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TPR Scandi Trip 2014 Mini Updates!

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^That's a tough one. The Tornado experience is, indeed, unique--sort of like I305 and a Mauer Sohne spinning mouse had a baby. (Well, that's an exaggeration. Maybe a Mega Lite is the father.)

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^That's a tough one. The Tornado experience is, indeed, unique--sort of like I305 and a Mauer Sohne spinning mouse had a baby. (Well, that's an exaggeration. Maybe a Mega Lite is the father.)

Thank you for that funny way of describing it. Now I want to get out and ride Tornado and experience the insanity of this ride even more.

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We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview


Today the group visited Tivoli Gardens and had a BLAST! Check it out below:



TPR is at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen today! One of the most beautiful parks in the world!



Starting our visit at Tivoli with some ERT on Daemonen!




Currently in Tivoli having a pizza and drink. Setting of this park is just beautiful.



We were treated to an AMAZING backstage tour of the recently restored, 100-year old Rutchebanen wooden rollercoaster!



Our backstage Rutchebanen tour included to maintenance room. Jakob is an AWESOME tour guide!



Then we got to do something super awesome! We boarded the coaster halfway through the track! HALF CREDIT!!!



The restored mountain peaks on Tivoli's Rutchebanen Scenic Railway look amazing!



It was time to ride Rutchebanen for real! This classic roller coaster is 100 years old this year!



Love this classic wood coaster! Kudos to Tivoli for keeping this going for 100 years!



ERT and a backstage tour of Rutchebanen at Tivoli Gardens was a great start to an awesome day!



The Rutchebanen brakemen show us how THEY ride the roller coaster! (Please don't try this at home!)



Elissa, KidTums and Rutchebanen brakeman selfie!



Gotta love Europe! Nice to see other countries aren't as uptight about sex as America is.



I think with all the happy faces you can say that TPR absolutely loved Rutchebanen at Tivoli.



There are VERY few coasters left in the world manually braked by a brakeman.



We think @rctneil is pretty sexy. He's a cool guy & would love to meet a nice girl (we think.) Tweet if interested!



Who thinks KidTums should grow up to be a brake woman?



After our Rutchebanen ERT we all headed over to "Plane on a Stick."



Plane on a Stick aka "Vertigo" is one of the most intense rides ever created! It pulls 5Gs for about 30 seconds!



Plane on a Stick twists and turns in crazy directions and then does high speed loops pulling 5Gs!



Plane on a Stick is not for the weak at heart! (It's for the mentally crazy!!!)



And why is it called Tivoli Gardens? Well, yes, there are gardens! And they are beautiful!



The entire park has such a cool, European feel to it. (And yes, we know that's because it's in Europe!)



And they certainly do love boobs here! Can't fault them for that!



You would never guess waking around this park that it's right in the middle of a big city like Copenhagen.



Looking at Tivoli upside down from Plane on a Stick!



Here's another awesome Plane on a Stick photo and this one features television star @rctneil!!!



Plane on a Stick also did this to us...



Everything about Tivoli Gardens is so picturesque. There is no park in America that looks anything like it.



Tivoli's dark ride tells the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. Yes, including "The Snow Queen." #Frozen



The Tivoli version of The Little Mermaid. (Sans two seashells)



This is the Tivoli version of Anna, Sven, and Kristof!



It's Queen Elsa... The Snow Queen!




Look! It's the REAL version of Frozen! Hans Christian Andersen dark ride at Tivoli Gardens.



Garbles is having a small sized ice cream cone!



Taking more rides on Tivoli's Scenic Railway because it's awesome fun!



Jakob sporting a #TPRScandi Tour shirt! He's one of us now!



Just another great day here at Tivoli Gardens!



Tivoli Gardens Brakeman Cam!!!



Awesome POV shot of Tivoli Gardens' Damonen!



Tivoli Gardens as seen from Plane on a Stick!



POV of the Scenic Railway! (Goat also included...)



Tivoli Gardens is famous for it's incredible lightning at night.



Oooooh! It's the lights of Tivoli!!!



Goodnight Tivoli Gardens! We had an absolutely amazing day!



Words cannot describe what a great day we all had at Tivoli Gardens! Thank you for a memorable visit!

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Tivoli is great - was there just a day before you. The new small area with the Air Race looks fab. And of course always there to see the historic Peacock Curtain in action at the Pantomime Theatre.


Yes Vertigo is looking cool but I think will never do it as the lines for that thing are insane due to its low capacity - and I totally hate insane lines. But this weekend was the first time I saw both planes operating at the same time.


Sadly I also noted that the HUSS MegaDance Dragen is gone - but lets see what Tivoli will put there next year...

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The new brakemen "station" building looks great. Maybe it took them also so long to decide to restore it as the whole ride is now themed to a Bavarian rail station complete with German signage - and Germany was not overly popular after WWII. But loved how they also kept the Danish touch as the station is all in Red-White...

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Such an unbelievably beautiful park! I love how integrated it is with the city as well, there is a fantastic vibe just walking around the place. It looks like it's still on top form, so much jealousy going on right now!

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