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what meal did last eat and what was it


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This would make for an interesting personal blog. Just enter everything that you eat every day.


It could go like.


Friday - 3.4.05


7:00am - 16oz coffee

9:00am - Twix Cereal Bar

9:30am - 8oz Decaffinated Coffee

12:00pm - Fish Sandwich, Cole Slaw, 12oz Coke

4:00pm - 11oz Tangerines


and so on. I would be even funnier if you took a picture of each item.

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2 Slices of Sesame Crust Pizza from Pietro's

1 Clark Bar

5 Glasses of Diet Mug Cream Soda

Some chips

Some pretzles

A piece of a cookie

1 cup of Fat Free, Low Calorie, Lo Carb, Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream


I'm on weight watchers.... and i didn't eat anything else before that. I now weigh 159.0 down from 186.0 when I started on Jan. 7. I am special now...


P.S. After eating, I played DDRMAX2 in my basement for 1hr 30min... and I got a A on Light Mode with Hysteria... that song is fast so give me some credit... lol


- Russ

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