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Photo TR: Marcel's CEDARFANTASTIC summer and MORE!


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Hey TPR members!


Welcome to my CRAZY cedarfantastic adventure in the United States! My name is Marcel the shell (that’s what everybody is calling me over here right now) and I hope you are ready to be part of my thrilling summer adventures at Cedar Point and America in general. For those of you who don’t know me: I’m originally from Germany and I took one semester off to work as a ride operator at the second best amusement park in the entire world: CEDAT POINT! I’m stationed at Magnum XL 200, which is a super fun ride to work at. It is really fast paced (more info about working there later). Some of you might wonder why a German dude travels all around the world to work at an amusement park and the answer is: I’m a CRAZY coaster enthusiast who loves to experience new adventures. Last year, I did the Texas/Midwest trip and during my visit to Cedar Point I felt like that this is the place where I belong. Furthermore, I wanted to develop my personal skills and gain an international experience. It’s never wrong to look at the work ethic of another country and improving one’s language skills. A friend of mine was working Gatekeeper and convinced me to apply for a summer job at CP the place to be. When I came home from this amazing TPR trip, I started searching for job opportunities at Cedar Point and I thought that I could never make it with all the documents that needed to be filled out (visa, work permission etc.), but my friend Danny supported me and helped me wherever he could because – as I said – he was working there. It took me from October to April to arrange everything and plan my travels. And as you will see in the pictures: I’m really here in the United States living my own American Dream: Working at an American amusement park and feeling how I have NEVER felt before: HAPPY, BLESSED, FREE and CEDARFANTASTIC. My message to all the people out there: Never give up. If you have a goal, you can make it! You just have to follow your dreams!



This thread is all about my summer here at Cedar Point where the thrills connect and my travels throughout the United States afterwards. I arrived in late June and I will stay in America until the end of November. Many trips to post about!


Before I came to Cedar Point, I visited an amazing friend in Chicago. Thank you Cameron for showing me your favorite city on earth, taking me to Six Flags Great America to ride the incredible Goliath and taking care of me during my first days in America! Chicago is so beautiful that I don’t know how to put its beauty into words. It’s just amazing! So impressive and American at the same time! Now, I understand why you never want to leave this city


During my visit to Chicago, we did an amazing architectural boat tour that featured all the stunning buildings in Chicago. Definitely worth doing it, especially when you’re tired from walking around the city!


Are you guys ready to follow me along my CRAZY adventure? You better be, because you’re clear and outta here! Enjoy your ride through America!


Note: I try to update this thread as much as possible and do it as accurate as possible. It might take some time, because I’m still working here at Cedar Point and arranging my trips. Thanks for your understanding.


Me and the BEST Chicagoan tour guide ever!


My sister made a CP cake for my going away party.


Retweeted by Cedar Point :)


My best friend Sarah wrote a poem, which...


is so nice. Thank you!


I'm ready to go!


Airport photo!


Blogger photo before boarding the plane!


We're flying high!


I made it to America! First stop was Detroit, before...


Flying offers spectacular photo opportunities


Thank you for these amazing Front of the Line tickets Cameron!


Shopping Cedar Point approved shoes...


Dinner at...


...Firkin! So delicious!


Selfie time!


Cool beans in front of the...


Looking forward to Cedar Point!


Disney rules the world!


From Chicago to the...


...airport. Flying out with Southwest!


Happy traveler!


YAS! Six Flags!


That's how my work shoes looked like when they were new!


Fresh pressed orange juice to start the day: Cheers!


Thumbs up!


Breakfast at ''Over Easy''


On our way from Evanston to Chicago!


...flying to Chicago! From the airport right to...


Look what I have!


Streets the ride!




I think I'm somewhere in Chicago, ILLINOIS!


Hello Chicago!


Street view


I'm a poor student, so a photo in front of that fancy building is all I can afford


I made it to Chicago!


Chicago, you are awesome!


Marcel the shell and the skyline of Chicago!


Touristic photo!


Look at that skyline!


Postcard? Who wants to buy one?


Somewhere in Chicago


Doing the fancy architectural boat tour


Hello, what's up?



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Great TR so far! Are you working during Halloweekends? If so, I'll say hi to you. Cedar Point is such an amazing place, and I hope you enjoyed the U.S. during the summer!


Yes I will Come and say hello!


Thank you guys! I can't wait to continue my report! It's so much fun. But first, let me go back to work!

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I think that I also recall you seeing you at Magnum when we were there last month...I'll be sure to look for you & say Hi if we decide to go out next Friday night.


To be honest, I would LOVE to go to Germany for a year to work, enjoy the great culture, food & people...and of course, ride their awesome coasters and drink their great beer!


Certainly looks like you are having a lot of fun in the US...enjoy your time!

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Welcome back riders, how was your ride? Awesome! Keep on sitting, because my cultural roller coaster ride through the United States is just about to start. After my amazing trip to Chicago and Six Flags Great America, I took a plane to Cleveland where my crazy work experience at Cedar Point should finally start. I arrived in Cleveland on June 28 around 11am in the morning. Since I didn’t have a car, I had to take a $100 cab to Sandusky, the middle of nowhere! I got to see the area where I should live for the next couple of months, which consisted of literally nothing However, driving down the causeway to the park was one of the best moments ever. I have waited for such a long time to call this park my home and now there was the time when I arrived there. I was SO excited. I literally can’t even describe that feeling. Thinking about it makes me so happy. I was just looking out of the window and being impressed. Cedar Point’s skyline is one of the best coaster skylines I have ever seen in my entire coaster life! When the cab parked in front of Human Resources, I was still completely flashed and couldn’t realize that I had finally arrived at CEDAR POINT – AMERICA’S ROCKIN’ ROLLER COAST.


Before starting working, I had to process in at Human Resources, which took quite a time. I couldn’t process in until my first workday, which was July 1. When I arrived at Cedar Point, the first thing I had to do was arranging my dorm room. It was a little bit confusing, because the building next to Cedar Point called Cedars was full. There was no room available so I had to take a room at Commons, which is down the road before taking the causeway to Cedar Point. It was quite stressful with my entire luggage, but I had big luck, because the manager of housing took me there by car. Thanks a lot for that! Just for your information, I have changed my room 3 times since I came here because of my roommates, which is quite common here. My current room is amazing. I live with one of friends, which makes it so much easier. Rooming with people you know is really good.


Since I had become a member of the Cedar Point Employee group on Facebook, I had already made friends before I have arrived at Cedar Point. That’s why I went to a party with all of them on my first night here. The first days here at Cedar Point were so crazy and stressful. I had to buy all the stuff for my room (pillows, blankets etc.) and since I couldn’t process in until my first work date, I had three days to visit the park and ride rides. It was so nice to ride all the coasters after one year of not seeing Cedar Point. It felt like a vacation and this feeling kinda went away after some weeks of working at this place. It is a good sign, because it means that I got used to the daily life here and I can now call this place my home. It doesn’t feel like a vacation place anymore, it’s more like my home as I said.


The following photos show my first days here at Cedar Point. Scroll through them and feel how I felt: EXCITED!


Tell everybody I'm on my way


I made it to Cleveland!


Somewhere in Ohio!


Welcome to CEDAR POINT!


Best skyline ever!


The nicest bus I've ever seen!


Doing Walmart shopping!


What about some maXair?


Hey guys, what's up?


Look! That's Lake Erie!


Relaxing on the beach!


Iced Coffee before working!


Processing in at Human Resources!


The best ID I've ever had so far!


Marcel the shell from Germany!


All clear!


My first American Bank card!


Employee Ride night on my favorite coaster!


Bugs in my face after Top Thrill Dragster!


Doing a Magnum lift walk!



Happy Marcel!




205 feet in the air!


Gatekeeper selfie!


I'm addicted to the...




CP life!


Marcel is ready to work!


CP breakfast!


CP lunch!


Still happy after a long day at Cedar Point!

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Great, unique trip report - love the enthusiast's point of view from the inside! How was the experience walking up that lift hill the first time - no matter how many times I've been up it I think it would be quiet a different experience not sitting, secured in my seat! I got a quick ride in this past Sunday morning and your crew had a great, fun vibe! One of the girls working the height stick was freaking out because there was a spider on/in it - it was quite amusing!


I did wonder though - what happens Monday - Thursday when the park's closed? Do you take online classes or go to local college classes or just hang out since it is your summer vacation...


Oh, and is Magnum really sinking?!?!

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Great, unique trip report - love the enthusiast's point of view from the inside! How was the experience walking up that lift hill the first time - no matter how many times I've been up it I think it would be quiet a different experience not sitting, secured in my seat! I got a quick ride in this past Sunday morning and your crew had a great, fun vibe! One of the girls working the height stick was freaking out because there was a spider on/in it - it was quite amusing!


That lift walk was incredible. I loved it. The view from up there is so stunning! Plus, I always enjoy test riding in the morning, because the parks looks amazing then. These spiders freak us out! People told me that spiders were terrible this year. They are EVERYWHERE. Especially at Magnum, where there are lots of shady places.


I did wonder though - what happens Monday - Thursday when the park's closed? Do you take online classes or go to local college classes or just hang out since it is your summer vacation...


Good question! I use these days to relax, meeting my friends, doing short trips, getting food. Most of the people go back to school here, that's why it is boring here sometimes. You can pick up hours at the park (cleaning rides, setting up stuff for Halloweekends etc.). Cedar Point also offers bus trips. This week I'm going to NYC for example.


Oh, and is Magnum really sinking?!?!


I've never heard of this rumor.

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Hello everybody! New week, new update of my CP adventure.


During my first weeks here at Cedar Point, I had to struggle with a sore knee. It hurt so much because of checking restraints. I had to bend down all the time and I was just not used to working physically that much. This experience made me appreciate the work of all the amusement park employees so much more. I think you only know how much work it is to run a theme park if you have worked at one. I could barely walk, but thanks to Bengay and Advil I could still be part of the show. After a while, my knee got used to that work and I haven't had any problems since that day.


I spent time at the park whenever I had time. There was no day where I didn't visit the park, whether it was for riding rides, working or just walking around and enjoying the atmosphere. I was so excited to look at all the rides and just seek the park's atmosphere.


This year, Cedar Point is handing out ''Best Day Experience Tickets'', which means that guests get tickets that they can give to employees who provided an excellent service and made their day unique. If you turn in these tickets with your name on it you can win a prize. One day I was spieling and checking restraints and when guests got off the ride they gave me one of these tickets. I was the happiest person alive because I couldn't believe that I gave a guest the best day experience. I mean, I'm an international and I thought it would be hard to get one of these. The reason why they gave me that ticket was my way of interacting with the guests through the microphone. Honestly said, I love spieling and entertaining guests before riding, because it is a wonderful way to animate people. If they decide to be joyful and play with you, it is one of the best things guests can give you back as a ride operator. I mean, I want them to have a great day and if I can make them happy by talking to them on the ride, I'm more than happy to do that. It also proofed that my English is not that bad as I thought it would be compared to all the Americans on my crew.


Buckle your seatbelt first, pull down on your lap bar second and enjoy your ride


Things you find at Cedar Point's restrooms.


Sore knee. That's not the only reason why I was sad...


...it was also raining.


The show must go on, even though it's raining.



My friend Amanda and me love to be happy, even though I had...


...a sore knee. I just love being happy.


Watching the country show at Cedar Point.


Hey Mantis, will you be here next year?


Funnel cake time!


Caught at Cedar Point


Millie nerd shot


Marcel at the petting zoo.


Cedar Point arranged a FREE BBQ for its employees


Welcome to Cedar Point


This meal tasted a little bit like a home cooked meal from Germany. Yummy!


My nickname here: MARCEL THE SHELL


Hidden photo spot on the beach: Gatekeeper!


Sun down!


My two favorites here at CP: Magnum and Top Thrill


Let's try Dairy Queen.


I love Top Thrill Dragster


Welcome to Magnum XL 200!


Mantis: stand up straight!


Happy CP employee


The nicest bus ever!


I got the Best Day Experience ticket


Living at Cedar Point means living on his own: doing laundry is part of living far from home


Great day to take photos of...


...Maverick and...


....Mean Streak and...




Gatekeeper in action


The blue matches with the sky!


See you guys at Cedar Point!

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This is a great story to follow.


Working for Cedar Point is not a luxury experience if you simply want to work a few hours, collect a paycheck, and call it a day. You are not living in the most desirable conditions by any means, and you are working an incredibly strenuous job whether it be running up and down a ride platform, concentrating diligently at controls, or being a bag hawk at the entrance (on TTD, MF, GK, and Magnum). However, what makes the job worth it is what you put into it and what you take away from it. If you make the effort to interact with your coworkers beyond just working, enjoy the resort you have free roam of, and be that person who guests remember interacting with, you will have an experience like Marcel is having.


I found myself working there in HalloWeekends of 2013 to build a broader operations management background, and I found myself back there in 2014 because I wanted one last chance to not only learn, but be around some really incredible people to work with.


If I get a cutback sometime this Fall, I'll have to stop by and say Hello!

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