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  1. Great night videos (Steele Dragon 2000 really is beautiful). I love theme parks at night, something magical about them. And the coasters seem bigger, faster, and I feel more alone. Like, the ride is just for me and not a train full of people. As you said, as cameras become better in low-light I look forward to seeing more coaster videos like this. My wife and I waiting for the front of Millennium Force at night... we still laugh about it how awful it was. Awful because of all the gnats along the track. Hitting a cloud of gnats at 90 MPH at the bottom of the first drop was horrible.
  2. Small trip report My wife and I went to Kennywood on Labor Day, the last day of operations for their 2020 seasons. I had not gone to any parks this summer, but I could not pass up a free trip to the park. As a whole, it was a really good day. The park did a great job trying to comply and enforce the social distancing and mask guidelines. I want to share a little about what I saw, operations, guests, and general park atmosphere. DISCLAIMER: My intention is to not mask shame. We wore ours, other guests kept pulling them down. The park staff was consistently reminding guests to wear them (y
  3. I just saw the new schedule. We had already planned to go on September 7th. It will be odd to visit a park on it's last day of the season. I'm excited to be taking my wife on her first trip to KW. It's been about 5 years since I've been there, and sad Steel Curtain is closed. However, still looking forward to an exciting day. If anyone else is there, I'll be the guy with a mask.
  4. What!?!? Cedar Point never totally removes charm and character for the sake of a new attraction.
  5. I think they could build a great one around Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Weave the two together. Add mine buildings, a small mountain/rock work. There is enough space around the ride to have enough elements: high, low, lifts and drops. To save a little space have an elevator lift, like ascending a mine shaft. It could also interact with the water and the train! Not only would it be a great ride, it would really add to the CCMR experience. Based on the picture, it could be about a 1,400' long ride. Timber Mountain being only around 1,200'. Anyone else for a makeover AND addition?
  6. Looks like Ohio has extended their "Say at Home Order" until May 29th. I'm really looking forward to making our yearly trip in August, but I am curious what changes will be in place. I'm glad several states like Florida are allowing the theme parks to determine their own reopening dates, for when THOSE parks feel it is safe. All of these parks want to get open, but I'm glad they are being cautious and showing love to their guests. Also, remember in 2018 when we were all outraged we couldn't see construction pictures of SV? What a simpler time.
  7. My family and I have been going to East Harbor State Park for years! It's a great park, with bike and hiking trails, pet friendly, and kept really clean (for a park). Last year the beach was a little underwhelming as sand had been lost to storms and there seemed like more trash than normal. Other than that, this is an AWESOME park. It's less than 30 minute drive to CP from there, so not bad at all.
  8. Yes and no. You have to understand that "Dueling Dragons being removed" isn't just about a park knocking down a ride. It goes much deeper than that and is a discussion a lot longer than I have the time for at the moment... I genuinely am looking forward to hearing this. (And then watching people get roasted as they complain to Robb's well thought out argument)
  9. So to be clear... wood coasters like Mystic Timbers (which helped Kings Island draw record crowds the year that it opened) don't draw crowds yet they're very marketable? What I meant was Mystic is a great ride. BUT compared to every record breaking coaster they have added, it can’t draw as many people as SV did. Although, they could add a record breaking 2 sheds... Also, don’t touch the ballroom. I mentioned it to explain how big the arcade’s footprint is (obviously sans games).
  10. Agreed. There is so much SPACE in there. If you've ever been upstairs in the ballroom you know what I'm talking about. They could easily fit a nice dark ride in there, as well as a 4D (why stop there, 8D ) game theater. Could we see the first Peanuts dark ride? Like a Toy Story Midway Mania except Snoopy and the Red Barren? That could be fun, if they could ever get the rights to make something like that... Secondly, I love flyers, but they a BIG! They seem to have a huge footprint. Which we are always arguing "They don't have room," "They have plenty of room..." Can we just agree almost
  11. As the lift fell, does anyone else think it looks like an AT-AT or some Star Wars robot being destroyed? Anyone? Just me... ok. As sad as I am to see a fun (yes, I said it) coaster die, it's exciting to think what can and will rise from the ashes.
  12. Finally made it to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. So glad I got to get Apollo's Chariot, Tempesto, Verbolten, ALPENGEIST (which broke down on the lift with us. First Evac!) Griffon, Loch Ness Monster (so much smoother than I was expecting for a 40 year-old Arrow) and Invadr. Such good rides. They are all fun. Living in Ohio my whole life, Cedar Point and King's Island were the bench mark. These rides are more tame, but all of them are a blast in their own way and still delivered.
  13. ADVICE: I'm taking my first trip to BGW this Saturday! I'm really excited to visit this park after years of seeing pictures and new rides being added. I expect the park to be busy, so lines are not a big issue. What are some suggestions for a first timer at BGW? Ride order? Shows that are a must see? Best haunts? And yes, we do plan to make it a full day, opening to close. Thanks everyone!
  14. Take a Google Walkthrough and you can see the issues. I'm going to Hersheypark for the first time this spring. Looking forward to Skyrush for sure! Anyways, you can see the congestion issues that could arise from the narrow walkway, people using the shops, and just stupid people. Look at all the big parks, they are all going to a minimalistic, open and very "user-friendly" entrances. Sure, not the charm, but charm rarely sells ticket (unless you're a county fair).
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