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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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I always follow these forums so I think it's about time I finally post something. I work literally right next to Six Flags and was extremely excited to see Texas Skyscreamer finally go vertical. I will try to post progress pics as much as possible.


Texas Skyscreamer going vertical

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Nice this ride is going to tower over the park. Glad to see them finally going vertical. How long did it take Grona Lund to completel their vertical construction once started? Also, I see the lattice work inside of the red white and blue beams is going to be gold-ish color.

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Standing in line to ride Titan at Six Flags and the guy in front of my group is talking to the guy in front of him about Titan. They were both talking about how great Titan is and that's it's the tallest coaster in Texas, which is accurate. The guy in front of me then proceeds to tell the guy in front of him that Titan is 800 feet tall. Lmao. I started laughing. However he didn't. He then stated again it's about 800 feet tall to another person in line. I then knew he was not kidding but that he actually thinks Titan is 800 feet tall!!! Lol

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I had a typo in my last message. It should have said I then knew he was not kidding, instead of was. I fixed it though. The GP can be "special" sometimes lol I was also standing in line for judge Roy recently when a couple in front of me were making plans to ride Flashback next. I wanted to tell them it's been gone since last summer but I was like, naw they can figure it out! lol

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Today I bring you a fun little report from SFOT shot over the past few weeks where the main focus will be the non-erect Scy Skreamer and the Takis Express.


What's the Takis Express you ask? Well the park seems to have re-branded the Texas Giant. It started last year, but they've gone full tilt this year stopping just short of wraps on the trains. (Crap. I might have just gave them an idea)


Anyway, time to saddle up and head out into the park!


I arrived late last Saturday and being as it was still a tad busy, roamed around the park and found a shot that is rarely seen on the interwebz. I rather like it.


Seems like a quality production.


Over at ShockWave, the moon is out


Just can't seem to get enough.


Even HawkPanoSpin is looking good today. Note: Have not been on this in over a year.


So about two weeks ago this was what was going on over at Scy Skreamer. You can see they had part of a section on the ground attaching the inner supports.


Old Glory shining through the sections.


New ADA compliant pathways lead to the queue house.


And concrete curing going on over here.


As the crowds started to thin out, I went over to pray and found something interesting...


Not one, but TWO strollers on the loading platform...WTF?


This lady even had the goods to pass the stroller OVER the train to the unload side where she then had to WALK the stroller DOWN THE STAIRS! OMFG!


Even Anton was in disbelief!


But as night fell, the Bat signal went up


As did the flags on the new funnel cake building. The signage looks a lot better than the banners up opening weekend.


And in honor of TPR being in Mexico, I decided to join them.


But quickly ran back across the boarder to find this RMC work of art.


Quite the beauty eh? I think so.


Fast forward a week and I'm back! Well, fast forward to yesterday in fact!


Remember how I pointed out in the opening weekend report that the arcade was open yet you wouldn't know it because a bunch of crap was in the way? Well, the next weekend they moved most of it so you can now see the arcade. Proof parks read this site.


Incidentally, today is brought to you by Takis.


Over at Scy Skreamer, more columns have been erected, but it would appear they still have several more to go.


Wood is a very useful material.


The spiny part is put together towards the back.


I'm only guessing they are putting some sort of gift shop in behind the glass.


And there is the slab, still there, electrical work going on, but that's about it.


So, lets head over to the Takis Express, shall we?


This is just the pre-show


Random NTAG height check stick(still there from ride opening...a few years ago)


Hello Takis Express!


Three years later you still have to purchase a Plat Q-Bot to get on the Takis Express


So let's go for a ride, shall we?


Down the queue we go. Takis Takis, everywhere there's Takis








You poor poor ride.




Takis Express, come out come out where ever you are


There you are!


Yes, even the station is decorated. Seriously. They must have been give one giant bucket full of cash.


So after riding this modern marvel...we go down the exit ramp...


Next thing they will paint the station in Takis colors.


Whoever printed these signs made a fortune.




There is overkill and then there is overkill. This is complete and total overkill. Worse than wrapping trains if that's even possible.


Perhaps all that money they are pulling in from Takis is paying for Scy Skreamer.


So not only do rows two and three on Titan now have the zipper compartments for your crap (Huge Kudos to the park on the zipper pouches, dispatch times are much faster now) but the new Kodak hut/gift shop is pretty much at a standstill.


Anything look familiar?


This is what most Six Flags employees think!


Finally I leave you all with this. Newly sprouted this year all over the park and at many rides and attractions. They are super serious about this and are even pulling a Cedar Fair stop the train on the lift, and if you are caught, you get to have a nice meeting with security and park management. Not sure what other Six Flags parks are doing, but chest mounted go-pros and glasses with cameras are also forbidden.




Next time I will bring you low riders, tacos, and hot Mexican girls!

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I wonder if you get more than one ride a day on Taco Giant with the platinum flash bot this year, they are so stingy with that?


I hope the same doesn't happen with iRAT in SAT for Flashbots.

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It's overdone like that because that's the way the Corporate Sponsor wants it and level of advertisement they paid to get. If having that extra money meant the different between the park bringing more profit for new expansion and infrastructure improvements or not, then as tacky as it is, I'm kind of for it.

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So this is kind of unrelated, but I got to go to the park yesterday and I hadn't been in 5 years. I went because there was a student council conference in Arlington and the park was closed for about 4000-5000 of us. Wait times max 15 minutes and two train operation. It was really cool walking around at a non-crowded park. So anyways, Texas Giant was AMAZING. I knew it would be good, but not this good. It was crazy smooth and full of ejector air. My friend blacked out on Titan, and overall it was really fun.

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