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Most Disliked Celebs

Mind Eraser

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^I have no idea who she is but one of my favorite artists has been touring with her and I have no idea why.


My top celebs that I hate the most:


Britney Spears- "I don't understand why people think I'm a slut"

Terrell Owens- Complains his 8 digit salary isn't enough to put food on the table

Fall Out Boy- The fact that these guys have made it as big as they have signals the end of the possibility that their will ever be talented musicians on the radio ever again. Easily the worst live band I've ever seen in my life.

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^ You like Nicole Kidman? You're relegated to the back of the bus. :shock:


I hate Renee Zellwegger too, I'd forgotten about her! Except as Bridget Jones, I just loved that character in the books and it somehow works as Renee in the films.

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Well, since Britney and Paris have been covered, let me add a few:


Lindsay Lohan (I honestly can't believe no one has posted this yet)

Jennifer Lopez-I hate diva types

Ben Affleck (he's been photographed smoking around his pregnant wife)


and my #1...


Sean Penn. Moron does not even begin to describe him.

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I absolutely loath:


Paris Hilton - Certified Media Whore


Thank God someone else hates this bitch as much as I do. I think she is an ugly skank whose fame originates from nothing. Not to say that she's the only one, but I mean, come on...South Park designated an entires episode to how ridiculous she is.

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Tom Cruise- Who really gives a crap about Scientology? Yeah, aliens live in my stomach and psycology/counseling is the devil.


Kevin Federline- Slacker, white-trash, bastard that does nothing but make bad music.


Paris Hilton- South Park summed her up, "Stupid Whore".

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