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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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With all the snow we have gotten lately, it got me thinking about starting a thread where you can post pictures of your favorite coaster or theme park in the snow.


I will start it off with a few of my own.


Shivering timbers.....shivering in the snow.


Anybody guess what this is?


Cedarpoint in the snow.




Another gemini

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Here's a couple of snow shots, taken of our Coaster at

Playland (PNE) in Vancouver. The shots aren't mine, but taken

by the park, for a set of postcards they put out a few

years back.


The sign.


Looks lovely there. Wish we could ride it at that time.

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I once had a strange set of circumstances happen and...


About 10 years ago now, I spent my favorite night ever in a park. It was January, and it had snowed a bunch earlier that day. The park was closed and had been for a few months, and wouldn't open for a few more. I got to ride along as a friend slowly drove (more like idled) through the midways, and he basically toured me throughout the entire thing. We were the ONLY two people out in the park.


There was snow everywhere. All the park's lights were on. It was beautiful.

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^ That does appear to be OTAG.


Love this thread idea. I've always thought it was cool to see coasters in the snow, seems oddly peaceful. Luckily I don't live in the snow (I'm not a fan) but that sadly mean I don't get to share any cool photos. Keep em coming though!

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There is a weather camera for a local news station on top of Ravine Flyer II's lift that usually just shows Presque Isle, but during the last big snowstorm early last week, it got blown around and showed some interesting stuff. I found the images out of luck because I just wanted to see the storm coming in off the lake.




I checked it again after a few minutes and the camera blew around to another cool angle.




Here is one from last March I took on my old phone. If you look closely near the bottom of the picture you can see the crushed track caused by a large tree falling on it when Hurricane Sandy came through.



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