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Ride that Makes You (a bit) Sick

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The Tilt Room at EnterTRAINment Junction.


The whole room is tilted at a 25 degree angle, very nauseating.


The child is actually standing upright.



Here is a photo that is used for promos, brochures, etc.




Photos from EnterTRAINment Junction's Facebook page.

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The only one I can ever remember was riding Voyage at Holiday World. We rode 3 times, with only 2 train wait between rides. I'm young and never gray on coasters, but that day.. I was actually looking where getting sick would cause the least amount of clean up.

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Flyers usually make me queasy, Nighthawk is the only one I've actually thrown up after riding, and I think it had more to do with the 100 degree weather than anything. Strangely, S:UF at SFGAM didn't make me queasy at all this summer, of course it was 70 degrees and no humidity, so maybe it's just flyer in heat.

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I don't get nauseous from much, but usually anything that spins: spinning mice, teacups, etc will do it. I avoid those mostly. Things like Skyscreamer, and Apollo @ Dorney I thought would make me sick but I was fine. Apollo is one of my favorite flat rides, in fact. Two notable "think I might hurl" moments of 2014:


- riding Green Lantern (GAdv) after chugging a bunch of beer in the parking lot


- riding Bizarro (GAdv) 3 times in a row without getting up @ Coasters After Dark last year after not eating anything all day.

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I can go on essentially anything,


I have NO CLUE how people can go on pirate ships, they have like 4 minute rides even at parks and they just swing around in a floaty manner, which makes me extremely sick. It would be fine for like 1.5 minutes but 4 minutes is too much.

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Basically any carnival/fair ride.


Anything that spins around in circles for the majority of the the ride. Things like Tilt-A-Hurls, Zippers, Frisbee rides, Ring-Of-Fire type rides, Himalaya/Thunderbolt style rides, Disko' rides...


Yeah, so basically anything that spins in circles for an extended period of time.

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