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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

p. 624 - New Epic Universe details, including Isle of Berk!

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Wow! I guess I really hadn't been keeping up on this thread-- the ride looks awesome .


I'm trying to hold back being totally enamored with it because I've never been on anything substantial by Maurer Söhne....just Spinning Mice (which weren't particularly good, IMO). But, admittedly, it's getting more difficult not to be totally geeked about this ride!

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I'm kinda sad about the lift hill with only a giant poster...the LED screen would be SOO much better, but in fact, would it be really profit-making ?

There's also the non-inverted loop which, for me, look deformed... It not really circled but mostly oval... I also think it's not as heartlined as i thougt, but still, i think it will be the best feature of the ride...

The drop after the MCBR looks steeper than the first drop...

And one last thing: Am i the only one to think the ride is over-supported??



Jpdupuis ^^

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Adding to CoasterEricHP and his requests for the retheme.



Last time I was at the park, there were multiple service vehicles in and around the under track area for DD. It looked horrible and really detracted from the immersion.


On that last note, retheme the ground area to have something to do with the ride. There is a vehicle entry point back there with a gravel road which doesn't look very good. Put some dragon eggs and craggy rocks around the grounds, like the movies. It could really use a HP theme to remind guests what the coasters have to do with HP while on the ride.


This last one is probably the most unreasonable, but the simulated forest backdrop really needs some work. It was terribly faded. That would be very expensive to fix and difficult to place something less fade prone in its place.

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^Maurer Söhne definitely has some "support issues" but is really only very noticable around the first and second MCBR's. This is partly due to both of these brake runs running directly on top of one another, but none the less there are a lot of supports. In response to the second drop being steeper than the first its hard to tell since the first drop has not been built yet. I'm also gonna hold off from criticizing a loop that also has not yet been built.


We also have to realize for those of us who haven't been lucky enough to travel the world in search of the best rollercoaster's me being one of them, that this is really a new ride for the US. Things are going to be a little different especially in a B&M dominated state. If you have been in person you will notice that Maurer's supports are no where near the size of B&M's giant redwood supports. I am being very optimistic since I have never been on an X-car installation but on the other hand I just have a feeling this coaster is gonna rock This is a huge oppurtunity for Maurer and they know it! If this coaster makes a huge splash it means major new buisness in a place with the highest demand for coasters, the United States.

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More pics from today Monday February 23, 2009


I'm ready to ride!


Still a cool view!


From a distance



Close up of one of the spiars


The station


See the little guy at the top of the tower?


The view from the stage



The grass looks real....but it's astro turf.


The stage is set and you can walk right up to it!

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i have to say that this coaster was only slightly above “at least it's a credit…” in my book, right up until i saw this:



now it's “look, i know it's not finished yet, and the train will fly off the tracks, and i'll probably die, but, uh, can i ride it now anyways? please?!?!” that is pretty much as sexy as a coaster could ever possibly get to me, without being made out of wood… i can almost feel my ribs cracking already — and i like it!

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I think its kind of funny that the most visually striking part of this coaster will be the last thing to go up. Definitely has kept me on the edge of my seat for this coaster.


It's looking great. I'm quite surprised by how massive this station building is, though!

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It's looking great. I'm quite surprised by how massive this station building is, though!



That's exactly what I was thinking, that station is HUGE. It never really looked too large until the lift structure was completed and you had something to reference the height by. It makes the lift tower look short

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My goodness are the expecting a hurricane and an earthquake to hit this thing at the same time. All the steel used on this coaster is crazy, that lift tower looks like it could be S:TE. The station is crazy too are they putting a bar/night club and a dance floor inside of it too, it's big enough and that track is already doing alot of sexy dancing. I just know I can't wait to get my groove on with that sexy B

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