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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

p. 624 - New Epic Universe details, including Isle of Berk!

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Since the loop is a non inverting loop, the track will have to spin counter-clockwise in order for the rails to be on top of the loop. In a regular loop, the heartline just follows the track built, but in this case the riders will have to be spun CCW which would eliminate the straight line used in a normal loop. Naturally, the riders heart is going to be ~2-3 feet off the track so when the track does its spin, the heart will now be 2-3 feet off of the straight heartline. Does that make any sense what so ever?

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I know we've talked about the weird supports on this thing before, but the loop supports take the cake. On the upper right side of those first couple of shots, you can see where they have two bars going into the same area, with suspension cables coming in from 90 degrees.


Designing this ride must have been a nightmare.

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At first, this ride was kind of eh to me. It is really taking shape. I especially love the fly through and all the (to me) unique elements and sexy curves. Now, there was some art of the full (concept?) coaster. Did I see that in this thread? I thought I did, but maybe not. I have been looking for it for a few days now (I got rid of my copy as again, I thought it was eh.. ) Can someone point me in the right direction?

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