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Eurofighter for Adventure World, Perth

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Official Press Release Here!


Adventure World, a small theme park in Perth, Australia, will be getting a new custom eurofighter for late 2013. Its been discussed on Australian coaster sites for quite some time while basic, unremarkable groundwork was being done but now we have seen the first proper construction update with track for an indoor dark section going up, so I figured it was noteworthy enough to post here. I'm really excited to see how the layout for this coaster turns out based off some of Gerstlauer's latest projects. It's cool to see that the indoor inline twist is becoming a trademark for Gerstlauer's coasters (Saw, Takabisha, Smiler, Karacho). I have to say, the indoor layout for this coaster looks startlingly similar to Saw the Ride's indoor layout.

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This is great news!


It gives us a reason to go to Perth on our next TPR Australia Trip! It also helps with the coaster count so we can do another TPR Australia Trip!


Please keep us updated!

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^It has been kind of sad that for a long time there were more at SFMM than in the whole of Australia. I definitely feel that what the local parks lack in quantity they make up for in quality and uniqueness. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

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^It has been kind of sad that for a long time there were more at SFMM than in the whole of Australia. I definitely feel that what the local parks lack in quantity they make up for in quality and uniqueness.


Exactly. After visiting Australia with TPR a few years ago, I felt that many of our Aussie members were undervaluing what their country had when it came to parks and coasters.

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This really is a Big Deal for Perth, where the nearest permanent coaster before this happened was 3500km away in Melbourne or the Gold Coast (except a kiddie coaster at this same park).


They've kept the nature of this "Mi1" attraction very secret, apparently they make an official announcement of something next week.


All I can say is "...Finally we get one!"

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Great, now I have to fly to the other side of Australia next time!!! Just visited and they are already adding 2 credits...which is like a 30% increase or something right? LOL!

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^Wait, you've been to Australia?


Seriously though...hooray for more EuroFighters. I'd like to see a European showman or traveling carnival in the U.S. get one of the portable ones, but I'm guessing that's not feasible from a transportation/construction point.

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That beginning does look very much like Saw. But I seem to remember the brakes/lift before the barrel roll and after the drop on Saw are angled upwards. But I may be wrong.


Now I have a conundrum. I am visiting Australia in November\December and was planning on missing out Perth. But a new coaster is certainly tempting.

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Our local Perth TV station just ran a short story/promo revealing some details of the new coaster.


Most of the story was shot at the Gerstlauer workshop in Germany showing them building the track sections and car assemblies. They confirmed that it will be a similar design to Saw, but a different theme. The stats they reported (if reliable) said it will be 30 metres high, have 8 seat cars, and they showed footage of seats with over-shoulder restraints.


Adventure World has been updating its Facebook page and its official comment is "It's pretty much the same as Saw at Thorpe Park with a different theme and a couple of surprises!"

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I'm surprised they so openly stated it's a near clone of Saw. Though I would've liked to see a custom layout, I really loved Saw when I rode it last year so I'm really excited about this! Was hoping for lapbars but I don't find Gerstlauer's OTSR's too intrusive.


Anyway, here's the news report on it. Considering the poor quality of most Australian news stories I was ready for it to be a massive cringefest, but surprisingly it was quite well researched and informative - they actually sent a reporter to the Gerstlauer factory in Germany.

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We have a press release here http://adventureworld.net.au/#/news-events/get-set-for-the-most-thrilling-ride-of-your-life/


After much speculation and anticipation, Adventure World today unveiled details surrounding the $12 million elite attraction to launch this summer – a world-class, adrenaline-pumping roller coaster.


Boasting the latest and most advanced white-knuckle ride technology in Australia, the spectacular custom built Gerstlauer Eurofighter roller coaster will reach -1 to 4.5 G-Forces – a thrust greater than that experienced during a space shuttle launch.


Already billed as Australia’s most thrilling rollercoaster, the hair-raising ride is the single largest investment in Adventure World’s 30-year history – a move that will firmly place the state on the world theme park stage.


The roller coaster will feature three inversions through daylight and a secret dark ride section as well as a zero-g-roll, rollover loop, cobra roll and inline loop. Offering an adrenaline pumping journey over 630 metres, riders will experience turns, drops and flips while they spin in the air and in the dark.


With the highest peak reaching 30 metres above the ground, eight passengers can travel on one of four cars, with riders sitting in two rows of four.


CEO of Adventure World, Mark Shaw, said the looping coaster features a unique 10 storey high vertical lift, more than vertical 100 feet drop, giant G-Force turns and head spinning twists.


“This is a thrill ride like no other,” he said. “It features the broadest range of G-Forces and speed for a theme park ride in this country; it’s going to be the most exciting and exhilarating ride visitors to Adventure World have ever experienced.


“At full speed, those brave enough to experience it will be propelled at over 85km/hr during a two minute heart pounding journey, experiencing G-Forces close to those achieved by Formula 1 cars at corners or pilots catapulted off a Navy aircraft carrier.


“We’re pushing the boundaries and exceeding the expectations of thrill seekers this summer and we’re hugely excited to bring this elite coaster to WA, the first of its kind in Australia. Put simply, riders are in for an awesome experience in just over four months time. We expect crowds of thrill seekers to jump at the chance to potentially shred their vocal chords come November,” concluded Mark.


Codenamed "Mi1", construction on site at Adventure World commenced in May 2013. 45 forty-foot long shipping containers have been quietly arriving in Fremantle Port from Gerstlauer, the specialist roller coaster manufacturer in Germany.


CEO of Tourism WA, Stephanie Buckland, said it was great to see one of Western Australia’s much-loved tourist attractions investing in what promises to be an extraordinary experience.


“Over the past few years Adventure World has added new attractions and upgraded some of its existing facilities and now with the addition of this exciting world-class roller coaster, the park is a great tourism asset that can continue to be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.”


Tight security surrounds the theme and name of the new roller coaster, which will be announced on Friday 13 September 2013. The ride is scheduled to open this November in time for Adventure World’s “Fright Nights” event where guests will be able to experience the thrill of riding the new coaster in the dark!


Early bird season passes are on sale now till 30 September 2013 and are available online from adventureworld.net.au. Adventure World opens it doors for the 2013/2014 season on Thursday, 26 September


The inversion list (a zero-g-roll, rollover loop, cobra roll and inline loop) sounds a bit different to SAW's but could that just be Gerstlauer naming them slightly differently to what I usually associate with those names?

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Really great news to hear that Perth is getting a pretty awesome new coaster. I enjoyed Perth when I visited so it'll be nice to have a new coaster to ride next time I go.

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It's a shame that the Gold Coast Parks don't take a leaf out of Adventure World's book.


The most recent coasters at each of the main parks have been fairly small and selling their respective parks short. Dreamworld in particular is in drastic need of a decent thrill coaster rather than a 150m Skyloop and its fairly frequent additions of flat rides. A Eurofighter would have been amazing there. Movieworld did make an effort adding an El Loco, but again, it seems to be far less of an investment than the other three excellent coasters at the park. Sea World is adding a water coaster, but at only 470m, appears to be in the same deal as Buzzsaw and Green Lantern - disappointingly short and I dare say not the major attraction that any of the parks should have aspired to - like when Movieworld added Superman. I'm glad to see Adventure World is taking some initiative that the Gold Coast parks should be showing.

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Swung past the park today, not much happening outside of the warehouse yet and no more track onsite, just some uprights waiting for installation.



This is about all you can see from the access road



I think this side will be sheeted soon, possibly to hide any further progress inside the building


Only 1 guy on the whole site today, getting the boom lift in place to clad the walls maybe?




Uprights waiting for their new home



Site supervisor keeping a close eye on things

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Thanks for the update. Looking forwards to seeing more outdoor track go up so we can get an idea of the layout, assuming it will vary at all from Saw's. Seems they're focusing on finishing the indoor section and its building before moving onto the outdoor section though.

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Yeah progress is minimal outside of the shed at the moment (from what I can see from the access road), guess we'll have to wait till September for the official announcement on layout etc. as there really isn't much happening to give it away for now.

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Just got back from Adventure World and must say that I am blown away with how much has been done in the two weeks since my last visit . I am now very excited about this ride!! Seeing the lift hill and a good part of the layout in place has definitely got me pumped.


I am confident now that this is NOT a SAW clone as previously thought (maybe the indoor section only), I have not ridden SAW but there is obvious differences in the layout that tell me it's not a clone or a mirrored version. Maybe someone can spot similarities with another Eurofighter, as I am still unsure if this is an original layout.


Onto some photo's, there is quite a bit of access available if your willing to follow the fence line of the hill behind the park, it a great perspective being above the work in progress and looking down on it all.


Thanks for reading.


Signage in place on North Lake Road behind the park


Track being stored near the drop tower





Lift hill (through the trees)



This track piece was being put into position at the time


Eurofighter lift hills definitely look bigger in person, or is this one taller than usual?




Will this be the last piece to be installed?




Lets hope the MCBR works, could be a nasty drop otherwise







View from the front of the park




Lastly, here's a panoramic of the construction site


He's already telling me want's to ride it

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