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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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Umlook at this interesting deveopment posted by the oc register


"Knott's Berry Farm Perilous Plunge thrill-seekers take the first ride of the day on the last day of the ride before it closes permanently to the public after 12 years. The three-minute ride plunges 115 feet into water which usually soaks riders. Officials were mum on what ride will replace it but did said a bridge and water will remain.



Here is the link http://www.ocregister.com/news/ride-370291-plunge-knott.html


Thanks for the great info. I can't wait to see what they build and it sounds like we won't have to wait long to know!

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It's finally happening!!!




But seriously, I think a small dive coaster still fits the bill here. It would be cool if they made it into more of a true water ride too, like the splash down actually got you a little wet. Including straight up drenching people on the bridge.

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Hmm... both B&M(hypers so far but a gigga is possible) and Dive Machines have featured splashdowns in the past. I am fairly confident it will be a major attraction with Carsland as well as the recent addition of Carsland at Disneyland. Raffi told us that Carsland would bring an attendance boost, and while that may be true during the Summer the attendance will drop when it is "local time" back at DLR and the locals going to Carsland have already been to Knott's... therefore it makes sense that Knott's will get something new. I personally see a dive machine VERY likely because besides X(which of course looks totally different) we don't have any traditional(non launched) vertical drops in Southern California and I could imagine them advertising that aspect highly whereas I feel that unless Knott's gets a monstrous coaster people will see it as smaller Goliath. My gut has always told me Socal will get a Eurofighter because we have nothing that goes beyond 90 degrees vertically and to me that seems like a major selling point because there is nothing like that anywhere around Socal... but by the same token a Eurofighter doesn't seem to make sense with the splashdown.

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Hmm...Skyrush is built over water!!!


I refuse work work myself up into another Full throttle meltdown lol, so I'm keeping my sights low, like on splash battle low . So if it does turns out to be one of the goodies you guys are speculating about I will be overjoyed, I mean who wouldn't wan't a launched eurofighter hyper dive machine

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So they're keeping the pool and bridge, I'm thinking its going to be bumper boats... with water cannons on the bridge.



Seriously though, if i had to bet on this, i would bet on a small dive machine

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I don 't want a sky rush because of how uncomfortable it is Id rather have a B&m Hyper


Have you been on SkyRush?


Also, please watch your grammar and punctuation.




9. Spelling and Grammar - bad spelling and grammar will NOT be tolerated! Theme Park Review's forum includes a spell checker and there is a great one available with Google's Toolbar. If we have to edit too many of your posts, you may be suspended from the forum. Text Message shorthand or "l77t" speak is not allowed. A typo here and there is acceptable, but illegible posts are not.


-Eric (TPR Moderator)

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Honestly, looking at the pics and videos of that water scrambler ... gonna go out on a limb and say that it would actually look really nice in that area of the park. I think they would have to make it faster than the kiddie version and obviously it wouldn't have the Spongebob theme but similar themeing would fit the boardwalk feel of that area of the park.


I'm still sticking with something like this, especially considering the water/bridge thing staying.


Also, went to the Haunt Museum on Saturday. It's really awesome. Not too big but has some really cool stuff in there. Be sure to check it out!!!

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