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  1. I wish I could understand what you were trying to say.... But I've got nothing. The Riddler ride has been down for at least a week. As for The Joker it broke down yesterday, crew was working on it yesterday, and I was passing by today they were still working. HQ= Harley Quinn
  2. Seems there was a bad fight over here in Gotham! HQ is up to her shenanigans she may've used that mallet on the Riddler. He's out cold! The Joker is injured, paramedics are working on him. SMH
  3. Harley Quinn ... check! We were able to ride both sides. For some reason, it seemed while riding forward it got real slow (thinking mechanical) and kind of boring. On the other side it was a much better INTENSE ride. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 5.
  4. Around it's currently down ... but they're testing it. Looks like the axis with the seats wasn't spinning.
  5. Cool! Who's going today for the season pass preview? I'm going this evening, it looks pretty fun!
  6. Awesome report!! I haven't been to Fiesta Texas since the awesome Superman opened. I plan on making it down there sometimes this year ... by myself if I have to! I saw you mentioned Wonder Woman is delayed, till when?
  7. I'm liking the lights on the Batman trains! They look awesome at night!
  8. Like this lol ... sure it did, since the "crane" with the man in the basket didn't work initially.
  9. How did they end up getting the train over the Raven drop, since the crane didn't work?
  10. The Joker is awesome! I was not expecting the intensity! I agree the green side was more intense (more flipping). My bud and I didn't want to get off! Five times was our total. #seasonpassesrock!
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