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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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Either way, the wait is over, April 22 is the big day. Super excited here, cause I was already planning on being at the park that day.



In the flaspass topic, I got one when I was there on the 5th, and it had 2 major perks for me.


1) I spent the entire day there, and spent maybe, -maybe- 2 hours in line total all day. And most of that was for rides while waiting on the flashpass to "mature" on another ride.


2) When the park first opened, pretty much all the big rides were still in testing, and unavailable to reserve via flashpasss, so the ride op for Titan let flashpass holders jump ship from the regular line to the flashpass line, and go 1st, scoring me the opportunity to be on the 1st (publicly accessible anyway) Titan train of the season. Geeky, I know, but I was excited by it, haha

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Man, I'm going to miss it by one week! I get back to Texas on April 30th.


Ohwell, that's still pretty good. Can't wait to hear from yall when it opens! Only 44 more days to go

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I got invited to the commercial shoot! I'm so excited! Can't wait until Thursday morning


I'm uber jealous! But happy for you none the less. Okay, so if they let you, take a camera of course and get us some pictures! Or even better some off ride video of the bad boy in action. I'd check with them to make sure it's okay first though, just so you don't ruffle any feathers. Hopefully you get to ride (I'm assuming that's the case!) and we'll be waiting for a full report even if you don't get any pictures.


Congratulations, have fun, and we can't wait to hear back about your experience!



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question? has any one gone to see if they have relocated the Chaparral cars station for the giants que line? And if so do you have any photos?


Yes, the new station is now located where the Coke Mister thing was between the Oil Derrick and Yosemite Sams. They rerouted the track to go around the old station so it can be used for Giant's queue. Pics coming!

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Ok here is a mini PTR from opening weekend!


I didn't happen to get any pictures, but they also have special Gold 50th Anniversary Sports bottles that are $40 and include free refills all season long!


There is 50th Anniversary stuff everywhere!


A bunch of important people put on a cool celebration before park opening.


They then launched a bunch of balloons which supposedly had tickets for the park inside of them!


No lockers = DSLR can be taken into Mr. Freeze's station!


Who doesn't love hot Mr. Freeze action?


New Texas Giant sign looks GREAT!


Seeing this in person for the first time was just amazing. Pictures don't do it justice!


There is now a third tunnel added to the finale of the ride!


In other news, Shockwave is still down for rehab as you can probably see here


More decorations!


Titan was running GREAT as always.


Here you can see the whole site including the 3rd tunnel at the bottom. They seemed to be working on the 3rd overbank this day.


Can't get enough of that first drop!


All 3 sexy Giant trains sitting on the track. I wonder which one I will get to ride on Thursday :p


I also tried to win a Domo! I lost this game, but I won one later on! Woohoo! Domo Sr. now has a buddy Domo Jr.


New Chaps location!


I wonder if they will move back to the old location once the newness of Giant wears off?


Reroute from the old station, new Giant queue


I started the weekend at SFOT with Freeze and that's how it ended also. Can't wait to go back in 2 days!

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I was going to apply, but I can't make it that day. I was wondering if they'd let us ride though. When I was at the park opening day, they were still missing some of the catwalks it appeared. Would they run the ride before it can be thoroughly inspected? I hope they do, but I'm not sure. Why else would they wait a month and a half to open the ride?


If they do, definitely take pictures and videos if they allow you to

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I truly cannot get over how insanely AWESOME the New Texas Giant looks!! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that it rides as great as it looks, because it'd be nice for parks to have an option to breathe life into an otherwise badly aging woodie (Mean Streak, anyone?).


The first drop looks simply sick. And those overbanks and wildly twisted hills look equally amazing.


Looking forward to hearing reports from those lucky enough to ride it!

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