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Theme parks and coasters in the snow

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The 2nd - 4th ones would look really nice as park postcards.


Playland (PNE) did it with Coaster several years back, and the

results look so nice. I never sent them out, naturally.

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BUMP! 'Tis The Season.... Jingle!


Just after reading the great TR report by CoasterB, about Phantasialand's winter event,

including most of the coasters all running, in the snow, even if it's snowing!




Here's a photo of Coaster I've shared before, during it's obvious off season. It's on a

postcard. I bought a set of 6, including one they used to use for FrightNights! Sweet.


Still - it would be a gas to go hurling through the tracks makes waves of snow

all along it's circuit. One time only, heh heh.


Just beautiful. Would love to have ridden Coaster with all this around it.

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Although these photos are from earlier this year, I thought I would share these photos of Canada's Wonderland in a snow storm. I had captured these photos on March 1st when I was there for a college project.



Dragon Fire up close in the snow!



Dragon Fire and Leviathan in a blowing snow storm!



Drop Tower in the distance.



Leviathan and Drop Tower braving the March 2016 snow storm!



Leviathan's first drop.



Wild Beast's turn around.

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Snow what now?? I'm sorry, I'm kind of new to this new concept of "snow". What is it about??








<<<<< See here


Snow is a type of frozen precipitation that is white and fluffy which can blanket the ground during the the seasons of Fall (Autumn), Winter, and even early Spring when it's cold and freezing outside. Although many people don't seem to like snow, it seems to bring out the beauty of roller coasters during the off-season as it gently blankets the roller coaster track in the colder climate. Sometimes though, too much snow fall can cause certain structures to collapse due to the weight of the accumulated amount of snow.

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Winter finally came to Erie, Pennsylvania! Took a jaunt around Comet before lunch today looking for some social media ideas since the GP seems to like coasters in the snow just as much as us enthusiasts do.


On a side note, an extensive amount of structural improvements and enhancements have been completed over the past spring and fall to keep Comet running strong (and a hair faster) for many years to come!


Reinforced track with a new chain trough has given Comet quite the roar up the lift hill for a junior woodie.

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A couple of years ago Blackpool Pleasure Beach let me do an out of season walkthrough to get photos for their coaster club, here's a photo their PR guy took of me stood looking up at the Big One covered in snow. The next time I go photo hunting on my laptop I'll try and dig out more to share with you.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach, The Big One and snow!

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