Ohio and I have been up since 5 a.m., since I was able to hold Sammi off until then.


Your mom is a lovely lady and you all look like you had a great Christmas!!


Shari "I need a nap" Shoufler

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When my sister and I were little kids we celebrated on Christmas Day (beacuse of all that Santa Claus stuff). But when we got a little older we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. But now that I am married we celebrate with my parents on Christmas Eve and Leanne's folks on Christmas day.

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Hey I must be german because my family celebrates and opens gifts on christmas eve night too!!!


When I saw that guitar wrapped up as a present in your first pics I was thinking "I bet that is a guitar". I knew it was going to be a guitar by the shape of the box!


I know its a day late but Merry Christmas Soren!!!!!

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I'm actually half-German, though I get my facial complexion from my mom, who is half Chinese.


On Christmas Eve, we go to my dad's mom's for the big Christmas soup. It's a big beef, dumpling, and vegetable soup that takes all day to prepare. Since my grandfather died, I've done the bulk of the cutting. It's wonderful soup. Then it's presents, then usually a Western or a card game or something.


About 10:00, it's time to head to midnight Mass (OK, 11:00). It's about a half-hour drive back to our home church. In past years, midnight Mass was the highlight of the whole season. It's an old German Catholic country church built in 1892, and the last song sung before the start of the Mass was "Silent Night" in German. But now we're in a new, sterile church that's three times as large as the old one. Oh well.


Christmas morning it's presents at home, then to my aunt's house with my mom's side. About 25 people all running around, yelling and screaming. Turkey and all the trimmings, and more presents. Although as I get older, I start to care less and less about the presents (I still like them though ) and more and more about the food and the people, becase that's what the true function of Christmas.


Paul "Is already looking forward to Christmas 2006" Miller

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