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  1. If thats the case then the yellow is not for Carowinds, KD or CP. They all have inverts already. CP has 2.
  2. My guess would be the yellow is for CP & the red is for Carowinds.
  3. This is getting good. Bring that red track to Carowinds please
  4. You have to see in person just how large of an area is marked off for whatever 2010 brings
  5. I have passes for Six Flags, Universal & Busch Gardens. I work for CF so thats basically a free pass and have tons of friends at Disney so thats always free as well.
  6. WOW!!! Such amazing pictures! Awesome photo TR and thanks. TR was running opening weekend but only one side.
  7. It's amazing what a new train can do to a ride built in 1996. It feels like a brand new coaster.I too find it amazing the the GP is really talking about this coaster but to them it is new not a coaster built in 1996. Just wait till next year. Then the GP and enthusiast will really start talking.
  8. I think once other parks see the sucess with this one we might start to see more coming. Just depends if the parks want to pay for the new train. I could be wrong but i thought i overheard the new Cobra train was $1 Million at media day.
  9. Well maybe the best boomerang i have ridden. The one with just a lap bar looks awesome. I wish Carowinds would have purchased that train.
  10. Thanks. I was shocked at how smooth this ride was. It really rode like a brand new steel coaster. Major kudos to Vekoma. The seats are so comfy you feel so relaxed and have tons of room. No headbanging at all. It's impossible to bang you head and the only little bump you feel is heading into the cobra roll fowards. The rest of the ride is as smooth as glass. Carolina Cobra is by far the best Boomerang out now. Hopefully other parks decide to purchase the new train so everyone can feel how amazing Boomerangs can be. A BIG thanks to Dani, Bart and everyone else who put this amazing media event together. Also a huge thanks to Vekoma for putting together an amazing train. Now lets start planning that 2010 coaster media event.
  11. Cobra looked amazing at night! Wilson from Fox News Rising Cobra all lit up Media! I like this shot! Cobra Roll. The lifts. Loop action! Hmmm. Where is everyone? The tent was almost as big as the coaster. New coaster. New palm trees. New banners! lol. Pretty palm trees! Cobra in Ice! I tried to take this home but it was just a little too heavy I'm hungry. New Cobra train I like this picture. Cobra sign again. Awwww.... Such a pretty bow! Nicktoons shaking their booty More booty shaking Welcome! They even rolled out the red carpet for me!!! Nice band.
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