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How Old Are You & What Was Your 1st Coaster?

How old Are You Now?  

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I thought there was one season of overlap between them. For some reason I remember waiting in line for FD and looking down the hill toward Laser and being scared sh**less my mom was going to try to get me on it. I think it was the first or second season it was there. I believe it was sponsored by Laser 104 as they continually played that radio station in the que.

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I'm 31 and my first coaster was a woodie called "The Flyer" along the boardwalk on Hunt's Pier in Wildwood,NJ. It was white and stood at the beginning of the pier. I remember my mom had a straw hat on because she didn't want to do her hair that night. I thought that she was going to lose it, but she didn't. This was around 1979. "The Flyer" is no longer around, it was torn down about 15 years ago(1990). Hunt's Pier had another coaster also called "The Golden Nugget". It had elements of a dark ride incoroparted into it. I loved that ride so much. We would go on that ride over and over again when we were kids. It was kind of like a runaway train, but with crazy effects. It was so cool. Then someone bought Hunt's Pier and turned it into Dino Landing Pier and turned The Golden Nugget mine theme into a Jurrasic park theme, but the pier didn't stay open long under that theme and sadly the Golden Nugget closed along with the pier. I think ACE is trying to save the Golden Nugget from certain doom. I hope so, because it is part of my childhood and I don't want to see it get torn down like The Flyer did. Hunt's Pier also had a looping coaster called "The Kamikaze". It had 7 loops if my memory serves me correctly. It was a cool coaster, but they also tore that down. That coaster was only up for a couple of years(1988-1992or93).

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My first coaster was Monizooma's Revenge when I was -8 months old! My first coaster AFTER I was born was The Matterhorn at Disneyland.


Michael " If your wondering, yeah! I got a kick out of monti at that age!" Thomas

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Iwas 8 when i went on my first looping roller coaster. It was 'The Scorpion' at busch gardens Tampa Bay in 1997. It was fab. Went back last year for 2004 and rode it again and ironically sat in the same place as i sat in 1997. Back row on the right seat. Brought back many memories


Kraken rox like yellow sox![/img]


Kraken Sea World. Beautiful pic in the sunset

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I'll be 30 in three weeks, and my first coaster was Williard's Whizzer at MGA.


I miss the Whizzer. I loved to Whiz at MGA. There was a time when all I wanted to do was Whiz whenever I visited the park. I just had to Whiz when I went to MGA. Then Paramount came in and said I couldn't Whiz anymore. They removed my Whizzer, and now I have to travel to Chicago if I want to Whiz. Bastards...

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im 12


i think the first coaster i rode was called Thunder Bolt and was a kiddie coaster in Las Vegas but my first real roller coaster was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney World and if that is a kiddie coaster than it was Lochness Monster at BG Williamsburg.

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First coaster ever was Little Rockin' Roller Coaster at Opryland, and I was probably 5 or 6.

First adult sized coaster was Rockin' Roller Coaster, also at Opryland, at probably 12 or 13.

The one that broke down the fear of coasters was, ironically, Rock N Roller Coaster at Disney/MGM Studios I was 20 at the time.


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