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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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I think that one space station is very small, especially compared with the station furius baco!? I hope that it will be really good theming coaster, I like the track rails are high off the ground in the beginning of the trip, but I think the bad thing is that the construction is very slow, I can not wait to see it!

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Great to see another hypercoaster coming to Europe!


Another? It's not like we have much hyper/mega coaster here in Europe . Anyway, I'm also reeeal happy with this and I'm looking forward to it. Gonna make a citytrip to Barcelona this summer I guess .

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I wanted to take some pictures of the hyper today, but...

- The park doesn't allow to take photos of it, even taken from a public area, for example, behind fu-manchú.

- They say to call security if you even LOOK at the construction.

- The pics taken at Hurakan Condor are no longer possible, because the park closed the cars 1 and 5 ONLY for members of websites about parks. No kidding here. We went to HC, and the ride op asked us if we were from PAC (Pa-Community). They have explicit orders to don't allow any member to ride the car 1 or 5, which are the ones where you can see the construction.


Just... well... no words.

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What's the problem about taking photos? So what are they going to do when anybody takes pics from the outside? Because, I don't konw if they're conscious, but they're going to build a 75-meter-high coaster and it won't be necessary to stay in the park to have photos.

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It's a form of discrimination, that's what it is.


PortAventura does prohibit people from taking personal items on rides, but the last time I checked, your eyes don't count as a "personal item".


Immoral/illegal practices aside, more pictures of dirt aren't going to make me any more excited about a roller coaster I will probably only ride once in my entire life. It's only a matter of time before the coaster is visible from everywhere else in the park though.

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Wow, now we find out all those engineering degrees obtained in high school come with law degrees, also.


Last time I checked discrimination covers age, race, sex, nationality, disability or religion. I don't see anything about not belonging to a coaster club. But I 'll check again.


When you enter an amusement park you follow the park's rules, whether you agree with them or not.


Now with that out of the way, that is pretty lame that they are discouraging photos from guests.

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According to Jivo from Bloggercoaster.com the lift hill is about to go up. Some supports have been placed after the station and they were lifting pieces of track for the turn leading to the lift hill.






A bunch of high-quality photos can be found here:



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