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Eurofighter for Adventure World, Perth

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Lovely looking coaster, just watching the testing vids I can just FEEL the extreme ejector air!


Looks like it'll be a great addition to Adventure World, nice to see lesser known parks getting put on the map. I am however a bit worried about this Eurofighter having OTSRs, as I hear that most Eurofighters that have them get brutal, fast.

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^^ I know there are plenty of coasters that can be brutal with OTSR's, but in my experience the Eurofighters don't seem to be one of them.

I quickly looked back at a handful that I could recall, and all but one did have OTSR's; yet in my experience they all rode without the slightest knock.


Dare Devil Dive at SFOG was the last one I rode without OTSR's, but I wouldn't have even remembered without checking. Saw at Thorpe; Untamed at Canobie Lake; 'Eurofighter' at Fasanolandia; Mystery Mine at Dollywood; all had OSTR's of various designs but were completely bash-free rides IMO.


^^^^ Thanks for the video deano, and I agree Abyss seems to run extremely quiet!! I've heard of steel tracks being filled with sand to avoid reverb noise upsetting local residents, and wonder if that technique was done for Abyss - considering Perth people tend to quickly complain to the local council about loud noise from anything!

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^Saw did have one kink at the bottom of the drop when I rode it a few weeks back, but like you I didn't find it nearly as bad as most people make it out to be on here.


Also, I think Eurofighters are just generally quiet installations. Not sure that they fill their supports or track with sand, though - maybe it's just the lightness of the cars.

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I remember hearing Saw doing an empty run once when I was at Thorpe Park after it broke down and it was completely silent as well. I think it's a new Eurofighter thing since Speed No Limits has a very loud roar to it.


Wether it was planned to have this effect or not, I think the silentness is eerie - it means that the only sound heard while the ride is running will be the screams of the riders. Enhances the ghostly theme much more than a loud roar would IMO.

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has anyone else noticed it has the same layout of saw the ride ?

The elements - and their order - are the same, but the layout is different.


Sorry, I am quite young and new in this forum but doesn't the Same elements in the same order with more or less the same hight mean that the two coasters are identical ?

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^ Not when the placement of the elements is different.

The Abyss has all the outdoor elements on the right side of the lift, while Saw's immelman exits on the left side of the lift. The rest of Saw's layout is behind the lift.

That's not identical.


Two standard Vekoma Boomerangs, those are identical. Same elements, same order, same placement.

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