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  1. Does anyone know where the steel for Wildcat's Revenge is being fabricated? Does RMC fabricate everything in Idaho and ship it to the site? I live in western Maryland and could guarantee I saw 3 pieces of WR track headed east on I-68. I got really excited and my wife just looked at me like I was crazy. We were headed west, so I could not get a picture.
  2. I got the screen shot today! The crew is adding track right now! Photo Credit: Cedar Point webcam.
  3. Random question-- Ocean Motion? It's in a totally random spot by the front. It looks nice with the water and rock work. However, I never ride it because it's an after thought and out of the way. It would have been nice for CP to relocate it to the new boardwalk section. How many riders does it actually get in its current location?
  4. It looks like Wild Mouse foundation frame is down, and maybe even some track has been attached. I pulled up the webcam, saw it, came here to see if anyone had mentioned anything about it, went back and the cameras had all moved. So, no pic. I would not be surprised if the steel went up fast for this guy and had a full - circuit by January. Then, maybe electrical work gets completed in the early spring? Or, do you think they will just get everything done ASAP? Either way, it's always cool to see these rides get built... especially as we wait to hear about TTD 2.0.
  5. Wait for the RMC trucks to start rolling in. Their first steel refurb! Everyone else is spouting wild and crazy ideas, thought I'd put on my tinfoil (top) hat and watch too.
  6. ^ They are slowly absorbing Cedar Point's launch coasters. CP loses one, and at DW another one rises.
  7. I've wondered how much does it cost to dispatch a train. I'm not counting the man power, hourly wage, but the electrical and mechanical cost every time they dispatch a train on TTD or Maverick, or the late great WT? Anyone have an answer? This is just a curiosity thing.
  8. My wife, foster youth (his first time) and I all went to CP this last week, Wednesday-Friday afternoon. Wednesday crowds were light, Thursday was quite busy with lighter crowds again on Friday. We have gold passes, so we also enjoyed Cedar Shores (first time for all of us). Nice park. Don't know if I would travel 2hrs to just do that, but staying for an extra day would be ok. Not a lot of variety of slides. We DID appriciate the heated pools on all their slides. However, the lazy river... freezing! Haha. Because it was only June the lines were nonexistent in the waterpark. THAT I liked the most. Back in the park things were running well. A little annoyed that Maverick never opened before 10, even though it was listed as ERT. Raptor kept having fits the whole time. Fortunately, every time we wanted to ride it it was open. But it was down a lot... like Mavrick lot lol. We introduced our boy to Cedar Downs. OH MAN! Wildest ride ever. We ended up being stuck on it for 15 minutes! "Stuck on Cedar Downs? How is that possible," you may ask. We start the ride, normal. The ride op announces to sit up and obey the rules spiel... 30 seconds later... "please remain seated as the ride is temporarily stopping." It slows, stops and we hear "please remain seated." 5 minutes later a man who looks like a Hollywood Hogan knock off Halloween costume that was the row in front of us gets off his horse, grabs his 6 yo daughter and begins to exit. "PLEASE STAY ON YOUR... SIR, YOU CAN'T LEAVE. STAY ON YOUR HORSE, SIR..." The man ignores her and goes through the first exit door. The second is magnetically locked. Panic hits this man's large mustached face. He picks up his daughter over the locked gate and then jumps over it himself. BUT WAIT! He left his 8 yo son behind!!! Yeah, boy #2 still is on his horse. Within 5 minutes security is there, Purple polo employ shows up (supervisor?) And Hollywood runs away. He went to the bathroom, hid, took off his dew rag and then hid under some trees. This was about 10 minutes in. After a change in ride ops( she was pretty shook up) the ride restarted and we got a full cycle. When we exit, boy and girl are crying with their non-riding mom while dad watches from about 100 yards away. His "Don't tred on me" shirt seemed to take on a new meaning that day. So, that happened! I will never not love Cedar Downs and that last ride prooved it all the more. In all seriousness, well done park team. You were keeping everyone safe and following the policies in place. Thank you. Last thing, food. Great experiences all around. We opt for the day meal plan. Food every 90 minutes, can't beat it. Backbeat BBQ is so good, along with the shrimp skewers at Crystal Rock in Cedar Shores. We wanted less than 10 minutes for any food. All in all, a good trip.
  9. I can't brag enough about our trip on Friday the 29th. This was our first trip in 3 years. It was overcast and a light sprinkle all day. We were there at 9:45, walked in and were on the first train of MF of the day. Despite the slight rain ALL the coasters (except Gemini) were open all day. They only ran one train, but everything ran all day. We got to SV around 10:45 and it was still testing. Around 11:15 it opened and it was walk on. We rode in 3x, walk on, with only ONE TRAIN! Cedar Point surprised me. Ride ops who said they have worked there for 5 seasons told us they had never seen the park that dead before. In the first 90 minutes of us being in the park we had ridden MF 2x, Maverick 3x and SV 3x. It was awesome. The same ride op also told us they will run one train in the rain as long as it's not too hard. The one train prevents them from "bumping" if one slid through the brakes. Maverick was running 4 trains, so a "double" but they would not dispatch until all trains had stacked. Even with that, every line kept moving. Our longest wait was at the end of the day for MF, and that was about 30 minutes. Saturday the park was running 2-3 trains. SV was running all 3. Again, the ride ops were AMAZING, they were sprinting to get fast dispatch times at SV to keep the 3 trains rolling. I can't say enough how great the entire park felt, looked, and the experience we had. Well done CP! It was great to come back after 3 years and have one of my best ever visits to the park.
  10. My wife and I are breaking in our 2021-2022 Gold passes tomorrow. Let's hope the rain and crowds are light. I looked back over the posts, but any MUST haunts? We've gone to the park for years, but first time at Halloweekend.
  11. If my memory serves me correctly, MF had a 54" requirement when it opened. And it was changed a few years after. I remember because I was too short in 2000 for the 54" but in 2001 I was 54" but they lowered it to 48"
  12. Happy Opening day! Anyone going today, have fun! I'm sitting by my computer this morning watching the live cam on the side. Does anyone else wish that there was a really good microphone on these cams to hear the B&M roars and seagulls? Just me? Planning to get out there in August this year. So, until then... #rideon
  13. It's still on the map, so I'm assuming it's just a photoshop error that the name was removed. And, it's still on their website list of roller coasters. So, let's assume it's safe. Man, that section of the park is making all the rides a little nervous.
  14. Here is a photo I took in September 2020. The second train was largely stripped and just sitting there. It was a slow line, so we only caught it at the end of the day.
  15. I wonder, could the removal be for safety? The speed that the train has as it comes back over the mountain; if a branch fell, that could be disasters for the riders. I know other coasters fly through trees, but I wonder if Dollywood wanted to open it up for safety or accessibility. It does seem odd, since Dollywood strives for conservation and replanting of trees. The park said this back in 2009 So, just from Lightning Rod hillside that's a lot of trees to replant. Or maybe the bees from Wild Eagle moved to those woods so they cut it down
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