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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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Not sure what the weather is like at home, given I've been on vacation for a week. But last thing I heard was that there was a tornado touch down, and baseball size hail. . . And of course my new car is uncovered at the airport.


Last year, we took the same vacation at the same time, and our car got hail damaged at the airport while we were gone. Ugh.

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We got a pretty heavy windstorm yesterday, late afternoon, that went well into the evening.


And because of it, we lost one of the "branches" from our big lilac bush in front. It was lying

across our sidewalk, when we returned back from dinner.


The storm is over today, but there are literally TONS of bits of branches all over the street.

Not to mention the occasional actual big branch here and there, too.


Glad it's over. Now for picking all the crap up and getting rid of it before I fly to

Cleveland, and CoasterMania! at Cedar Point.


The branch in question, ready to be chopped up.


Where the big branch came from, right in the middle there of the lilac bush/tree.

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^ Actually, that happens here too. Darkness by late afternoon, during late winter months.

It's pretty gloomy, I must agree. Our summer (sun)nights go till around near 2200 and

then start darkening with the sunset, etc.

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