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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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Seems to be a common theme. Glad I didn't go today. Perhaps tomorrow they will have it un-f---ed.

Is the Oil Derek open? Slight breeze in Plano which makes me think it's not(I have a project that involved the tower being open to complete...)






Nah, it's Six Flags.

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1117886913_newfreeze2.thumb.jpg.7e177f0e0963dec972beaa439d53eb71.jpgThis is a pic of Mr. Freeze with a tarp thrown over the train. Why you ask? well the train valley-ed earlier today! No one was on the ride as it was in test mode but how did they manage to do this again? First Giant, now Freeze. We left around 6 and the ride was still closed, however workers were seen on a lift working on the magnets on the spike of the ride.
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Ok guys this is my first ever trip report and I hope you all enjoy the info I will relay for you. I'll have updates on the new Texas Skyscreamer, Festival Latino weekend, and new things throughout the park. Hope you enjoy!





971536434_TR1.thumb.jpg.80c1b92d3bc87f3af9a1a9f0ec7826ad.jpgMan I just love how this picture turned out. It was an amazing day at the park Saturday, April 13th, 2013. The weather was perfect. Upper 70's with a little wind. The turnout was pretty busy as I thought.


1375212330_TR2.thumb.jpg.88c40f0972b2d7e241e2636555eed071.jpgAs I said, the crowds were pretty big. Why not, it was a perfect day!


1900182447_TP3.thumb.jpg.12dd72b5822fac54b03952fbd0b4f13d.jpgOpen the gates already!


2025225416_TR4.thumb.jpg.063e156f2d645d37a99af3e0d6189e01.jpgThis weekend at the park was the 7th annual Festival Latino Weekend. The park was themed with festive cars, shows, food, and shops.


272433091_TR5.thumb.jpg.fcdb9a6ad2cf63aaa52676399942bbe2.jpgFirst stop Looney Tunes USA. No I don't ride the kid rides nor do I think I would be able to due to my age/height, but I do love walking around the park and taking it all in.


1722555558_TR6.thumb.jpg.24538c5c67867b5a88eee87372d2afa9.jpgAfter Looney Tunes was Aquaman Splashdown. Yes the temps outside were warm but I'm not sure if I'm ready to get soaked just yet.


1579546915_TR7.thumb.jpg.7d181f4bccd1ab228f26f214c85232ae.jpgOne of the many festive booths set up throughout the park.


280511667_TR8.thumb.jpg.5053b2a1d761fa2e8f9a541913b2fbdf.jpgOn to Gotham City. Remember the old market sign? its was fading badly. Well this one is brand new and looks great!


155222413_TR9.thumb.jpg.9e32ca17d030fb140e289658685c6a83.jpgHere is something new! I've noticed guests complaints on the SFOT facebook page about line jumping. Well It looks as if the park is taking care of these problems as you can see in this pic of the security guard in the Batman line. Great job Six Flags!


1034058747_TR10.thumb.jpg.c9d1dc7da1b2329998eea3e4379bf721.jpgYes it is cloned, but it deliverers! And there is something special about SFOT Batman ride. It roars like none other! Love it!


300695899_TR11.thumb.jpg.16abe64e82d8a65fbf225fa990ef1fe2.jpgIf you saw my earlier post Mr. Freeze did valley during its test run. Oh well.


105134382_TR12.thumb.jpg.b9238f3a74f481d141cdd16bd7854514.jpgNow to Skyscreamer! Yes sir construction is moving along! Skyscreamer we cant wait for you to step up and reign over the park!


94586238_TR13.thumb.jpg.6a2aa5b41b029f92ff9947d144294e39.jpgIf you look in the distance you will notice the top Of the Texas Skyscreamer ride that will say Six Flags and the giant star next to it! I cant wait for this ride. I don't know about everyone else but this ride is looking very cool


1301940822_TR14.thumb.jpg.60c77e59b349182cc8547cf31fb1bde9.jpgNow to a coaster that doesn't get much credit. I think its a great family coaster addition to the park. Yes its bumpy, but what did you expect? lol


1033535104_TR15.thumb.jpg.caa3ce553220380fc194f74766d6e799.jpgDon't you just love this pic?


1311249942_TR16.thumb.jpg.4fcc3d3dfb30e5791faef7718e2bd8b3.jpgOn to the tower!


1598364616_TR17.thumb.jpg.0a924e716b46babd3bf039e45f63e5ca.jpgThis pic came out great! 2 of the baddest coasters in the park!


1943550745_tr18.thumb.jpg.c102639ddc906c66562ffc27f315a705.jpgHey check out this cool photo of the Roaring Rapids water ride filling up with water! took less then 5 min!


1986807407_tr19.thumb.jpg.0904fe93521dcd8a3a5372b33f811c1a.jpgWho doesn't love Shockwave?


1334326432_tr20.thumb.jpg.963eccbcc7f68cb31249431e291ac488.jpgOne more pic of New Texas Giant. Man I love this coaster! Honestly, its the best coaster I've ever ridden. It also ranks among the top 5 steel coasters on earth by Amusement Today!


918483598_tr21.thumb.jpg.7d2c07e2bd7dfb3d3b5d7c0f862b88ed.jpgI lied....one more! lol


168967477_tr22.thumb.jpg.fde4c5133c7576101196716d88f31d5a.jpgThe Texas Arena received a new paint job recently. It's now orange. Much better then the faded sky that was peeling badly.


tr23.thumb.jpg.34d376e2bbd48ea5b788aa82032b7482.jpgWhats missing? The Runaway Mountains entrance sign. Wonder what the park is planning? wait and see I guess.


6281145_tr24.thumb.jpg.f71b6ff2c00bab057d04e7bc4a045ac6.jpgFestive music and dancing filled the streets of SFOT! Was nice to see.


41544828_tr25.thumb.jpg.16110397ae76c0133326730cb954e7b8.jpgThis was by far the coolest thing I had seen all day! this dude spray painted an awesome pic in less then 5 min!


535398899_tr26.thumb.jpg.2782577fe597c8c073fcf17a5b58281b.jpgOk lets take a break and get some ice cream. Guess how much? nearly $12 bucks for 2 cups. But that's expected. lol


485254629_tr27.thumb.jpg.12ab63d50ddc25a26cbf3c4bcffd1a8e.jpgWe decided to take a break and catch a show. This one was called "Miss Ruby's Wild West Cabaret" This was a fun, entertaining, and questionable show. To find out what I mean by that be sure to check out the show on your next visit.


1746538515_tr28.thumb.jpg.c1c4e59e21e8d2b897031579cb9de4a3.jpgAs we were getting ready to call it a day we decided to stop by the Spain area. When is La Vibora not busy? I mean c'mon! "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"


tr29.thumb.jpg.dc2a53521bbaec546dd39b94c383694d.jpgYes I love this pond. And this ride.


tr30.thumb.jpg.cc128cd97e88b388851660d247a281a5.jpgDoes anybody want some Takis?


2055434893_tr31.thumb.jpg.809d67a3e9e7ed1f4d06de741309920b.jpgI just love this ride. Did anyone know that El Aserradero was the worlds first log flume ever built way back in 1963?


1747829599_tr32.thumb.jpg.e1aa64ff80d252d16c546226788651ed.jpgAnd I will leave you with this guys. I understand that when New Texas Giant opened it took all the hype away. But don't forget that Titan is nearly 100 feet taller, faster and ranks among the top 10 biggest coasters DROPS on earth! Who wouldn't love this ride! Thanks for reading my trip report guys!


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I'm not sure if that's what they do every day. I know that the ride always opens at 12 and not 10 or 10:30 with the park. Everytime that I've been in the tower before noon there hasent been water in the ride. So I'm guessing they drain it daily. And I'm ok with that, I would like fresh water instead of nasty water from last week! Lol

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Well much to my surprise maintenance has unf--ked Mr. Freeze, good thing premier built in the winch at the top of the spike.


FYI, when the pumps on Roaring Rapids are cut the water naturally drains into a holding pond. They don't put fresh water in everyday. It's how all of them are built.

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Glad Freeze is up. As for Roaring Rapdis I had no idea that it went into a holding pond. I wonder if anyone has ever thrown up in the water? Think of that next time you get splashed on Roaring Rapids! Lol


Would probably just get mixed in with the duck/bird poop and any other gross stuff that's in ponds normally. Yum!

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