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What was your first coaster with a inversion?

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I honestly do not remember mine, but I wanted to announce my 4-year old son just did his at Busch Gardens Tampa just yesterday (10/10...Columbus Day) on the Scorpion. He just reached the 42" mark and the boy braved it! He's the shiznit! I'm sure he has me beat because I do believe I was a double-digit age when I did my 1st inversion coaster.

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Lightning Loops at SFGADV in 1978 followed by King Cobra at PKD; two completely different experiences and both awesome. Nothing like the shaking platform and gut wrenching drop on LL and the smooth acceleration of KK; both were great rides for their day. (would still be great today if they existed)

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Mine was Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's back around 1978. I remember there were not a lot of looping coasters at the time so it was a pretty big deal to go upside down. When I was waiting to board the ride, a lady passed out on the train after her ride. We had to wait for medical people to give her smelling salts and help her off. Didn't ride another looping coaster until Shockwave at SFOT in 1999. So does anyone have a larger span of time between looping coasters?


Bob "became an enthusiast in 2003" Hoffman

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Revolution, SFMM, back when it was smoother.


I really wish they would fix that ride up a bit--it really is an ideal, first inversion/overcome fear of inverting, coaster. The first half is windy through the trees and hillside. It gets your mind off of the loop. They, you hit some brakes, and there is a long runway to the loop that looms ahead. You know its coming, and you just wait.


After the loop, the rest of the course is like a victory run. You knew you had lost your upsidedown virginity, and you cant wait to ride again.

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